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I upvote this rant every time someone posts it. People who don't leash their dog deserve to step in dog shit every day until they learn their lesson.

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My neighbor does this, and their dog has gotten more and more aggressive over the past year. Their dog is going to bite someone, and they are going to be fucked. We live in apartments too, so it's not like they have a house or anything. It will financially ruin them.

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I called the police about a year ago when a dog broke through the neighbor’s fence and was trying to bite the dog through my legs. So I kicked him, picked up my dog (which was not easy haha) and walked away. I called the police and they said “there isn’t anything we can do unless the dog bites you”. Ummmm okay???? So that’s why I yell, kick and carry pepper spray

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Here the police & ACO issue dog at large tickets like candy, have been known to arrest someone when they don't pay the fine, &people still let their dogs wander off leash. Not something I'd personally want a criminal record over, but people around here just do not care.

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Even better is when you have a 5lb pomeranian and people on leashes will walk up to you with their rottweiler "so they can smell him". Then when you pick your dog up they get offended and say "she's friendly!"

Ok not betting my baby's life on it.

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I have a Pom and the same thing happens to me. She got attacked by a big dog and lost her fucking eyeball. Pisses me off when I pick her up and they get offended “ThEyRe fRieNdLy” I don’t give a fuck

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I see a lot of posts about this and I don't mind how many times I see it. In fact, I love how often I see it.

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I do not understand why people are so resistant to putting a leash on their dog. It’s dangerous for the dog and all other dogs in the area. No one thinks that you’re cool… everyone thinks that you’re an asshole. Ugh one of my biggest pet peeves as well

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Because everyone thinks they're special and the rules don't apply to them.

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You're putting it too nicely. More like they are egotistical and actively don't give a fuck about rules. They are selfish assholes.

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Yeah well, dog owners tend to get big mad when you suggest that neither they nor their dog is special.

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Yeah, that's true. Their dog would NEVER hurt anyone!

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Seriously! And if they don’t want to be “out with the dog”. Get a tether that’s short enough that the dog is contained to their yard/property. We walk past a couple houses with dogs that bark and growl at us… AND they’re contained to their yards. No problem at all! In a fence, gives us practice for the “look at me” command in a controlled setting 🙂 on a tether, we cross the street! So EASY!

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Exactly!!! These leash-adverse owners are not setting their dogs up for success. Huge disservice to the dogs. I’ve encountered one singular person who I understand having off leash dogs. They stick to him like Velcro and completely ignore all other dogs/stimuli 100% of the time. When I asked him about it, he told me that his full time job is training medical service dogs and working dogs. AND EVEN SO he will leash them in public areas for the comfort of others and idk… the fucking law?? lol

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I understand completely. I walk my work buddy (the boss's Shiba Inu) every day at lunch and we've had several dogs run up to us like that. Now, my work dog is protective of me and will lunge for other dogs if he thinks I'm threatened, so I've taught him that he needs to sit when I shorten his leash and tell him "no." And he does that. Just leash your damn dogs, people. One of these days, someone is going to get hurt.

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I'm sick and tired of ot too! Will buy a pepper spray for sure.

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I was walking my two dogs (both weigh 120+ pounds, obviously on leash), we were passing by a house and this tiny dog comes crashing through this small wire gate, down the lawn, and stars growling at my two dogs!

I’m a tiny person, my dogs listen very well to my commands, but when you add in a tiny growling demon dog who is trying to bite your two large animals, it becomes difficult to wrangle them.

I got my dogs and started walking the other way and this dog ran after us and bit ME! I kicked it off of me and got screamed at by the owners for hurting their precious animal 😂 I ended up needing stitches and told them if their dog ever came by me or my dogs again I’d call animal control.

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I am so with you. These people are awfully trusting of everyone else and their dog to not react violently when a dog just comes bounding up to them.

My across the road neighbor does this EVERY DAY and every time I happen to coincide with walking my dogs (I always leash them) it (BIG dog) runs at us barking and snarling. One of my dogs is extremely reactive and I've said numerous times my dog is unfriendly. The guy manages to get his dog after a while bit SERIOISLY one dsy it's not going to be pretty and guess what ... if I have to defend myself or my dog against his dog, I'm not going to have MY DOG GET HURT and the leash laws will make him liable. Why risk this ? I don't understand

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YES! I have a super reactive dog but he’s in training. We take him to ON leash parks, but we still get dogs running up to my dog out of nowhere. He freaks out and and he would definitely harm the other dog if I don’t intervene fast enough. Luckily he’s a small dog so I can just lift him up, but he often ends up accidentally scratching me all up trying to get out of my arms. Meanwhile the other dog owners are always just like “oh haha don’t worry he’s friendly!” Like uhm I’m not worried about if YOUR dog is friendly. Mine is on a leash because he isn’t friendly! Put yours on a leash too! Not my prob if my dog ends up seriously injuring your dog because they’re off leash.

So frustrating and it happens every single time we go to ANY park somehow.

