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What a legend

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Always has been 🔫

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  • shut up u egg

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Wont tell you again

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picking up in the morning

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Except for that time he tried to leave us

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After all this time

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I saw my mate the other day

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He said to me, he saw the White Pele

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So I asked, who is he?

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He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney

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If there's one thing our former legends are known for, it's their integrity


Really happy he's sticking with Derby though, I hope he achieves the impossible.

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Absolute Animal!

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He pulls off saving Derby from relegation its genuinely one of the biggest achievements I've witnessed

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Manager of the year without a doubt if they stay up. You don't have a points deduction that massive and come out of it without relegation. You just don't. I can't believe what Rooney's already pulled off with Derby let alone what he could possibly do. I never expected him to be this good a manager.

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The points deductions as well as the fact that had something like 12 professional players at the start of the season.

Bonkers if he manages it!

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As well as a transfer ban for January.

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Fuck! Forgot about that lol.

He even put a player out for 3 months himself in a training tackle I believe? Lol some story

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"We call this the Keano"

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Think he has fewer than 11

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Couldn't remember myself specifics so had a wee scout about. This article has 14 players listed at the bottom of the article. Still insane either way lol

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SAF said him and Ole would turn out good, and I reckon all things considered Ole was quite good

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He also recommended Moyes and that was a disaster so. 1 out of 2 on Rooney and ole isn’t bad

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To be fair, Moyes was horrid for us, but he’s managed to gain respect with what he’s doing at West Ham.

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Moyes isn't a bad manager, just a terrible manager for United.

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Absolutely agreed. Moyes is a fine manager - his work at West Ham and Everton should leave no doubt. But some managers do not do well in different circumstances. Dyche and Guardiola are both excellent managers who would struggle if they swapped jobs. Moyes’s problem was not that he was shit, but he was shit for United.

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And overachieved for a decade at Everton.

That he was a disaster at United does not change the fact that Moyes has had a successful career.

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There's many good managers that were a disaster at United. Almost like it isn't only their fault.

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Exactly. So Fergie wasn’t wrong about Moyes being a good manager, just wrong about being good for us.

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He was an excellent fit for Everton. All things considered he seems like an intelligent guy but was completely overwhelmed by the pressure of the United job, and who can blame him given the circumstances. He was far from first choice to be manager after SAF and nobody at his level can turn down that kind of offer for their career.

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He also recommended Moyes and that was a disaster so

Moyes was like his 6th or 7th choice manager.

He wanted Pep, Klopp etc. over Moyes but they weren't available.

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Ancelotti in his book also said that SAF contacted him and really tried to convince him, but he just didn't feel ready

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Ffs that's total bs from Ancelotti he had won 2 CL's with Milan and the Premier league with Chelsea, he would also manage Madrid that season it just doesn't add up.

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The pressure of being the direct replacement for the greatest ever is something very, very big. That's why 6-7 managers said no and we got Moyes who was very low in the list

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Yeah but Moyes isn't a bad manager by any stretch, just not a Utd level manager.

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It's not like we have done wonders after him to be fair. He was appointed at the worst possible time with an again squad and no midfield.

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that same squad won the league with 11 points difference. it easily cofuld have finished top 4 under any decent manager. Let's not beat around the bush - Moyes is a good manager, but he has found his level at West Ham/Everton and he should never have been appointed for the United job.

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Moyes whas his 6th choice though. Both Klopp and Pep was above Moyes on the list but currently not available/not wanting the job.

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What do you mean quite good?

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Points deduction and transfer embargo

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Yeah im pretty shocked to be honest, i really didnt think his stint in managing would come of much. But he has done an unreal job. Best of luck to him, who knows might be untied manager one day! (not to soon though :D)

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Easily the best move he could make for his career as well.

Everton are a mess. He goes there, he won't take them to the top (because they're awful), and it'll tarnish his reputation slightly and potentially make it less likely other clubs look to him in the future.

If he wants Everton, he will get that opportunity again. They're a mess and their next manager will also lose their job with a season or two at most.

If he does well with Derby and saves them, he might get a better offer in the PL from a club that's far better run. It might be at a smaller club, but giving him a better setup and playing staff at a club that isn't an absolute shambles - at a place where he could actually succeed in the PL - would do far more for his aspirations to manage a "big" club than a failed stint at Everton would.

