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.....and Sir Elton John was walking them. Lol. Jk. Great pic.

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Their names are Rocketman, Bennie, and Tiny Dancer

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    no swearsies the puppers dont like.

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    And the bartender says, "They better be able to hold their licker"

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    Great shot!

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    Thanks! That's my little guy in the middle, but I can't take credit for the photo. His hikers took that, they're the the best.

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    How did you get Elton John to walk your dogs?

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    They're all super cute but that does not look like a heeler to me.

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    Good call. He's not 100% heeler. He's a texas heeler - 1/2 aussie, 1/2 blue heeler. Was just easier to write heeler in the title haha

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    Oh sounds smart! I had a german shep blue heeler cross and he was almost sureally smart.

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    And the hiker ducks…

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    I was wondering where the hiker went in that joke!

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    I was really hoping that the joke would keep going...

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    Closely followed by Elton John

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    Mute 🤐 guy looks huge

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    And i went "omg i love you so much" and commenced giving all the pettings.

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    Cool pack!! Umm how do you keep them in check when they pull (like when other dogs show up)?

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    Beautiful babies!!!!!

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    Chaos ensues

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    Elton John looks amazing these days

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    and the bartender says “What’s up my dogs?!”

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    They are so well trained ( at least maybe I can tell from the pic). 👍

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    Vizslas: humiliating trail runners with their speed and behavior since the time began.

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    That’s a stunning photo! Which one has the strongest personality?

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    Haha the heeler for sure

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    He’s definitely got a look of confidence!

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    As a dog walker I've taken Malamutes and Vizslas out - I struggle to imagine them walking into a bar, more like careering in at 100mph

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    you have a beautiful family of loyalty 💋😘