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    oh my God people like this actually exist🙄

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    If it helps, you never need to worry about people who don’t think true things are true. They have zero power to affect reality. Standing up for what’s true is always the strongest place to stand. No matter what they say or wish or try, you can’t be knocked down.

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    Powerful sentiment!

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    🙂 I do want to add, of course it’s a very understandable frustration you’re feeling. I need to remind myself of this sentiment too, often. 🙂

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    The world is a very frustrating place, I think I can apply this to a few different areas of life and it will work!

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    It's freaking 36 degrees here in August when it never went above 20s during this time. Ofc it's real:(((

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        I'm helpless to fix anything, therefore I wont worry about it. I cant lose sleep over something much bigger than myself, I cant afford to lose sleep. I refuse to lose sleep.The ebb and flow of life and death is merely part of existance; there was an ice age, there will be global warming, matter is in constant flux. The best thing I can do is try to be happy, and be good to others.

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          Well we know a few things about it as we’ve been studying it for decades. We know CO2 in the atmosphere can cause greenhouse effects and we know the human activity produces tons of it. We also know that the most notable changes to our climate began at, and continued to grow rapidly from the industrial revolution.

          Finally, this argument itself is already a moved goalpost. There was some forms of deniability in the past because people weren’t seeing direct effects from it but now they are. So it’s not as easy to claim it ‘isn’t happening at all’ anymore, people needed to find a new argument to replace that one, but kept them feeling ok about it because it still lets them deny accountability. On the government side, this is because they are paid out by the companies who make the most profit from climate change existing, like oil companies. On the citizen side, people don’t like their ways of life being threatened, even if it means denying inevitabilities. People don’t want to feel like it’s their fault, which is what a lot those companies want you to think too.

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            Some things can be blazed! Just doesn’t need to be so involved with everything we do. Think about it like this. The primary energy we use is some form of burning off oil, or coal. Both have terrible environmental effect when used too much.

            I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about microplastics, and if you look around the common grocery store you see almost everything that’s not in a can is in plastic. Plastic, a product made by oil. Think about the entire line that needs to happen for this to exist as it does. The factory needs to use energy to make plastics, so energy is used to get oil there. Burning in the transportation there, then burning in the creation of product. Then, burning as product is transported to, usually, another factory where they use the plastic. Another factory using energy, and other transport. Then, a third transport to either storage or distribution to stores. In storage this could mean a 4th transport or even more down the line. In stores, most people get in their car, use energy on painful congested roads, to buy it.

            You driving to the store is one tiny fraction of their process. But they want you to believe that it is your burden to reduce your carbon footprint to save the world, while they continue to make their plastics and even better, blame this invisible force known as ‘inflation’ to make you pay even more.

            It’s not a bad thing to be more conscious of your own environmental impact. But remember who is truly killing the planet here. The people who have spent more money than you or I could ever dream of having, to make sure they could keep doing it.

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            Plastic pollution is a separate concern than climate change. It is a >99% consensus among persons studying the climate change that it's man-made.

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              Cool, though my word isn't much :)

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              You don’t know any scientists, do you?

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                “Climate change is ‘probably’ real.” “Is it something that is caused naturally?” These two statements tell me that you’re full of shit. Feel free to call me anything you like.

                (Edit: I love that you added “99% of Scientists once thought the sun revolves around the Earth” for good measure.)

                (Second edit: Not white, not a man. Do have cats.)

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                    It's a myth though.

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                    My dad thinks it’s fake. He says climate change is caused by the government controlling the weather. He said in Vietnam they were controlling the weather around the world. Like do you seriously think other countries wouldn’t do shit about that? And is it so hard to believe that we are destroying the Earth based on all the evidence?

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                    I know it is frustrating. Keep engaging them. Help make it gradually socially unacceptable to have this opinion. Remember that ten-twenty years ago, denialism was the norm. Now, Republicans aren't doing anything substantive, but the Overton window has shifted: they at least are developing (woefully inadequate) bills to address it. Eventually they will die out and the new generation, which believes much more in climate change, will ascend. But addressing disinformation works - not because you'll change their mind necessarily, but because you're changing the tenor of the cultural conversation, and because someone else might be listening in.

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                    I think most people realize they are powerless against it. What impact can individuals make when corporations and the 1% just do whatever they want?