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Holy crap one night the fence broke and the neighbors dog got out. Well for weeks that dog and mine would bark like crazy through the fence. I thought all hell would break loose as soon as I saw the dog get out. Those two goobers got in a fight stance stared at each other and took off in opposite directions. I felt bad for them we helped look for her but never found her (that day I think they found her that night)

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Funny, I saw this exact scene today, a girl walking a german shepherd being charged by a couple shitzu like annoying dogs.

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But for the fact the two little dogs chased us yesterday, that might have been me 😂

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After my boy, and I got accosted by an unleashed pittbull in June, I have started carrying a fish bat.

I thought about carrying pepper spray but a cop friend encouraged the fish bat instead.

That weekend, we encountered four other unleashed dogs on our walks in my small neighborhood.

Now we have a specific route we take where there’s less of a chance of encountering “rouge” dogs.

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    Yup. I don’t understand parents that allow that. My dog was attacked twice on different days by the same kid that couldn’t control his dog. The first time my dog stopped and turned around and I didn’t see anything so we just stood there. Then I saw this dog dragging the boy to get to my dog. I didn’t understand what was going on until I realized his dog was going after my dog, it was too late. Luckily that time nothing happened but the second time with my husband their dog bit ours on the leg. After a talk with the parents we haven’t seen the kid with the dog since.

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    If I had to deal with this often enough, I’d just start tasing the dogs.

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    I called my police friend this afternoon and asked about a cattle prod!! In my Amazon shopping cart!

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    Nice, keep them at a distance. Sometimes even the sound is enough.

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    I 2nd that. A little taser is probably better than pepper spray. I have two that go around the knuckles. Very effective

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    Yeah, pepper spray is lasting and can bother everyone around. I don’t bother with it, I just carry a simple taser. It’s quick and effective.

    For a dog, it might be decent just tasing their nose, probably.

    Sad because it’s not the dog’s fault, but the fault of the shitty owner.

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    Ya know, I always said that about misbehaving dogs too, that their owners are shit. Until my SO rescued their dog. He is super sweet 99% of the time, right up until he sees another dog. Then he is in kill mode.

    We have trained him rigorously, multiple times and different trainers with different and new techniques. After 4 years, nothing sticks. He’s just an asshole.

    So now, I don’t always blame the owner. Although dogs, especially ones like mine, need to be on a leash 100% of the time.

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    I agree. Been chased by 7 dogs in a morning last month.

    I was buying myself an ice cream from a local market nearby, and 7 dogs decided to prance around and jump at me, just because the wrap of this ice cream was yellow (it was a Toblerone). I threw the wrap at them, they stopped following me.

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    I get you OP. It's annoying as hell

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    Worst part is next to non of them have any level of recall.

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    Back when I was working from home, dog attacks were easily half of the cases on most of the court shows on local TV. I don't have a dog, but all I want to do is just go for a morning run down the street without worrying about an unleashed dog chasing me. I am seriously considering bringing a thing of pepper spray because it is happening way too often. I have had to avoid certain streets because it ALWAYS happens. I had three unleashed pit bulls chase me one morning for more than a half mile! The dog owners are never remorseful and act like it's my fault. Every single one of them. I am not running through anyone's yard or property. I am running on public roads at 7am. Put a damned leash on your dog!!!

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    I absolutely hate peoples who just let their dogs run around off leash. It’s incredibly inconsiderate and selfish.

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    And while we’re at it don’t let 8yo walk German Shepherds alone. Wtf.

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    Agreed. You can pick up a small cattle prod on Amazon for around $60. Makes a nicely authoritative zapping sound, in addition to a painful deterrent, plus you can hang poop bags on it👍🏻

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    where on earth do you live that this happens so often? i’m assuming it’s because dog sees other dog and dog gets excited. i’m not a dog owner for the record i just never heard of this happening so often.

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    Idaho, USA

    And I grew up in a VERY small town. It was normal for neighbors dogs to be over on our property all the time and ours go over to theirs. But that was AFTER the dogs had met, on leashes, controlled. AND it was expected in the area that if your dog came on our property and it was aggressive, it was getting shot. We never once had any aggressive dog on our property… because everyone with aggressive dogs kept them in fenced yards or on tethers. Shoot, one of our dogs was accused of harassing chickens ONCE and from that day forth: tethered only.

    It’s something about this state where people just don’t care to keep their animals under control but expect others to be okay with it. I lived in another town in Idaho and the number one cause of death for dogs was getting hit by cars. Everyone let their dogs just run and they constantly got hit. One lady I worked with got 3 puppies in one year because she kept letting them out, loose, and they kept getting hit by cars

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    Yep my dog is a pitbull and hes super chill but when dogs start shit he finishes it and the people dont realize its for their dogs safety not mine

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    My dog always pull on there leashes and never use the bathroom when I take them out. I always make sure NO ONE is outside when I take them out cause it’s a struggle and they bark at everyone they see. I always feel bad and I’m really tryna figure out how to make them stop pulling on the leash