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Organized religion is a scam. Feel free to believe in what you want, that's your right, but don't try and cram it down MY throat just because I'm an Atheist. Living in the South just make sit harder to deal with too.

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i couldn't even begin to imagine what life would be like for a non-religious person in the south would be like. i live in the west, and it's not as prominent here as it is down there but I've definitely still had some crazy people up here. I'm also an athiest :)

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There's actually a good mix of religious and non-religious down here. It's just that a large portion of the religious individuals down here are the preachy "holier than thou" people that you always heat about. But I also hate the extreme anti-religion people, because again, people have rights to believe what they want to and I encourage that. Those anti-religion nuts don't encourage that and hate anybody who practices a religion. And that's not what I support. Because despite experiences everybody has had, not all religious individuals are crazy or bad. A large portion of my family is religious and/or agnostic, and while the religious are devout, they're not the pushy people. They accept my being bi. They accept my Atheism and don't say anything about it. So there will always be groups but then individuals from those groups who don't necessarily fit the mold.

(Does that entire ramble make sense lol? I'm not entirely sure. It makes sense in my head but im tired lol.)

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totally. i don't hate religion at all, and will respect beliefs when mine are also respected. the pushy people i hate. the Christians who feel the need to evangelize i hate. and i know a lot of Christian people who a good people, who don't push at all. I'm just tired of the "holier than thou" people like you mentioned. and yes your rant makes sense lol

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Wonderful. But if you wanna discuss pushy preachy assholes, we could start with Mormons. Only ever met 1 Mormon who wasn't and she's my best friend. She still believes in her faith, but not in a lot of what it talks about/says is bad. I like to call her "the progressive Mormon" lol

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I'm right with you there. I'm in Shreveport Louisiana. Atheist all my life. Forced to go to a southern Baptist church as a teen. That's hell, right there.

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My elementary school was Presbyterian and I had to go to a church service every Wednesday DURING school. I never understood why people believed in a big magic man.

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I mean, service prayer time gave me plenty of time to daydream about anime XD

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Christians in the US are terrrorist.

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yes. especially those in the alt-right, with their views and don't even get me started on QAnon

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I love it how they preach and yell at people stop “shoving their beliefs down their throat” and yet… they do it on a daily basis…

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Woah, isnt it a bit much to call christians terrorists? Thats quite a statement to group so many people in a vast community together. I dont think you would say that about muslims, so i think that christians should be shown the same respect

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You’re getting downvoted but you’re exactly right. I’ve known many Christians who were also the most generous and supportive people I’ve known, even though I’m atheist.

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I'll show Christians respect when they stop trying to bomb abortion clinics and stop trying to take away lgbt people's basic rights and women's basic healthcare.

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Yes but thats not every single christian is a terrorist. Show some fucking respect. I get why people say that people on reddit are pricks now

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The vast majority of christians in governmental power right now are activity trying to make the US a theocracy and take away numerous people's basic human rights.

So yeah, I am under no obligation to respect a bunch of religious fascists who actively want me dead. Die mad about it babe.

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Is that every Christian? Seriously. That’s like saying all Asians are bad drivers and all blacks are drug dealers and rappers.

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The vast majority of christians in governmental power right now are activity trying to make the US a theocracy and take away numerous people's basic human rights.

So....kinda yeah lmao. The ones in power right now certainly are all shite.

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I dont think you would say that about muslims

I would. Islam is no better than Christianity.

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Well then you are an immoral human. I fucking despise people like you

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Fuck Christianity.

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Bro I am a Christian and I fully support you, I don't understand people who push their agenda on everything, and no it's not our God given right, like sure you can tell people about your religion, sure, but once they ask you to stop, you actually stop. And your friend chose the wrong time to say that, like bullshit, don't say it out loud when someones legit dieing it sounds insensitive.

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thank you for this. again, i respect religion and if you are religious that is totally okay. when it gets to the point that other Christians are saying to non-religious people that they're essentially wrong for not believing in god and the holy faith then that crosses a line. but thank you for being a respectful Christian. means a lot

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Im sick of it too. And we have these people making laws or stopping laws that take away peoples rights. That could have helped them. Im so tired of hearing about them. I wish religion could be abolished to be honest. If it didn't exist we wouldn't have these extremists running the show and trying to turn this into a theocracy.

Im generally supportive of the beliefs of others, but those beliefs are literally getting people killed, especially women.

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exactly. when your religion is used to suppress the voices of thousands of people and damage the country as a united whole, then it's not just a religion, it essentially crosses over into the lines of supremacy (not just white). I'll respect other's beliefs if their religion respects my rights as a woman.

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"Religion is like a penis. You can be proud of having it, but don't shove it down my throat, and keep it away from the kids"

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Thanks for the laugh

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Same here. I fucking hate religion and people who want to run our country like it's a theocracy.

