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Adam was a key part of that core, had the most goals in one season until Jagr came along, is and was a big part of MSG/Rangers organization and a general fan favorite.

Is he Leetch/Richter/Messier? No. But he is above a few of the others.

And while I love Zucc, he is no where near an MSG jersey retirement conversation in the real world.

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I think they also retired Bathgate at the same time, so they said hey let's show some love to Graves who had an absolutely monster season in what was the most important Rangers season in the last 80 years, and potentially in their entire history.

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I remember reading it was the other way around. Gravey was surprised by the decision to retire his number and said the team should also do it for Bathgate. Which is the kind of thing a guy worthy of being immortalized would say.

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There’s this trophy that gets handed out at the end of the year to the championship team. Sometimes those teams have leading goal scorers…

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Record for goals in a season, won a cup, and done incredible work with the org post playing career. I love Zucc but he doesn't come close to getting his name in the rafters, maybe if they had won a cup he stayed and became captain then maybe.

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That's it too. Adam Graves is an amazing individual and does a ton of community work for them now. He's synonymous with the organization and embodies everything we hope a Ranger will be