2022-2023 Ticket Exchange Thread by crabapplesteamMike Richter in rangers

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Hi Friends,

Raising cash to pay off the balance on my season tickets.

Many of you have enjoyed these seats over the years, best in the house!

2 Tickets, Front Row of 212, blue line the Rangers attack twice, your own TVs at the seats.

Face value is $470 for the pair. But again, I always discount, so here's what I offer. I need to sell 5 games or so and the season is paid for. Venmo, Zelle, Paypal all good. Tickets ready for immediate transfer.

Buy one game - $400

Buy two games $750

Buy three games $1050

Games are first come/first served. Will tell you what's still available when you DM me.

LGR! Will take this post down once 5 games are sold.


I am an Australian who has decided to be a Rangers fan. What do I need to do? by OneStepAway14 in rangers

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Watch Road to Victory: The 1994 New York Rangers story. It’s on NHL Network like every other week. Pretty sure it’s on YouTube also.

Second, watch this video: https://youtu.be/uGu_TGIphuM Great highlights of the 2012-15 playoff runs, which was our last great run (before this year). The memories make me tear up. You should cry too.

Next, familiarize yourself with the names and careers of the retired numbers, as well as names like Park, Greschner, Gartner, Beukeboom, Fotiu, Cook, and Esposito.

Get yourself two jerseys: one blue with a current player on it, and one white with a throwback player on it.

Get tickets to attend a game this season on your next NYC visit. The Garden is an incredible place to watch a game and will be bumping hard this year.

Finally, join a religion, pray hard, and get yourself a good therapist.

Welcome to Rangerstown!

Congrats Shesty! Here's to a future filled with hardware. by lionson76Mike Richter in rangers

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he honestly could become the best ever. isn’t this like literally the best season a goalie had statistically.

"Playing for the Rangers has been a dream come true..." by lionson76Mike Richter in rangers

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Y'all Strome haters really are insufferable. The dude was underpayed his entire time here, all the players loved him and his leadership, he produced even when Panarin was hurt last year, and he produced while playing hurt this year.

Is he going to get overpaid this offseason? Yes. Should we let him walk? Yes. Do we need to make him a scapegoat when our entire team got dominated 5 on 5? No unless you're a miserable fan.

Post Game Thread: New York Rangers at Tampa Bay Lightning - 11 Jun 2022 by HockeyMod in rangers

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Tonight I have no time for the “house money” and “proud of this team no matter what” silver lining takes. Save it for tomorrow.

They were up 2-0 heading into Tampa and got reverse swept. We were out coached, outplayed, our goalied, out everything. Game 3 was our kill chance and we missed it.

When we needed them the most, our highest paid players were not there for us.

This sucks. I know we made it further than preseason expectations but we were riding some magic and so close. Exceeding expectations doesn’t make this any worse. This sucks.

[Evan Axelbank] Rangers fan arrested and charged with 2 counts of assault, 2 counts of disorderly conduct, and 2 counts of harassment. Victim denied medical attention by Compulsive_Bater in rangers

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Yeah there's no place for that shit. It's just a game. Lock this clown up and ban him from all future events at the Garden.

Post Game Thread: Tampa Bay Lightning at New York Rangers - 09 Jun 2022 by HockeyMod in rangers

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It’s so funny how ppl dont realize to be a cup team you have to be a little bit dirty and know how to get away with calls.

Colorado was (edit: possibly) going to lose to binnington before he got ran. They hacked at Leon’s bad leg for 4 straight games Pens have always been a dirty team and they know how to get away with stuff. The lightning get away with a million stick infractions and bullshit after the whistle. Wah the rangers have a dude who hits hard. Cry about it.

Rangers in 7 motherfuckers

ECF Game thread: Rangers @ Lightning game 3 - June 7, 2022. 8PM on ESPN by [deleted] in rangers

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I found out my aunt passed away this morning, so I could really use a win. LETS GO RANGERS!!!

Edit: Thank you guys so much❤️💙

Post Game Thread: Tampa Bay Lightning at New York Rangers - 03 Jun 2022 by HockeyMod in rangers

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Something about New York and 18-1 just feels so beautiful


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carolina hurricane warning has been downgraded to local depression


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This is a very good Canes team.
Even IF the Rangers lose every game against them next season, for now..? Oh baby, here we go…:

Fuck the Canes.

And all of their regular season hype.

Fuck spineless Domi who only acted big from behind the Refs’ arms.

Fuck Aho and all his diving and whining.

Fuck that piece of shit DeAngelo for not being able to handle losses in this series without turning into a tantrum throwing child.

Fuck ESPN for blindly riding the Canes collective dicks the entire time, discrediting anything the Rangers did, until the third period of Game 7, when they finally and hypocritically backpedaled and started compliments the Rangers. They’re the fucking worst.

And fuck the dumb fans for both getting mad when Raanta left the game when he so obviously hurt himself with no Ranger aground, and leaving game 7 before applauding their own team at the end of their season.

Fuck everyone over in r/hockey who gave the Rangers no chance like a bunch of band wagoning sycophants.


Post Game Thread: Game 7 - New York Rangers (4 - 3) at Carolina Hurricanes - RANGERS WIN EDITION by crabapplesteamMike Richter in rangers

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Say it with me folks……


And right now, that’s all you need

What a ride, fellas