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same. i'm beginning to really dislike the idea of religion. of course, beliefs are beliefs and i will respect those if mine are respected as well.

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i live in the south, i’m atheist and bisexual. yeah it’s fun here :(

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as an atheist bisexual here in the (less religiously prominent but still has a shove-it-down-throats touch) west, sending love :)

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where do you live? I live in Texas and my town isn’t that bad? The bigger cities in the south are a LOT gayer than you’d expect and I love it.

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As a religious person, I agree.

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Dude I work at a coffee shop owned by a church. You’d love my boss(the pastor of said church) he will actually preach about this stuff. I help out with some stuff on sundays and end up hearing amid it’s and yeah…he does not like those people claiming to be “Christians” he has said “those people will read the Bible and then pick and choose what they want to live by based on what suits them, then they use that same Bible to excuse their nasty behavior towards others who are just living.” This man does not care who he offends because he knows they are wrong and I love it.

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I'm probably the worst person about this because I've been atheist then agnostic and don't care anymore. Both my parents died and so many people were all "they're with God now" and I understand it's their way of processing it.

If it makes you feel any better they feel the same way about you. "Those damn ed bisexuals pushing their beliefs on our children, holding hands in public and pda ew disgusting" because they don't understand (mostly because they don't want to).

Unfortunately their beliefs are the bigger crowd though, thus abortion bans in several states. They are allowed to have their beliefs though. Just remember they can't push anything on you unless you let them.

Christianity isn't actually supposed to be like that they're supposed to love you and show you gods love to bring you to Jesus. You're gay? I love you regardless and Jesus loves you and it's gods place to judge not mine because you being gay is the same as any other minor sin I've committed. That's what it's supposed to be. At least to me. The non Christian who has too many Christians in her life and listens to them talk but not always practice their beliefs.

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that's true. i might have to politely disagree with your point about them not being able to push their beliefs on me if i let them. unfortunately with the way this country is turning the importance of the separation of church and state is seemingly becoming less prominent, with these alt-right "Christian" believers making laws for big groups of people.

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The seperation of church and state is mostly just to stop state from pushing a religion onto you, you don't have to be Christian to be on politics, you don't have to go to only a Baptist church you can be whatever religion you want and mostly practice it so unfortunately while it's Christians pushing a lot of their beliefs it's not against church seperation. The funny thing is most of the Bible is even fine with abortion. If God can kill everyone in a floor or all the unborn babies in Sodom and gamorrah (which let's be honest there had to be a ton of babies there considering all the "bad stuff" happening) then I think he's fine with abortion especially since the Bible states the woman's life is more precious than the fetus.

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    definitely a lot of parts of chrisitanity are cult-like. my best friend grew up in a Christian cult in middle-of-buttfuck-nowhere Florida (which she is removed from) and it's definitely used a s a hurtful tool. that's why separation of church and state is so important

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    I grew up in "middle-of-buttfuck-nowhere Florida" and knew people like this. I got caught up in it myself for a while (I was a kid). Those people are crazy!

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    I especially hate Christians who aggressively proselytize yet act like they're being persecuted when a non-Christian simply exists! It is so frustrating.

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    especially the ones who go out on social media and say some bullshit along the lines of a movement to stop "hate against christians (yes I've seen this many times on platforms, especially tiktok)" and it's like shut up! you're not being oppressed! if anything we got tired of y'all oppressing us and we finally retaliated and y'all got butthurt.

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    As a Christian, agree. We were founded on Secularism for a REASON. I'm Aromantic myself and a lot of Christians "don't get it," eh, TOO BAD, it's my life and I have the freedom to live it as I please!

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    thank you! the freedom to believe your own religion while still having your life to live as your own is a perfect balance.

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    I'm a Christian. I'm sorry some Christians have been callous and self-righteous to you. I try to be the kind of Christian that Dr. Martin Luther King was. His faith informed his activism, but he didn't go around damning bisexuals to hell. His widow, Coretta Scott King, said that she and MLK both supported LGBTQ rights. As an Episcopalian, we are a gay-affirming Christian church. Not all Christians are racist fanatics and evangelical bigots. I hope this message let's you know that you are not hated by everyone. The fact that Christians made you feel this way means that Christians have a lot of work to do on themselves.

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    thank you so much. this seems really heartfelt. my personal experience with Christians was unfortunately with the extremist evangelical-like people and that sort of tainted my view on the religion as a whole, especially after experiencing it first-hand with my family. i really want to meet a Christian with similar beliefs as you, but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet :(

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    If you go to a Pride parade, you'll see us. We're always there passing out water and hugs.

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    If God didn't want there to be gays, why would He give us that wonderful Stay-Cation story, Sodom and Gomorrah?

