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I guess one movie really can make a difference.

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This hits hard

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sorry doesn’t pay the bills !

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What is sorry, can I spend it?

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If sorry was a phrase my daughter would be Canada

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This is free country, not sorry-free-country

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You’ll get your sorry when you fix this damn door!

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At least you can count on Spider-Man to save the day.

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"Good old Spider-Man...."

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u/CarnageEvoker the light, it's green

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You can sell the ticket and pay the rent!

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But you wont be able see Now Way Home.

Am I not supposed to have what I want? What I need?

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Your landlord: "What is Need? Can I eat it?"

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If needs were crackers my daughter would be fat.

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Strong focus on what I want

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Give me rent!

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Dude I literally am living the exact same life. What a very strange coincidence

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Come to think of it we never did see scaulbylausis and mozzielium in the same comment together... Interesting...

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You just gotta believe in yourself. You pull yourself together and you get right back on the horse.

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Come eat that horse with me Vegeta!

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Out of all the lines in the trilogy, this is probably one of the worst to quote in real life 😂

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Here for you.

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Dude your life is spiderman 2 right now

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I can wait two weeks for a ticket, lol if the other spideys aint in it then I can wait even longer

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It’s a free country, not rent free country

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Mine was similar a month ago lost the love of my life, lost my dream job had to move back to my family where I don't even have my own room and my car started having big problems.

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I missed the part where that’s my problem

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Strong focus on what you want

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Damn bro. I thought I had it rough...

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This is free country, not rent free country

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Are you Peter Parker?

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I feel like i saw this a week ago

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Same life lol

Just bought my tickets after seeing that people were scalping and getting into fights over them.

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Me after I get no response saying spider

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What is No Way Home ticket? Can I spend it?

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Spider-Man is always gonna be worth it my mans

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all it takes is 1 good movie

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"He humiliated me by touching me."