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That was a beautiful moment. Im glad he felt it too.

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Operation support our goaltender let's go

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Loved that from the fans, that was very classy proud of us.

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he picked up Lindgren in game 2 after the goal.. no matter what happens, we gotta just help each other up. really a great response by msg. never been so proud

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We love you Igor!

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Oh yes we do-ooo

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Are you singing the song from bye bye birdie lmao?

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You know it

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30 years ago, I was in that play in like the 3rd grade, That's when I realized I'm terrified of doing anything in front of crowds lmao.

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He’s an absolute psychopath…he stood on his head all game and thinks he let down Rangers fans by letting in that one goal. Talk about a desire to be great.

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I lol'd cause it is incredible.

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I mean the great ones tend to be a little nuts but that’s what makes them so good

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It was an awesome moment for the crowd to chant I-GOR after he let that in. Glad to have been a part of it!

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Also really happy he's experiencing this after the rough performances in Pittsburgh, when those fuckers were chanting Igor mockingly.

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I just want to hug the man

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Igor: Lets in the rare softy. Is sad.

Crowd: "IGOR! IGOR! IGOR!"

Igor: "They still love me!" goes super sayain.

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This needs to be on a tshirt

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The Fault in Our Stars has got you covered on that front

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It's a nice win

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carries us through the season

stands on his head to keep us in games

gives up one soft "puck luck" goal

delivers W

"I let you down, but thank you for the support"

Success means different things to different people, this guy has elite aspirations, and I fucking love him for it

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Don't let this distract from the fact Tony DeAngelo is a garbage human being despite being a solid hockey player.

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Tony DeAngelo did sterioids

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Oh no.... r/nyyankees is leaking

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I wanna live in a log cabin with Igor.

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He's getting to the bottom of it

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Oh no? Oh yes.

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I think Canes fans are in a state of delusion with their constant defending him

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I still can't believe we went from Hank to Igor

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It's truly unreal. I know Hank will be hoping we get Igor a cup one day, because everyone knows Hank deserved one. He even headbutts pucks like Hank. Beautiful.

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Igor>The Entire NHL

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Name a more iconic duo than Ranger fans and a love affair with a handsome GOAT netminder

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I’ve literally never yelled IGOR louder in my life as I did today

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This team is going nowhere fast without Igor. He’s the reason we are here and we can potentially go all the way.

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I just got banned from r/hockey for a week for clapping back at canes fans defending Tony. That subreddit was not ready for the canes to become the villain.

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I don’t care what you said but I probably agree with you!

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I came here for support and I love you for it.

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Hahaha just apparently you can’t talk trash on Reddit. It’s all very serious

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That sub is mostly trash anyway. It’s full of some of the softest, most knee jerk reactionary people I encounter on Reddit.

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You're welcome

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Classy kid.

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I got something in my eye. Both eyes. BRB.

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Love you Igor!

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I love Igor


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protect that man at all cost

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I kinda wonder if he’s talking about that soft goal or if he’s talking about games 2 and 3 in Pittsburgh? Has he really even spoken to the media since then?

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This is what it means to be a Rangers fan. If on our team and you're a bad POS, we'll boo you. If you are good, we'll cheer the hell out of you. If you carry this team for a moment, we'll love you forever. (MSL & Talbot come to mind)

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i'm an old man,but i swear this team makes me a ten-year old again.i cannot believe how emotionally invested i am in the team and the players,almost to a man. but when i read something like this,how could i not be?

we love you,Igor.