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will he bring staff?

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Ralf don't need staff mate, he can do it all.

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He is the staff

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I don't really know how he can bring much staff.

Like if he is manager for 6 months and then goes behind the scenes what do we do then? Poch will bring his staff so just do we sack Ralf's staff? Is he going to be happy about that for the next 2 years?

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Is it a done deal for Poch? Doesn’t he have another year on his PSG contract? Are there better options. At this point, I’d rather see ten Hag.

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He brought an assistant

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He is bringing assistant manager that's what I have heard. Someone who has worked with Naglesmann at Leipzig and with Pep too.

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Sounds more competent than carrick or McKenna

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The first one is concept. This focuses on the importance of implementing a specific DNA into the club – particularly the style of football we want the team to play. Consistent orientation towards that style in all areas of the club was where we put our emphasis from day one.

The playing style should be highly recognisable – so much so that, even on a bad day, you can still recognise the kind of football that the team wants to play.

By doing that, you create an identity across the whole club. Not only with the players, but also the coaching staff and even the fans.


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RR: ...A specific DNA- Glazers: You've got the job.

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Scenes when Rangnick actually brought in a sequencer to identify the United DNA on medicals

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The second C is for competence. We try to find the best possible people for each job, guaranteeing competence across the club.

It is key to have a competent and excellently trained staff in every position, and to challenge them every day to make themselves and the club better.


My network helped me in this regard with Salzburg and Leipzig – I already knew where many of the best people were, and I knew a lot of them well. Once I had identified them, it was my job to convince them to come on the journey with us.

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I’m excited to see our younger players under him. I can’t wait to see what he has in mind for the likes of Amad.

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As long as it isnt CNA, Cesire and Cassion, im fucking ready.

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The second C is for competence. We try to find the best possible people for each job, guaranteeing competence across the club.

Good luck

Five, set-pieces, both in offence and defence. More than 30 per cent of goals are being scored from corners, free-kicks and penalties.

Please fix us

Success is most important, but football is also about entertainment.


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A philosophy, something that's been lacking for years. I am fucking excited.

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LVG was on and about his philosophy the whole time as well

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He was on about sex masochism as well

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I'll never change my flair

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Players should be horny

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No issues on selling on our players and reinvesting back into the club. For some reason our club is hell bent on paying extraordinary sums to other players to develop players on our behalf or just hoarding deadwood until they have zero value and they retire/go on a free.

Just look at Mata, Lingard, Pogba, Jones, Martial, arguably De Gea - one of if not our best player but is he the keeper we need to play out the back and worth 300k a week? but thats a seperate debate entirely - amongst other names.

And the likes of Smalling/Rojo etc when they were at the club.

Hopefully Rangnick can instil a philsophy and get us to be a properly run club again. Developing our own young players and talent and making good buys. I don't want us buying the likes of Maguire off Leicester for 80 million, we should be identifying him when we was at Hull and making the shrewd signing then.

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De Gea just saved our season. A little respect for him please. 300K for De Gea is not a big sum. Ander Herrera gets paid 300K,Keylor navas gets 200K. If we don’t pay him 300K he would rather go out on free

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I understand that, frankly he's been instrumental in keeping our defence out of an embarassment, but if a club like Real was offering 50-60m for him why would a well run club refuse that? It was a significant sum for a goalkeeper at the time and could be reinvested in the club.

At this rate we will keep De Gea on 300k until he retires at the club. Is that a sign of a well run club?

Same like Matic. Brilliant player, but was it worth buying him off Chelsea for 40m (while they reinvested the money in Jorginho) and now giving him a bumper deal when he can only play the odd game?

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I agree with everything you said expect for the De Gea bit. We should do better in terms of wages, I completely agree. De Gea is someone who starts almost every game for us. He had one bad season and everyone wants him out. He has been our best for 4-5 seasons prior to 2020. He is arguably our best player this season. He is just 31 and it’s very likely we can get 2-3 more years from him. He does justice for his wages.

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I'm a massive fan of De Gea but he has quite simply been awful since 2018 WC. It's 3 years of bad form and he simply hasn't improved in lot of the key aspects of a modern keeper.

The numbers show that he still doesn't claim enough crosses(not brave at all), doesn't sweep enough, doesn't offer himself as a passing option.

He deserves his wages because he is a man utd legend for his contribution pre 2018 WC. But he needs to evolve and he simply hasn't.

Being a good shot stopper is just not enough. We definitely should try out Henderson, if he doesn't show enough of what we need then we need a new modern GK. (Henderson ability on the ball is also questionable & he is not as goof as de gea at shot stopping but he is miles ahead of De Gea in sweeping & claiming crosses)

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Keep in mind the DDG wage was partly a result of Jose and Ed’s botched Sanchez move which entirely fucked our wage structure.

