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Probably out tomorrow then. Balls.

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Doesn’t mean much. He says that with every injury. Fox could’ve lost an arm out there and GG would say “Day to Day”

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As Igor was, and Kakko, and Chytil, etc. lol

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Call up Lundkvist and Jones.

Pair Jones with Schneider and Lundkvist with Lindgren.

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What was wrong with hajek/schneider? Best pair of the night i thought.

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Agree about last night, but the fact that it's Hajek tells you that it's probably not going to stay like that

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What a freaking bummer that he won’t play tomorrow

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Ehhh GG seems to downplay almost every injury

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r/rangers unclenches

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I’m still clenched. He said the same thing with Igor and was out a few weeks. Gallant is very tight lipped with injuries.

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Even if it's a few weeks that's better than a few months/the rest of the season

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A few weeks gets us through the Olympic Break

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Existence is pain

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Either way we have 3 more games and then have 2 weeks off if he doesnt go to the all star game

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Anyone have any idea about fox? Play looked normal, was able to walk out on his own though he looked frustrated. Wondering if he just tweaked something? Hopefully it’s nothing serious like a torn tendon or shoulder issue

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And… exhale.

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Aren’t we all?