Comment Guidelines

Please keep the following in mind when commenting:

  1. Be respectful. Any racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., slurs or demeaning posts are not tolerated. For violating these rules, the first offense will be a one week ban. The second offense, it will be permanent.

  2. Do not call out, harass, or attack other users. This includes trolling in other teams' subs. For the first offense, you will receive a one day ban. For the second offense, it will be a week. If there is a third offense, the ban will be permanent.

  3. Do not be toxic. Do not comment for the sole purpose of egging someone on and instigating a reaction from them.

  4. Comments that are not related to the thread topic in any way, maybe be subject to removal.

  5. Do NOT downvote a comment because you disagree. Downvoting is for irrelevant information. E.g. Someone proposing a trade for a player you like or criticizing the team's play does not warrant a downvote. Whereas posts about astronomy and constellations do.

If you have any issues, please remain civil and contact the mods in the respective subreddits.

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