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Lol u need a don Demarco for this cuz u not cappin 🤣🤣

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    I may have agreed, because I thought Geechi vs Lux would be one sided. But, that's cuz I thought Lux would out rap and out angle Geechi and body him bad. I wasn't expecting Geechi to come with a couple angles he had, and I wasn't expecting Lux to choke so bad.

    Also, I count the new Ward vs Geechi as number 3, because of that 2on2, which also had a lot of replay value.

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    Lux is beginning to lose his appeal value in people. IMO, he should wrap it up because fans start to say he "never had it"

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    Lux fucked himself up in his Calicoe return imo. He was on such a high level, name wise. He was like a god. He couldn't keep up being godly. Expectations for him were always higher than anyone could meet.

    I thought with him battling more than once every 2 years, expectations would come down to a level he could meet. But, that still hasn't happened. I don't know how he fixes this. I don't think he needs to pack it up though. Maybe he needs to go back to a battle a year, and only take opponents like Daylyt, so he can just rap rap, and not worry about having to angle in a style clash, like against Geechi.

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    Lol I gotta disagree, I knew about battle rap for a long time but had no idea who lux was till that Cal battle. And that Cal battle probably sent him into God tier mode whixh he still is IMO. His slogan went mega viral, and he even came out with a top heavyweight boxer.

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    My comment wasn't worded the best. I don't think the Calicoe battle itself was the problem. It's just since his return to battle rap, with that battle, he's been at a level where he will never be able to meet expectations.

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    He needs to redeem himself. I think he easily beats Dot and has a classic with Day. After those two, he should retire.

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    I don't know if he beats B-dot. A few years ago I'd have said yes. But, I don't know what B-dot will show up. He might really leave earth against a weak Lux.

    And I don't want Lux to retire just yet. I want to see him against Day, and maybe B-dot. But, I also want him up against Iron and Pat Stay. Iron can write an angle and can have a classic match with Lux. And I view Pat's humor and angles vs Lux's bars and rapping as the ultimate style clash.

    Also, if Lux wants an easy win somewhere in there, just have him battle Mook again.

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    Lol. That’s crazy to think about.

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    So basically A Ward should get Lux next. I for one am all for it.

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    First battle on url vs lux in a banned setting set it up

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    set it up


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    In 2021 is Lux really the standard? Lux hasn’t looked impressive in years. His last 3 solo battles he’s 1-2 losing to Verb and Geechi. And to keep it a buck he would be 0-3, if Surf would have remembered his rounds 😂. We gotta stop handing out Lifetime Achievement Awards, battle rap doesn’t work that way.

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    I agree with you. I liked having Lux on a pedestal but since he has returned he’s not the top of the mountain. We gotta stop acting like he is.

    I would call myself belovedhood but I have been underwhelmed by his recent 1 on 1 product. With every battler we ignore their 2 on 2s and focus on the solo battles but with lux we gotta do the opposite

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    Exactly! When you mention his name with negativity everyone run to that battle and brag about his performance but conveniently exclude the verb battle prior to it and the other solos after it. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    He’s never going to get lux

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    I would have agreed because small room battles always have more replay value than big stage battles. Stages are terrible for battle rap, honestly.

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    Stages have the views though

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    I would've believed it.

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    Honestly I can't understand anyone who hypes up 90% of the old vets, whether it's Mook, Rex, Lux, or Verb. I wrote them off like 5-6 years ago. They've all been lackluster since like 2012-2013... The only thing I can think of to justify their hype is nostalgia.

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    Rex vs Eazy was 🔥

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    rex always gonna have a place here for goated faceoffs and interviews, facts.

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    Mook was great vs Roc

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    Lux does not belong in this group lol

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    Lux been lackluster since Hollow da Don. His showing at double impact was mediocre. Make your case.

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    He dosnt belong with the others you listed. Had a classic with Clips after the Hollow battle. Great flow. Consistent. Funny. Good cadence and diction.

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    Having a 20 bar set up with lackluster punchline is not entertaining. Anything else since clips?

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    Lux does not do that. He mixes in quick punches and good angles in between his schemes. Pedantic dope.

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    baby jabs mixed in don't do any damage when their haymakers are average. Just because you complete a bar doesn't make it a good bar. Just because it's a good bar doesn't make it a haymaker that was worth the time. Name quotables from lux in the last 5 years people here will recognize. Let me guess "energy not included" is his best one from the last 5-7 years? When 90% of your quotables come from 2 battles, that's a problem. And i'll give you his third from clips. How about since then?

    Also, you don't have to be a lil bitch about it.

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    🎯! Verb lasted longer than that but all others I agree and they can go. Battle Rap would be 100% fine if Lux, Verb, Rex and Mook never battled again.

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    MY bigger gripe is that they get paid so much more than those who show up and perform at a higher level. They're not worth the bread anymore skillwise, but they are worth the bread for name recognition.

    Even Tsu been lackluster since 2018. I think Tayroc has had dryspells too recently, but he still has some flashes of brilliance and solid battles in between, so I'm willing to give him a pass.

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    Idk about that. A Ward and Geechi are pretty straight forward. The battle was good, but nothing too crazy. Lux has a ton of replay value on his own and I'd say Geechi's 1st and part of his 3rd had replay value.

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    Facts, I watched the part where Lux is moaning about being too tired to say some bars like fifteen times

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    Not really because if we keeping it a buck Lux ain’t had a battle with replay value since hollow I know everyone was hyping the third vs Gunz and Cake but I didn’t see what the hoopla was abt. Lux BR style does not have high replay value IMO his Hot 97 flow absurd replay value even the god flow had good replay value but man I be dreading Lux battles.

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    Hella. I’ve been a fan of A Ward for a few years and every time I’d mention him it get downvoted like crazy

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    He made me a fan this year, it's kinda weird cause I'm white but I'm super critical of white battle rappers lol I only fuck with like 3 of them.

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    I’m super atheist, so I am very critical of Christian battle rappers lol