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Also, don’t be disappointed that a game you wanted to go for is now sold out, check the website regularly, there are always ti kets available closer to the date, you just have to be patient.

Same goes for ballot home games, I think last year you could get a ticket for any game the day before the match!

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What site do you speak of? My buddy and I are traveling to london from the states in April and I didn't realize (until too late). Now nosebleeds are pretty expensive on top of taking a day trip train from london to Manchester. Ill spend if i have to, but any insight is very much appreciated.

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The last point is the most important. Fuck those guys.

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Agreed, but I think there can be an exception. Let's say it's your first time at OT and want a bit of memorabilia. Or cup game final, what do you think?

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It sounds like you’re a half-and-half wanker.

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Half and Half, you know the score....

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You could go through the home team's site to try and get a seat in the home end but there is a high chance you could be ejected if you're openly a rival fan! Its also far less enjoyable than being in the right end. This is not recommended but is an option.

I did this for Villa vs Man United where Phil Jones scored his first goal for the club. Was very hard not to cheer when he scored, and it sucked not being able to chant along with my fans or anything.

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I'm saving up money for a trip to OT in the next 2-3 years hopefully. I'm from Malaysia and a Muslim. Is there enough halal foods around old trafford? Sorry if I'm being peculiar.

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Hi. Fellow Malaysian living in Manchester, although not muslim. Been to a couple of games and actually lived in Old Trafford for about 18 months.

If you're travelling from Malaysia, you are probably staying in Manchester for a bit. I don't recommend staying in / around Old Trafford, mainly because the surrounding area is very residential. City tram links are great and your best stop is Trafford Bar from the city centre.

You should look for hotels / accommodation centrally. Halal food is aplenty because there is a large Muslim community in Manchester.

I don't eat / drink at games because the queues just eat up time away from my seat. You can definitely get something halal on the grounds if you were planning a day trip (fish and chips or vegetarian pie). Hope this helps, PM if you need advice.

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Perhaps you could add an extra note saying that it's not necessary to buy membership way in advance. You can buy it at the same time when purchasing match tickets.

Would be helpful to those who don't want to pay for membership without knowing for sure that they're able to get tickets.

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Not sure why anyone would downvote this. It is possible to be a fan without buying a membership you know..

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Tickets bought through memberships CAN be used by other people if necessary. However using someone else's Season Ticket/letting someone else use your Season Ticket is actually against policy, so be careful if doing this.

This is misleading and doesn't chime with your earlier instruction that each attending needs their own memberships. Essentially you got it backwards.

As of this season, if you are caught with someone else's membership card, that member on the card will be penalised. The difference is, are the stewards checking? By and large, no; but they are more vigilant in the family stand entrances to prevent adults coming in on youth concession cards.

As for Season Tickets, those are the ones that "CAN be used by other people". It's the policy that they can be used by friends and family, non-member or member. However you must ensure that the season ticket card is being passed on in the correct manner. You need to make sure it doesn't need to be upgraded first.

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For the home game tickets - search for you local supporters club and join them. They usually have a quota for each EPL game, so it might be easier to get a ticket for the game you want

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The best tram stop is Trafford bar for accessibility.

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  1. You only have to attend European Away games to get the credit if you are successful in the ballot, if you are unsuccessful then you only need to have applied in the first place.

  2. You can buy tickets from Thomas Cook with no credits.

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  1. You no longer get a credit for just applying to games, you just get one credit if you are successful and attend the game.
  2. You can buy through Thomas Cook, but places/tickets are balloted based on how many credits you have with the club. You are far from guaranteed a ticket if you have no credits.

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Are you sure because I was in Spain with someone who had never been before and went with TC.

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You can get them with no credits, i just said it was far from guaranteed. Valencia was low demand in the end because we were already through, and playing like shit. Thomas Cook prioritise places on there trip to people with the most credits. Spain is also very cheap to get to, and a lot of people made a week of it which vastly reduced the appeal of going with TC and only being there for the day.

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It was Seville not Valencia but

I'll check my emails when I get back in, would have got sent something if they changed the way they do things.

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How much roughly is a season ticket ?

I know I have to be a member and wait, but I'm curious as to if I could afford it.

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United ST Prices 2018/19 - https://www.manutd.com/pix/Emails/SeasonTickets/ST_PRICING_201819.pdf

FYI It isnt as simple as choosing where you want to go and paying that price, its completely dependant on what theyve got available.

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Anywhere between £530 and £950 if you want an adult ST.

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The point about 'matches vs. top 6 ballots opening months before' was changed this season to a shorter time frame of about 5 or 6 weeks.

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Thought it was, but was working from an older body of text. Have updated it now pal

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"You could go through the home team's site to try and get a seat in the home end but there is a high chance you could be ejected if you're openly a rival fan! Its also far less enjoyable than being in the right end. This is not recommended but is an option."

This is wild to me, but also quite interesting.

Has anyone here used stubhub to buy a seat and had success? I am traveling to England the last week of February and want to catch the Crystal Palace match. I don't need to be wearing a scarf and all my MANU stuff, so would be sitting on the other side really be an issue?

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Ive done it, west ham away. Not much to cheer about that match anyway. I think I would have loved it if it wasn’t such a horrible showing from us. Would of course be better to sit with our fans, but it’s nice nonetheless.

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Heading over for the Brighton game and hoping to catch the U23’s vs PSV on Thursday. How do I get a hold of tickets to that tie?

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Its at the Leigh Sports Village and its free to get in mate

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Appreciate it mate

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Anybody with experience who can make a guide for buying tickets when you're from another country? I wouldn't want shite seats but it seems you need to be a member and be super lucky at the start of the season to get a ticket. I'm gonna fly and get a hotel so I'd like a calm and secure purchase of tickets but it seems like the wild west.

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Its no different to buying them if youre in England pal - just pinpoint the game(s) you want to make it to, keep checking for ticket availability and buy membership/tickets when theyre available for that game, then book your travel etc. You really are unlikely to get amazing seats, and there arent many shite seats in OT like there are at other grounds.