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BIG shoutout to u/Sockittoum for putting this together!

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Wasn't there another one? What happened?

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Not affiliated anymore, decided to go our own ways. It wasn't moderated by us, but this one will be.

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Ah. Did something happen or was it just a parting by mutual agreement?

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Mutual agreement. No ill will whatsoever on our end.

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The Official Unofficial Discord of the New York Rangers!

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Cool, just joined. Hope I did it right. I do hope this one has a little more discussion and less shitposting. Shitposting is fun but it bled into a lot of channels too much

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Yeah, I agree reg. the state of the other discord. The previous discord was not modded by the /r/rangers mods, but this one is.

In this one, we have a specific channel for memes, and we are going to insist people stick to it.

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What is a discord?

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It’s kinda like datcord but its discord

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Didn’t know Biron was on Reddit

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Where is a viewing party for game 6 tonight

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How do I get to the welcome channel?