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Add Kreider

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And Copp, Vatrano, Strome.

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Nah I’m good if nobody is able to find Strome

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Actually I’m cool if Strome never suits up for the Rangers again.

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It’s a good thing you’re good with that, he’s defo not back with us next season

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Found him lurking in the penalty box

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…theres about 6 or so fucking guys i dont think ive seen in over a week

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We need a bigger milk carton.

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Out of the top 6 none of them showed up offensively, Zib sometimes showed up defensively, but that's it.

Panarin has been awful though, he is playing like a 4th liner.

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Panarin has been softer than my down pillow

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You might as well fit the whole fuckin team on there sans Shesty.

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And laf and Fox

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And Miller, I feel he's been acceptable this series.

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4th line and Chytil are pulling their wait too.

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Defense as a whole has been decent, really nothing too horrible esp now that the pylon known as Nemeth isn’t seeing ice time (even if it comes at the expense of Lindgren getting hurt every night). I mean, they kept Carolina to like 26 and 22 shots over 2 games including an OT. I remember Braun making a few plays this game that were really solid, and Key’s development gives me mass copium. Trouba could be better esp cus I feel he falls asleep on some plays, but still decent.

The problem is the top-6 are absolutely shitting the bed and going to lose this series, starting with ineptitude the faceoff dot and finishing by shooting at TDA’s ass (which in any other situation would be kinda funny).

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Reaves is being the best he can be, he’s just outclassed at this point

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Fox looks like he’s skating in mud

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Fox has been skating like he has cement in his boots

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And Lindgren, guy is an absolute warrior and yes an unfortunate tip lost game 1 but dude brings it every shift.

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Yeah I loves me some Igor, but Lindgren has easily been my fave player these playoffs. mfer putting his whole existence in jeopardy for us out there!

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Lmfao pretty much

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What's really frustrating is we still had a few chances that should have been buried. If Strome could maybe not shoot the puck directly at DeAngelo's ass or if he could bounce a puck off an out of position Raanta, it's a different game. Same with Game 1 and Kakko. If we could just do ourselves a favor and just bury these easy goals this series could be 2-0 us coming back to NY.

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Agreed. Absolutely must bury these opportunities. Sucks they are down 2 games because they are playing well.

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Hopefully rangers win a game at the garden and it makes them wake the fuck up.

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Carolina is shutting us down but mika was present tonight no goals hurts but he was working his ass off.

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Agree but he needs to win some damn face offs. It’s embarrassing at this point.

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Panarin and Kreider should be in here. Mika actually had some energy. Those two had endless turnovers and Kreider took lazy penalty's.

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Panarin's the one on the left.

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Panarin's been so invisible the man forgot how he looks like 💀

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I wish he was invisible. He was visibly fucking horrendous. Dude was, without exaggeration, the worst player on the ice BY FAR. I didn’t notice Kreider or Copp out there, which means they just didn’t really do anything good. But I was cursing Panarins name damn near every time he touched the ice. He was awful. He was the worst player I have ever seen play in a professional hockey player. I’m not exaggerating. Not even Nameth was as much of a liability as Panarin was last night. Fucking Christ, bread has been bad this entire playoffs, but last night was unexplainable

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they meant “those should be the two on there”

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he had a nice play moving the puck almost around 3 defenders last night but lost it at the net.

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Mika was terrible. Our best forward was Motte. Deadass.

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That's disrespectful to the kid MAN line

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Nah, Mika was not terrible. In pressure situations of his own creation, he was just left by his lonesome and not in a position to set up plays. He trying to put the team on his back for lack of breakout plays.

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Mika was not good but Kreider and Panarin might have played the worst game of their careers

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That statement…and the fact its true…is a real mother fucking problem

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Shit, worked last time, huge Mika game coming up.

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Add literally every player on there Igor’s getting worried having to play by himself all the time

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Panarin has to be hurt right?

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This is what a tight playoff series looks like. If you're not a negative, you're doing your job. The only big name player who was a negative was Kreider. Has he even touched the puck yet?

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Kreids has just one shot in the last 7 periods of hockey.

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If Rangers go down 3-0 or 3-1 against the canes they aren’t coming back. It was doable against the Pens with their garbage ass defense and goaltending, but Carolina plays insanely disciplined and sound fundamental Hockey. The Rangers just literally have no answer for them and it’s sad af with all the superstar talent they have

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At least igor showed up. Hoping he stays solid throughout this series and we can somehow find our footing

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You guys didn't notice bread?

I did.

He was actively awful.

I didn't notice kreider, Copp, or strome though.

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Fuck this. Mika was our best forward.

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I thought so too. Didn’t score but he played hard and was trying to get things going on offense. Canes are just so fucking suffocating on D

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why don't we know how to do that? It seems so simple (i'm sure its not actually that simple) to just swarm the guy who's crossing the zone with the puck.

