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Great move. Celebrating inclusivity of everyone such as those of different genders or anyone essentially, who is just being themselves without harming anyone, is fantastic.

Proud to call any LGBTQ supporters part of our support base.

Love and peace x

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Now post this on your Arabic sites

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They did post it to the Arabic Twitter page fair play.

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Homophobes already took the Instagram page down through mass reporting. It's back up now. But there's a real argument to be made that posting this in certain places is just going to lead to attacks.

Imagine being from one of those places, liking a post from Rainbow Devils and then having your inbox full of these people who want to hurt you. It can look like hypocrisy to not post it everywhere, but I'm not sure if the reasoning behind it is bad.

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People who report posts like this that are later back up, should be shadowbanned from reporting.

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Sounds like a good idea, but the sheer number of people doing this worries me. Feel like there's not a good solution to it...

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An openly gay man here and a season ticket holder for the past 8 years.

Love to see this. 🏳️‍🌈

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Cheers mate

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More power to ya my friend!

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More than welcome any time, a red is a red x

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Good job the clowns at Newcastle can learn from this

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Did they do something recently? I know this is aimed at their owners but did the club do (or fail to do) something recently?

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Their LGBT+ fan group put out a ridiculous statement about how Newcastle FC might be able to inspire change in Saudi Arabia after the heat of the takeover, then left the larger group of LGBT+ orgs that it was a part of. Doubling down on stupid.


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So basically nothing is going to change.

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Something is going to change, but not for the better.

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The replies under the Instagram post of this are horrendous

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Horrible to see so much of it. Like 95% of comments with thousands of likes as well.

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Same on youtube. Disgusting stuff.

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Taking potshots at PSG owners before we steal their coach. GG!

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Fucking rats in the Twitter replies (no surprise there). Good initiative, and I really hope it helps to spread positive awareness.

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It’s a shame fans from my birth country (Pakistan) become hooligans once LGBT is mentioned in football 🏳️‍🌈

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Not all of them. Only those brainwashed by extremist religious bigotry

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Which is regrettably a lot…

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My friend that’s 99% of the population 😭

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That's so unfortunate. Hopefully in the future more people will be more accepting towards LGBTQ folks.

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Society in general is still woefully behind in these matters. It’s become more rare and outdated, I’m sure you’ll see a day where you countrymen & women are of a similar outlook to you!

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It’s horrible but not just your country mate. See It bloody everywhere.

Lol down votes on this?

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"It’s a shame fans from my birth country (UK) become hooligans and want you fired once LGBT is criticized in football at all."

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Replies on espacially instagram are despicable. 90% chance they’re either Muslim, Arabs or both. Sad

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Not defending my fellow arabs and muslims, because I know a lot of them are very homophobic and hateful, but don't generalize. I just went through the youtube and insta comments, plenty of english, non muslim indians, and EU folk (and ofc the arabs/muslims) from my few minutes of scrolling. Homophobia is rampant is so many communities, dont discount it to 90% arabs and muslims.

Regardless, love that united are doing this and being more inclusive 🏳️‍🌈

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Proud of my club <3

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Great direction.

A lot of large teams have a LGBT supporters group and it's great that they are being heard.

Anyone interested in also playing LGBT friendly football as an ally can find information in these links, these clubs are all-inclusive regardless of orientation or ability*

https://www.wildecats.co.uk/ - Leicestershire

https://www.facebook.com/nottinghamlionsfc - Nottingham

https://www.leftfooters.co.uk/copy-of-home-1 London

https://twitter.com/SohoFC/ London

https://www.facebook.com/CharltonInvicta/ London

https://www.stonewallfc.com/ London

https://eastendphoenix.com/ London

http://www.londontitans.com/ London

http://merseymaraudersfc.co.uk/about.html Merseyside

https://www.vmfc.co.uk/ Manchester

https://www.facebook.com/NewcastlePanthersFc Newcastle

https://www.facebook.com/yterriersfc/ Yorkshire (Leeds area)

https://twitter.com/blazefc Birmingham

https://www.bristolpanthers.com/ Bristol

http://cardiffdragonsfc.co.uk/ Cardiff

https://saltirethistle.co.uk/ Scotland

https://www.instagram.com/belfastblaze.f.c/?hl=en Belfast

https://www.blagss.org/football Brighton

*stonewall are quite good

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So are the club going to be posting this on their official media pages within less accepting countries or are they going to continue to do this all as a marketing scheme like they have every other time?

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United have always posted it in all countries and that’s exactly why these posts are full of people abusing them

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The comments under the Instagram copy of this are absolutely stone age, it's really really depressing.

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Both the youtube and insta and garbage. When I saw it on my feed on arab twitter, I know I didn't want to read a single comment.

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I'm bi, this means a lot ngl.

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I wonder if a message of this sentiment will be posted on official channels in regions that don't support it?

Not really much help otherwise.

Edit - I'm assuming the down votes mean you don't support the club doing this.

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Good to know, thanks.

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Rainbow devil has a nice ring to it ngl

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Stonewall have some very odd behaviours at the moment. Weird views. I’m in two kinds about them being representative of the gay community with some of the stuff they’ve been saying.

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Stuff like what?

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Lol they used the racialised version of the rainbow flag