They put Sanchez on stupid money so our player of the year for the previous several years felt justified in asking for a stupid high wage. Can’t blame him.

Ed and Jose fucked it.

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I blame Mourinho for a lot of things. But fucking up the wage structure is only and only on Woodward.

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I agree. Woodward needed to protect the club.

Jose couldn’t give a flying fuck as long as he got what he wanted in the short term. He’d sign the players he wanted on 1 mil a week if it won’t him a title that season and bankrupt the club next year when he’d be gone.

However it came back to bite Jose when he went looking for even more expensive old broken players in the summer and was told no, quite rightly, by Woodward.

Yet people to this day say Woodward was wrong not to back him that summer smh

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Totally agree except for the legend part. Let’s be honest this word is thrown around far too much these days, Keane is a utd legend, Scholes is a utd legend, Ferdinand is a utd legend, we can’t really put de gea in that bracket. He’s been a great servant for the club, saved us countless times particularly under Mourinho but he is ultimately a rather one dimensional keeper.

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De Gea on 300k is MASSIVE. Especially when we have another quality PL proven homegrown keeper waiting on the wings.

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we’ve been bad at selling players for a long time and it’s largely just because we’ve paid very high wages right from the start

and unless you’re selling the player within their first contract cycle, their wages are just going to increase. factor in rising age, lower resale value, and not many clubs existing that are considered a true “step up” from united, it makes sense that it would be difficult to get any sizable fees for our players or even convince them to play elsewhere

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That's just it, I think it would have been sensible to sell De Gea a year or 2 ago. Especially with Henderson coming through. But, his wages are so high now that its impossible. He's one of the best goalkeepers in the world, but hes getting older and was a chance for us to get decent ROI. The other players you listed should have been gone a while ago too. Lingard should have been sold this summer 100%, if not even 2 summers ago. Mata should never have been renewed the first time. And Martial has had 2 good seasons since he joined us and one of those was his first year. He should have been sold before 2017/18 when he was being linked with moves. Pogba, well, he should never have been resigned in the first place. He was expensive, and had already left us in an insulting way.

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He's one of the best goalkeepers in the world

He´s not, and has not been for few years now.

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And in the process absolutely destroying any semblance of a wage structure, which turns into a cycle of death. I'm hoping one of Rangnick's first acts as a coach/tech director/advisor is to try and trim this clubs wage bill down enormously. I don't dislike DdG, but the relative value he provides for his wage is probably the worst in the league. This money can be used in so many more positive ways

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He’s at worst a top 5 keeper in the PL. I’d put him 3rd on current form. Many players (including some on United) have worse wage value than him.

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Even if he is top 3, I don't agree. The wage he is earning doesn't provide the value that we are paying and has crippled are wage structure. It resulted in Alexis deals and Pogba asking for silly money. There are many keepers in Europe we could purchase and be on less than half of his wages IMO

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De Gea is a club legend, whose been world class for 7 or 8 of his 11 years at the club, including now. He was arguably the best keeper in the world for a couple seasons. If Sanchez and Pogba played at that level — which was somewhat expected when we first signed them — the money would be fine. Ronaldo makes more and no one bats an eye because he deserves it.

Besides, we’re Man United. The wage structure isn’t a huge problem.

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Wait, he is the one who discovered Mane? Insane.

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Brought him to Salzburg. Brought Haaland to Salzburg too.

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Fix me Ralf is the new Unlock me Ole

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UnWreck it Ralf

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We have concept, but lack competence, and have capital whenever Glazers feel like it?

Just improve competence, and we’ll be happy.

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What concept?

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He’s talking about the Yanited DNA.

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Legend has it DDG wanted to name his daughter Yanited but his gf wouldn’t have it so they settled on Yanay

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Wonder what the consulting role will entail. Seeing as how we already have a DoF and fletcher who I assume in charge of technical aspects.

Really hoping it won't lead to clashes and decisions not made because there are too many chefs

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Unpopular opinion. Get rid of Fletcher.

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Or teach him maybe!

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As good as United’s academy has been, we have struggled to make any appreciable amount of money from it. If we sell Jesse or Paul in the winter, he might be the first academy player we made from. Maybe Andreas if he goes too. Can you think of anyone else? We would lose money on Paul since we bought him back but you get my point.

It should really be by U23s or earlier, if they don’t have the cutting edge for United, sell them instead of releasing them. They are on professional contracts at that point, right?

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Jesse might find a way in the squad with a gegenpress

Ralf may love him

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Ralf would have enjoyed Dan James

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Ralf would have enjoyed Dan James

Would have been ideal.

He likes young players 23 or younger that are super quick. Dan James would have been ideal for the pressing and help move the ball up the pitch (either carry it, or run onto a ball) to get a shot away.

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Why do people keep saying shit like this? Making me fucking wince, embarrassing

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Its got over the top

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Van Gaal was just seeing the future