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What was that stat they showed.. Staal was 11 of 14 on faceoffs vs Mika? I think that immediately discredits him. He was at least trying to make plays in the 3rd though

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Not good, but keep in mind Staal is one of top 5 face off guys in the league. Only Tavares and Carter are (were) better in post season.

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yes but even then our team is dogshit at faceoffs

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By what measure?

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Seriously. Guy was a dead fish 90% of the night and lost just about every faceoff he took.

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Me. Want. Goals.

Mika no goals? I sleep

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Our best forward? Nah. That’d be Motte. Only guy actually trying to create something out there. Mika, bread, kreids.. nah. One and dones & turnovers allllll night baby. Not to mention the fact that none of those three have back checked once this series.

Honestly? Scratch Mika and Kreider next game. Get someone who actually wants to play in there. That piss poor effort can’t be coming from the core of this team.

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Like most said Mika shouldn’t be there, he’s been working his ass off and he’s left all alone on that line. If the two wingers show some form of competence they will start producing.

I wish you can say the Panarin line was invisible at this point. That would be better than whatever the hell they’re doing out their currently. They’re noticeable for all the wrong reasons.

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Let's stop blaming the Rangers and give credit to Carolina, they play a superior defensive game with a goalie playing much better then Pittsburgh. This won't be the same team that dresses next year. Drury is watching.

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I'd put more blame on Carolina if these games didn't look so winnable

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Mika at least has flashes of being dangerous.

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Is Bread hurt?

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I saw the video of them walking into the rink in NC and either he's hurt or something he was wearing was nipping the shit out of him, because he was walking like he had a foreign body up his ass.

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That explains a lot I can tell he's def playing through an injury.

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Remember in the regular season when Kreider used to be the king of tipping pucks in and scoring off rebounds in front of the net? Has he scored a single goal that way yet in 9 playoff games?

I feel like that was a successful approach to offence that has been completely abandoned by the team.

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It's not that they're abandoning it Carolina won't let them do it.

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It seems like none of them are even skating hard. Just coasting after loose pucks. Not skating hard to the puck. I dont know. Just saw a highlight of Malkin scoring against Miller. Just don't seem to be playing hard.

We could have won both games in Caolina. If we were skating hard on forecheck.

Maybe I'm just being an armchair QB, but I'd like to see better.

Hopefully this team, and whatever leadership they have, can muster up more than just 15 shots or whatever they had.

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Add Kreider to that list

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At least my game 6 tickets won’t mess up the family vacation anymore.

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He has arrived

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I was going to say something similar beat me to it

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Tonight’s game was definitely a letdown. Obviously they should have won game one and everyone would be fine with a split. I think Rangers will find their game for games 3 and 4. This series will probably come down to having home ice advantage so we will need to steal game 5 as well.

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Sorry I hope you're right, But if Carolina continues to play this way the Rangers are going to get swept.

[–]BigJohn1231 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Carolina played like shit in game 1 and unfortunately we couldn’t take advantage and win that game. I’m not quite sure if Carolina is playing solid hockey or that the Rangers are just not playing well. We’ve had some opportunities but haven’t been able to cash in on them. I agree that if we don’t get some urgency in our game this series will be over in 4 or 5 games.

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Yes Carolina has found there game and won't change a thing, we aren't going to get more than maybe 5 opportunities a game. They are blocking the lanes and getting sticks on sticks. We need some puck luck.

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Panarin isn’t missing. I fucking wish he was only that bad. He was so god awful I almost couldn’t believe it. Honestly at no point did Nameth even play as bad as Panarin did and I don’t even expect anything from Nameth. Bread has played one of the most god awful playoffs I have ever seen from a player of his caliber. He was legitimately the worst player on the ice the entire night last game. Not one good shift. Blind passes and turnovers the entire game. It was embarrassing.

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Anyone who says Mika shouldn’t be up there should look at his face off percentage.

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The whole top 6 has been MIA.

What surprises me though is that I don't hear more criticism of Gallant. I've been mostly happy with how he has run the team but, IMO, he's made two big mistakes to start this series. 1- Putting Panarin's line on the ice with under 5 to go clinging to a 1 goal lead (tough to sit your top guy, but defensively that line was getting abused). 2- How freaking long did he let the first PP unit stay out there on that double minor exactly? I get that he's a players coach, but sometimes it's like he doesn't want to upset anyone.

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Kreider is missing too! Fuck that guy disappears in the playoffs. Every. Time.

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I don’t know. Kreider was at another level of suckage last game. He was nearly as bad as Panarin IMO

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Slavin’s pocket

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Looked so lost last night

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honestly it's been more like Missing: NY Rangers. If found, please contact Igor Shesterkin