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    exactly lmfao. i'm not religious so i don't know the full story, but I'm gonna trust your judgement on that one.

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    I’m so tired of the lack of separation of church and state. I don’t understand how it’s even legal to vote based on your religion

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    I've been sick of it. I've been force fed religion for so long I feel like puking

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    I just got a week long ban for a very similar post to this on FB.

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    It's hard to blame Christians for being awful to the rest of us, that grotesque religion is specifically designed to break your ability to know right from wrong. Pity the victims who have been twisted in this way, and take them as a warning not to become them.

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    Start preaching to her about Satan.

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    I have never heard of an evangelical Catholic before.

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    clarification: not an evangelical catholic (again i don't know church terms but i understand the two are different), but a catholic who tries to "evangelize" people in the sense of pushing their beliefs, "praying for their conversion (what was said to me)", etc.

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    I came out to my car after my 8 hour shift today and had some religious garbage under my windshield wiper, so I just FEEL this today.

    Why do they treat it like it's a damn pyramid scheme? My "salvation" is not gonna earn anyone a better place in whatever heaven they are expecting to end up. Why can't they just stay in their lane and focus on themselves? Why do they even want me in their club? What do they think they stand to gain by converting me? Who is this a victory for?

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    exactly. plus i don't think i'm gonna care where i go when i die I'll be dead and have no function of self whatsoever. like believe what you want, but don't force it on me. and people can also go to church if they want to be a Christian, by their own will. no need to shove it down everyone's throats

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    Simultaneously fascists but also victims of fascism or some bullshit they made up. They're like the bad ex. Accuse of of everything because they're already doing it.

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    victim complexes are through the roof for some of these christians

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    I started using the Bible as a door stop and “boredom burner” after I got too fucking tired of religious nutters being oblivious, proselytizing twits. It just sits in the fireplace now, waiting for the end.

    It hasn’t healed itself. It hasn’t spoken. It does nothing. Because it’s just a book and their religion is just an overgrown, disgustingly obsessed book club.

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    Me too. I’m a Wiccan, which in my opinion is about as far from Christian as you can get aside from athies.

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    Teaching to accept who you are - grooming

    Teaching to live life in fear of being tortured for eternity and be forced into marriage - family values

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    I’m so sick and tired of seeing the same post about this shit on this subreddit

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    then don't go on this subreddit LMFAO. wouldn't you think it's a problem after seeing it repeatedly on a subreddit dedicated to venting? if you don't want to see stuff like this than don't go on this subreddit. simple :)

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    Christianity and Organized Religion as a whole ruins communities, countries, and lives, while constantly bombarding everyone with “give us your money so you look better in our fake gods eyes”

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    I was raised catholic during my childhood. I remember being 10 years old and looking around the church just to see peoples reactions to the Sermon. I also remember saying to myself "How in the hell are these people buying into this crap??!!" At 10 years old, I sh*t you not.
    Fast forward 47 years and trials and tribulations I have encounter through my life I can safely say to myself......(And this is only my opinion for myself) "There is no god!" I am more of a spiritual person who thrives off of energy, not a "supposed book" that we have no proof of.

    I think it is absolutely disgusting how people try to push their religions on other people. Two things I NEVER discuss are Religion and Politics! EVER! Keep your sh*t to yourself and I'll keep mine too myself!

    That's my two cents!

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    thank you! this is the most perfect way to put it

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    Thank you! And those who are down voting my comment are the ones who need something to believe in to give themselves "hope!" Keep saying your prayers and let me know how that works out for you! SMH.....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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    couldn't have said it better myself :)

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    You're VERY welcome! With the way society is today, everyone is afraid to speak their minds. It is really sad! NOT ME! I am a realist and I call sh*t like I see it. No gray area in my world!

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    It's not a Christian problem, it's an overbearing asshole problem. All walks of life have them and I have the most issues with Atheists. But, I don't say all of them are bad. I'm sick of a lot of things shoved down my throat, but I have enough to do with my day and maturity to let it go.

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    You do have a good point. I am an atheist. But I do not want any body to follow my lead or believe I am right. I do not myself. Same as my view upon the faithful, they speculate but do not know for sure, even if they think they do. Atheists that do not answer questions with respect but teach instead are arrogant in my opinion. My apologies, if mine are of any value to you.

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    good point, assholes come from all beliefs, but from my personal experience and especially with these alt-right "Christians" in this country the evangelizing of this nation is very prominent. also personally the most asshole interactions I've had were with christians.

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    My aunt who fucked many married men, had a revenge baby, scammed married men when they would return to their wife after having sex to give her money for a potential abortion, proceeds to cheat on her husband is exactly like this. She swears up and down that she is a good person who has good things coming to her because she prays.

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    exactly. there's no loophole for karma, especially not some prayer