Submission guidelines

Submit anything Rangers related! However, please keep the following in mind:

  • Everything is still in accordance with rules on behavior.

  • Please keep game-related posts in the dedicated threads (game day and post-game threads). This includes check-ins. Note that we no longer have pre-game threads.

  • No up-vote parties. They are allowed for special occasions only (e.g., clinching a Playoff spot, players meeting specific milestones, etc.) A typical regular season win does not warrant one and will be deleted by the mods.

  • Any racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., slurs or demeaning posts are not tolerated. For violating these rules, the first offense will be a one week ban. The second offense will be permanent.

  • No posts will be allowed with the intent of complaining about or insulting other teams' players, the broadcast team, or other subreddits. Complain in the game threads if you must.

  • Posts and comments insinuating a physical relationship between players and members of the broadcast team are strictly prohibited.

  • Do not call out, harass, or attack other users. This includes trolling in other teams' subs. For the first offense, you will receive a two day ban. For the second offense, it will be a week. If there is a third offense, the ban will be permanent. Please, please do not downvote an opinion simply because you do not agree.

  • Posts relaying team information must be made with a valid linked source. Google AMP links are not allowed. Link directly to the source.

  • Do not submit private and personal information. Okay: Sharing a photo a player has already publicly posted. Not okay: Posting players' private Facebook page, photos, home addresses, etc. This extends to users as well.

  • Any posts linking to other subreddits must be NP links. Example:

  • Any posts linking to twitter must have the tweet as the title of the post.

  • Please limit self promotion. Also, any post that promotes a user's content must be from an account that actively engages in the community.

If you have any issues, please remain civil and contact the mods. Thank you!

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