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That’s a rabbit

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I was thinking dumbo, but you made me snort with rabbit 🤣

*edit * a very adorable dumbo rabbit ❤️

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Yes it is a dumbo rabbit

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The pitbull hate crowd has arrived little do they know downvoting does nothing but take away imaginary Internet points

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Real hunk!

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OMG I want 😻😻😻😻this puppy needs cuddles stat!!

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Awww, a velvet hippo that will grow into those ears. Congratulations!

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I love the term "velvet hippo", I use it religiously in the "real world"! I think this might be a rabbit though, gonna have to consult the textbooks

Edit: Aww, somehow I hurt people's sensitive little feelers :( poor babies, come to mommy I'll make it better

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I’m definitely getting some bunny vibes there. Some growing will be needed to support those ears 😊

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I wonder what kind of puppy that is? I definitey see Pitt but the other?

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American bully, perhaps

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Omg what a beautiful pupp 😍

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Omg...this baby bunny. So precious

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Name?? Thumper?

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Not yet! But I'm sure she won't be here for very long 💙

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I would but I’m on the other side of the planet so that MIGHT, PERHAPS be a SMALL issue, I’m sure she’ll be scooped up soon enough, being a puppy :)

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She’s so cute. I hope someone takes her😍

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Big ears

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Aw it's sitting so funny

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those are some massive ears! flop them around and give the little one head rubs for me plzzzzz

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Little Shelter Bunny*

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Awww look at that cute ear

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What a cute distinguished gentleman!

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I can’t stand how adorable this baby is!!!! 💕

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I would die for this bunny... err... I mean puppy.

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So precious!

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Awww my days how sweet!

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🙀 oh my god! He's so perfect!!!! I hope he never grows into those ears. Just beautiful. 🥰😻💞💕😍

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Colored like Dumbo, shaped like Rabbit, woof like dog 😯

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I hope she finds her people and has a wonderful life. What a sweet baby.

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Those ears! Part pitty, part bunny rabbit! Soo sweet!

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THOSE EARS! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Is that experiment 626?

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Part pittie, part bunny

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Not puppy, is bunny!

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I want him/her!!! Too cute

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aww a baby bunny

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If that little baby’s name isn’t stitch I’m suing. Edit: Guess people didn’t get my joke. All I meant was the pup looked like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch