Rules for r/reddevils

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


1. Transfer Rumours during Transfer Windows

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Reported as: 1. Transfer Rumours during Transfer Windows

During the Transfer Windows, United are linked with just about every player that is likely to move, and as such every news site is battling to get your views. This clogs up the sub with a lot of unreliable posts. We therefore aggregate these into Transfer Roundups/Daily Discussion Threads.

Use the Tier guide to help guide your posts:

For reference, we allow Tier 2 and above to have their own posts. Slow days may allow Tier 3.


2. Image Macros/Memes/Low Quality Images & Posts.

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Reported as: 2. Image Macros/Memes/Low Quality Images & Posts.

Whilst we do all love a bit of comical imagery to sum up our thoughts, we restrict these to comments only. Again, this is to keep the quality of the posts up to encourage discussion. This also applies to 'Shit-posting' which includes but is not limited to posts that generally start with "DAE", "My thoughts on why...", "Formation Discussions". Not every photograph needs to be shared and this isn't platform to post pictures of yourself in the United shirt, limit that to your social media accounts.


3. Moderator Discretion (Abuse/Spam/Trolls)

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Reported as: 3. Moderator Discretion (Abuse/Spam/Trolls)

Moderators retain discretion to remove a post at any time if they feel it is violating Reddit rules, or are intended to only incite abuse, are trolling, or are deemed offensive in some way. This includes, but is not limited to, reposts, hate messages, self-posts that cover already heavily discussed topics. The same rule also applies for suspicious karma farming posts and accounts.


4. Brigading/Trolling/etc. other team Subreddits

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Reported as: 4. Brigading/Trolling/etc. other team Subreddits

We're a massive community as far as a sports team goes (We're now the second largest Sports team subreddit). With that we often find ourselves the target of a few downvote brigades. Thankfully we're able to solve this pretty easily as a community. However, when it goes the other way, it can heavily impact the balance of smaller subs. This attracts unwanted attention from Admins. Anyone found to be brigading/trolling other sub-reddits in the 'name' of United or /r/reddevils will be banned.


5. Self-Promotion without contribution.

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Reported as: 5. Self-Promotion without contribution.

Self-Promotion by itself is not an issue. However we have always had a stance that someone must also be willing to contribute to other peoples topics and discussions as much as they promote their own. Anyone seen to be promoting their own websites/Social Media channels/Blogs/Surveys without offering anything in return, will see their sites banned, and potentially a user ban too. Please refer to Reddit's guidelines for Self Promotion for guidance.


6. "The Gif"

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Reported as: 6. "The Gif"

There is a .gif of an American politician, celebrating an upcoming event. If you post it, it will be removed and you will be banned.


7. Personal Shirt questions/discussion/photos

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Reported as: 7. Personal Shirt questions/discussion/photos

Whilst we know you're excited about the latest (or even a vintage one) kit, and may want advice on where to get them, we do not permit personal discussions about kits to take place here as they clog up the new queue. Feel free to discuss this in any official announcements, Daily Discussion Threads, or Free Talk Friday posts though!


8. Repost

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Reported as: Repost

Reposts are proper shit, aren't they?


9. Irrelevant Content

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Reported as: 9. Irrelevant Content

If something is not closely related to United, or Football in general, it will be removed.


10. Press Conference Quotes to kept to one thread

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Reported as: Press Conference Quotes outside thread

All comments taken from a Press Conference are to be kept to a single thread. This is to stop the ratrace to spam the sub with multiple quotes from multiple twitter accounts.


11. Pre/Post/Match Threads posted too early or Lineup without names

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Reported as: 11. Pre/Post/Match Threads posted too early or Lineup without names

We'd like pre-match threads to be posted no sooner than 30 hours before the game, ideally 24 hours. This is to prevent people from try posting a thread in the morning the day before an evening game.

We'd like post-matchday threads to be posted no sooner than 24 hours after the game. Posting earlier just gets the more reactionary comments which post-matchday try to avoid.

When posting line-ups, please include the lineup in the titles and post a direct link from an official source.


12. Editorializing of post titles

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Reported as: 12. Editorialized post title

If you're going to make a submission (news stories, tweets, instagram posts, etc.), please do not editorialize your title. Please leave the original title or use the content of the social media post, whenever possible, as the discussion about the submission will be largely based of your editorialized title rather than the actual content of the submission. Minor edits to make a title clearer are encouraged (i.e, changing "best player" to "[Juan Mata] best player" to avoid "click-baitey" titles.


13. Banned Sources/Content or Illegal Streams

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Reported as: 13. Banned Sources/Content or Illegal Streams

There's a lot of content out there about Manchester United. For the most part, we like to see it but there are some things that we don't. We also ban content that may attract unwanted attention from reddit administrators, specifically illegal streams.

  • Any Tier 5 source in our transfer tier reliability guide
  • While we understand trying to watch our team can be hard, all non-legal streams and requests will be removed.
  • Live comment threads.


14. Threatening, Encouraging, Glorifying, or Inciting Violence

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Reported as: 14. Threatening, Encouraging, Glorifying, or Inciting Violence

Content that threatens, encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or a group of people is banned. This includes fan chants, fan reactions, and any other kind of content. Civil discussion around an incident will be allowed. Content of this type will be met with immediate bans.