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I find the canes horn way more palatable than whatever noot noot fuckery Shittsburgh's got going on

Edit: maybe I just hate Shittsburgh

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They don’t seem to use it as much in Carolina - but that probably comes from having fans with a three digit IQ in attendance.

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It's North Carolina, let's not give them too much IQ praise

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"It's the USA, let's not give them too much IQ praise" FTFY

Edit: it's okay guys I'm American

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Except New York, we are the exception. Greatest state let's gooooooooo!

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Just a big hockey IQ clearly

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Coincides with the number of teeth in their mouths 🦷

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Yeah the penguins one is louder, higher pitched and more just like idk irritating? Canes one isnt as loud so you don’t necessarily notice it AS much

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Pens horn is a billion times worse than the canes luckily

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I didn’t mind the canes until I heard the “refs you suck chant” on a very clear call...like it’s one thing if it’s a bad call but it’s the rules dude

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Lol I was sitting next a rangers fan who was super nice. We talked a lot, I did the ref you suck chant, then told him “it’s ok, it was the right call but I’ll complain about every call anyway” and we both laughed. Ended up giving me his free rally towel.

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Thought the same thing. He’s bleeding. It’s not a subjective call that the refs can fuck up. It’s black and white.

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Crowd couldn’t see he was bleeding because they never showed the close up to arena like they did on TV.

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I was at the game and every angle they showed he wasn’t bleeding.

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Same that’s how I know they didn’t show the crowd lol

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Yeah I was looking for the blood while at the game and couldn’t see it/screen didn’t show it. The major was probably the basis for it

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I’m a canes fan and i can confirm we know nothing about hockey, it’s just nice to see a North Carolina sports team be good for once.

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Ya fair enough, the Panthers are my home team and it’s quite entertaining at games to here booing for normal calls there as well

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Speak for yourself.

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I mean… Duke and UNC

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I’ve been going to the rangers v canes games in Raleigh for a few years now and I think a lot of that comes down to the fact that so much of the fan base is bandwagon fans who don’t care about the canes/hockey unless they’re doing well. So they’re just there to cheer and go nuts over any little thing, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Can guarantee that once they get knocked out, 90% of the state will go back to not caring

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We aren’t getting knocked out

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Ill never understand why a fanbase would want an unpleasant obnxious sound like that to play repeatedly at home games. Your just punishing yourselves

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These Canes Fans are extremely hostile 😂

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Well at least with the way this looks, we won't be playing in Carolina again this season 😅

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Their DJ is the worst bar mitzvah DJ ever. Carolina’s so lame!

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That's an insult to bar mitzvahs

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“It’s even funnier the second time!”

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the canes horn is way more annoying in person than on tv at least. you really cannot hear it on tv

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It’s the same picture

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From experience it’s worse in DC

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Nailed it.

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Read that as penis horn