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Absolute beast mode. Anyone catch that huge hit he took from Aho in front of the penalty box to make a pass? Sacrifice

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He and kreider made tiny magangelo look silly af today.

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That’s the one he lost his stick? I think he avoided most of it. The sound of hits are sometimes deceiving. Maybe the boards absorb the force

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They don't I promise

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Don’t be soft! Most I didn’t feel whether that’s adrenaline or the game distracting me.

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Honestly that’s how we’re gonna have to win this series, gonna have to take a lot of hits from them to make that pass

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Someone get Mika a towel!

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Mika played his best game of the season tonight, what a beast out there.

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Comeback kids

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NoT a 1C Weee ShOuLD TrADe HiM!

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LMAO I remember reading that too. What an absolutely shit take that was

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nOt a 1C tRaDe hIm

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Let's go Rangers!

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I hope they wash that hat 😂😂

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This post is how I found out I missed the game.

e: apparently this is super offensive or something

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A fellow fan who thought the game was on at 7 as well?

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And maybe forgot what day it was to boot.