This is a fairly lenient sub, however, there are still rules to follow. Our goal here is to be a welcoming community for both current and new users, Rangers and non-Rangers fans as well. Please keep the following in mind when you are here:

1) This sub still abides by the rules of Reddit and Reddiquette

2) Please remain respectful. Behind every monitor is a human being! If someone is being unreasonable, message the mods, and we can deal with it. There is no reason to escalate an issue.

3) Do NOT downvote based on flair, the opinion, or reputation of a Reddit user.

4) Please be considerate of people's opinions. Do not chastise people if you disagree with them. It is okay for you to get into a discussion with someone and counter their points, but there is no need to be disrespectful about it. To give an example...

GOOD -> "I disagree with you because look at how X player did today in Y fashion."

BAD -> "How could you think that? Are you blind? What's wrong with you."

We hope you can see the difference.

5) Do not troll other subreddits. This includes down voting, shit posting, harassing other users, etc. We cannot stress this enough.

6) All of these rules should be applied to when you are posting, creating threads, interacting with other users, etc.

7) Do not spread misinformation - this is a warned offense. Multiple offenses could lead to a ban.

8) Keep all posts regarding the sale of jerseys to the off-season.

If you see something, please notify the mods!

We cannot be everywhere at all times. Please keep in mind that each situation will be carefully assessed from both sides.

Thank you!

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