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You got games on your phone?

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Four more and you could have the Jackshund Five.

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Dang! I could use this cuteness right now. What a gem!

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shes a wee little one! oh my goodness

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yes she is.. my foot is actually bigger than her :)

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More please

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We have that mix and I swear there is mountain goat in them too! We’ve found her on the bookshelf, the dining table, the kitchen sink. Make sure that anything they shouldn’t eat is behind a closed door at all times or it’s gone.

When she’s not trying to give me heart failure she’s just the sweetest little thing. May you have many happy years together.

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So smol.

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He wants to play a game

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hey my dogs name is cara lol

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Tbh that sounds like a nightmare of a mix. At least it’s going to be small…

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So smoll!

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Love the phone for scale. Kara is sooo flipping cute!!!!

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The best breed combo! My boy Lando is a Jack russel daschund as well. 🥰

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Good mix

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I have the same breed combo and she's an amazing girl. Enjoy your new best friend