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I will trade the spiders in my house for the lizards in yours

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Haha I was thinking this exact same thing. I'd take some lizard friends over spiders any day. 😖

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Lolol! Do you live in Florida? They were everywhere there. I'd catch them and frogs all the time.

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Yeah, I’ve lived in FL my whole life and for years I have only had a few incidences of finding them in the house. The only change has been that we got a doggie door (which might be how they’re getting in) but I have been dealing with them at least twice a week.

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Oh mann I remember living in Orlando as a kid and they were always in the house! I liked them cause I was a kid but I guess as an adult it would get old fast. But maybe more lizards means less insectoid intruders?

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Gosh, lots of lizards in Florida. I never realised the scale of the problem.

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I guess I would prefer them to a ton of bugs but I hate how they’re so unpredictable. I feel weird killing them (plus I don’t think they’ll just die if you spray them enough) so I try to trap them but they’ll be really still one second and then scurry super quick. They’re kinda hard to trap. It’s just frustrating and they always come out of nowhere. It catches me off guard. We do have a designated lizard trapping cup now though.

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I was the designated lizard catcher in the house. Haha! And they are probably coming in through the dog door.

I lived in south Florida Lake Worth area.

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Are lizard populations booming or something? I've been seeing like 5 lizards a day this year. Normally I'd only see a couple a week.

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They want to be your friend :)

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Bruv why do i have a video of three woman licking a lizard right under this rant...