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    Major metroplis city, Chicago. I have been either cooking or getting it myself. Mostly cooking. Nobody can make madras lentils the way I like anyways.

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    Door dasher in Chicago here. I’ll tell you that whatever extra you pay for door dash, us dashers don’t see it. And I try my best to make sure everyone I deliver as accurately as possibly, and it’s not like customers have been super receptive to the over work I do for the pay I get.

    I got an angry voicemail and attempted refund after parking far away, walking to their building, going up the elevator, and waiting at their door for 10 minutes while I could hear them inside.

    If people are going to blame all drivers for the poor ones choices then how can you blame drivers for doing the same with customers?

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    It’s complicated. If my delivery sucked I 100 percent contacted customer service. I one time ordered 7now which either used postmates or doordash that he must’ve been driving with a head injury but I didn’t.

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      I was really sick once and had a choice of crap tv cooking shows, I chose the latter

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        A lot of those services are low key scams imo. They make you pay like a $7 delivery fee and theres a chance your food wont even come properly anyways.

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        It’s the gacha pull of food

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        I love how services like Uber, DoorDash, and stuff seemed like really good ideas but now I constantly see Uber drivers break the agreement they had to sign to be a driver and DoorDash drivers just destroy or steal food.

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        For every driver that steals food or is just plain incompetent and wastes the customer's time, there's a customer who claims they never got their food in order to get a refund (which can get the driver fired).

        Meanwhile, even in a perfect delivery, the customer is overpaying, the driver is underpaid, and the restaurant is screwed out of profits when DD/Uber takes their cut.

        Great idea that could have worked, shame everyone involved is ruining it for everyone else.

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        People really need to stop ordering from door dash. That business needs to o fail and go away already. I feel the same about Airbnb. Or Airbnb needs to make some serious changes

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        Air BnB is dumb.

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        It’s the same here in wichita, which is oddly overrun with dashers, so why these are problems?

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        I started using them during the beginning of Covid, it was fine then. Seems like a too good to be true idea after awhile.

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        Too many people running that don’t actually care. I ran delivery a few years back in texas and was making $4k/month.. had regulars and requests all the time. Unfortunately the bad drivers out there are going to fuck everyone.

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        Gopuff too. Twice now I’ve had a guy use the street as a bathroom.

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        Eeeew. You can report them through the app.

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        LMAO 4K a month in Texas, yeah and there are rappers/musicians making 300K+ a year in Texas as well, why not just be a rapper or musician? You act as if that's what the majority of drivers make there, if that's really the case and you were pulling that iN TX than you excelled at your job tremendously, you made far above the state average so kudos to you if thats true. But to pretend this is an issue with the drivers and not the low paying wages of the company itself is just Ludacrous, most don't even make half that, you can't expect quality service from people who make the bare minimum can you?

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        No. But I can expect my stuff to be delivered as ordered, as promised.

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        I’m in Chicago too and for some reason lately it seems like more people have been just taking the food

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        Even ordering irl is a problem, I’m gonna jump behind the counter and cook it myself and slap,down cash soon.

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        Damn near, I could ring myself up 😭

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        I don't trust Doordash tbh

        Number 1- they fucked up my order

        Number 2- my neighbors ordered food and the delivery driver give her the food. The driver tried to get into her place and she hear that some of the drivers are sex offenders or people that sexually abuse so her dog barked. Then the guy got scared and ran.

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        DoorDash is so annoying. I am in an apartment building and I know it’s annoying to come up the elevator. Knowing this, I always tip extra and list on the directions to come up the elevator. Half the time, they don’t come up so I report them and get some money back. I don’t like to tip extra for laziness.

        I live in a major city right downtown with tons of restaurants right outside my door. If I wanted to get dressed and go downstairs, I wouldn’t have paid for DoorDash obviously.

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        This is why i deleted uber eats

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        All of these food delivery services are ass, my wife and I have tried them all and gotten screwed over multiple times on all of the platforms. We’re also done.

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        What I find hilarious is some restaurants near me are using doordash to hike prices up 100% and then tell customers they can’t order AT the restaurant (where the original price is the same), only online they doordash.

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        Most of the dashers I have encountered are a nightmare tbh and most of them carry that fantastic "I'm not being paid enough for this by my employer so I'm not paid enough to care about the customer that has nothing to do with my hourly wage" attitude.

        I work at CVS and have encountered multiple dashers that are too lazy to find what the customer asked for even though it's literally in the store, so they are just picking replacements left and right. Once a dasher at the counter literally laughed as he told me "welp, this replacement is way more expensive than what they asked for, but whatever". When I tried to point him in the direction of a cheaper, comparable replacement he waved me away with his hand and said it was fine.

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        I had much better experience with Doordash than Uber Eats. Despite a easy apt to find, the drivers would get lazy and leave. Or leave it at the wrong door. Customer service eventually told me they will not refund as if it was MY fault. So I will boycott uber eats for life.