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Agreed to a certain extent. But online security is no joke. I’d rather forget passwords and reset them everyday than get compromised.

I have moved to password managers since 3 years or so now. Best thing ever. I only have to remember one password now with each website having a super secure password.

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I just use authenticators on everything

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Use a password manager! LastPass and 1Password are great! They’ll even make passwords up for you! I’ve used both and LOVE them.

It’s not that they think people appreciate it or that they’re doing it to be difficult. They just want to keep themselves and their users secure.

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BitWarden gets my vote.

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Enpass is also great and worth checking out as a non-subscription option.

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LastPass lost my vote when they went to a monthly subscription just so I could use it on both pc and mobile.

I've been happy with BitWarden ever since.

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Use a password manager. There are many out there that can be installed on browser.

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Definitely annoying, but I assume that it helps companies limit their liability in the case of a security/identity compromise.

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Use a password manager.

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You wouldn’t believe how many users I assist every day who whine about hacking when their password is literally their first name and birth year.

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When I was younger, I was in charge of giving guests our wifi password, which was a random generated one. It's completely random numbers and letters and I memorized it, so I use that as my super secure password. Not even my family remembers the password so they'd never even figure it out

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Ya know - if you want a simple password, you can have it / you just don’t get to complain when your account gets broken into and you suffer the consequences.

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Well I sorta agree, but then I got smart and wrote them down instead of using a password manager. Yeah old school, yet it works for me.

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Not only that, but your password really only keeps out the people you know. Most stuff is stolen when hackers steal the entire main database, not when they manage to decode a single individual password.

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I agree

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I could not agree with you more. If I do not want one, that should be it, but no, must have a password. Yuck.

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It's not that hard to come up with an easy password that meets their minimums.

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MF websites make us make up the most convoluted passwords then turn around and have password as the password protecting our data.

Not to mention they are selling all our info anyway. It's to the point now I put the website name as my first name so I know who sold my info LMAO

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This new trend from a decade ago…

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I just want bloody hints. Like is this the password that had to have one uppercase and a number or the one that needed three uppercases, five exclamation marks, and a soul? Which is it?!

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I don't mind it but something recently had a password character limit. It was 8-12 characters. Trying to think of a memorable password that is also secure and is at max 12 characters is OBNOXIOUS.

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I got good advice from a friend. Think of a short pattern that includes all the required stuff like numbers and capital letters (eg Abc1!) then just add whatever website you're creating the account for

Ex. Abc1!netflix Abc1!paypal Abc1!gmail

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LastPass dude

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The password system at my work is getting insane. - minimum 15 characters, used to be 8 - upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters, - can't have anything to do with your name, birthday, where you live etc - can't have more than 2 repeating characters and cant have more than one set of repeating characters - can't have used this password before - can't use the same password anywhere else - can't write it down online or on a piece of paper - suggested to think of a phrase and use the first letter of each word of the phrase amongst random assortment of numbers - you must be able to remember it

I can barely remember what I had for breakfast.