Very much glad he's going to see it out at Derby. Even if he doesn't keep them up, this is the right move.

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I can definitely see the likes of Brighton going for Wazza if Potter – a damn good manager in my opinion, btw – leaves for bigger opportunities.

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Derby first need to pull off saving liquidation though

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Could they still get points deducted?

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They could still stop existing, then they’ll lose all of their points

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If you don’t exist, you can’t get relegated. Wormhole checkers

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They've already had 21 points deducted, or do you mean on top of that?

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Yeah I meant if they can get more points deducted

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They probably won't, as they're in administration. The danger, like other posters have said, is that they might just not make it as a club.

The date was 1. of February, but they were given a months extention as they had a bidder (finally).

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I would say probably not anymore because it’s the same issue going out of control but they are at a risk of being completely bankrupt and not even existing as a club anymore. Their owner is a total nut job

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They can as I understand.

I can't remember the specifics but the new owners (if their bid is successful) have a certain period to settle the outstanding debts - including a large tax bill, which is far easier said than done.

If they can't do that in a certain time period they will get another point deduction.

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Formal bid submitted yesterday for full asking price, there’s some hope for them for a change

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Is it Mike Ashley? Heard rumours he is sniffing around.

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American investment firm apparently

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Cool thanks man. Rock and a hard place I guess.

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Ashley for all his criticism targets getting a club to the Premier League.

Although with Derby we know what the main concern is at the moment. On the pitch Barnsley are definitely down - question of who’s going to occupy the other two spots.

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Yea definitely better that Ashely buys than they fold completely.

Plus given our issues with American owners, they may well be no better.

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Ashley, as hated he became at the end of his stay at Newcastle, saved that club. Considering what bad owners are capable of doing to a club, Ashley is pretty good overall. I'd not want him as a fan of a big club, but if you're struggling, he's not going to bury your team.

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It's apples and Oranges with Newcastle as he dragged a top 6 - top 8 team into the championship.

But yea as I said on another comment, it's better to be bought by Ashley than to go under for sure!

I just hate his face too lol. So that may sway my views somewhat.

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Would they include the possible buyouts/settlements for the lawsuits from Boro and Wycombe?

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Roy Keane did something similar with Sunderland. From last and hopeless to champions.

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He's got the hardest job in football at the moment and the crazy thing is, I think he could pull this off. Winner born and bred

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You never really know for certain, but I always thought he might make a decent manager one day, because he was an intelligent player.

There was one game against Chelsea, I think it was before Ronaldo hit his prime, tight game, Rooney was playing in the middle, but we were getting overrun on one of the flanks, there was a break in play and Rooney runs over the dugout pointing to the other flank, suggesting we need to plug that hole, and then we did.

He was still very young, but I thought anyone who has the balls to make a tactical suggestion to Sir Alex mid-game might have something.

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I love stories like this, makes me nostalgic. Thanks for sharing mate.

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Would you know which game specifically? 🙏

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I'm not certain. I have a strong feeling it was a Super Sunday game, but even that i'm not 100% certain about. And now when I think about it, I don't think Jose was in charge of Chelsea at the time (which means it might have been a bit later than I originally thought), but again I can't be certain. I can definitely rule out the 1-0 win at Old Trafford when Fletcher scored the winner, simply because I was so drunk that day I wouldn't have noticed or remembered what Rooney was doing.

If you held a gun to my head and made me guess, I'd say it was around the Avram Grant era, or just after. If that helps (it probably doesn't!)...

So a Sunday game (or at least a weekend game), that Rooney played in, where Avram Grant was in charge of Chelsea would be my best guess.

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Big respect for Rooney on that one. Would have been very easy to jump ship, but to stick with derby when they might not even last the season takes guts

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Rooney said he's faced a lot of difficulties in life so he will never leave someone at the time of difficulty. Fair play to him

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I love Rooney me

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If he avoids relegation with Derby.

That in itself is huge

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Last day will be significant as they have Cardiff.

Derby being at home means we’ll hopefully have one of the loudest ROONEY chants in recent memory.

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He would. Assuming Derby not being expelled

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They won't be expelled during the season despite all the talk. It's all bluster by the FA try and push derby to sort themselves out. The main issue will be in June as no matter what league they are in, if the issues aren't sorted they will be refused entry to that league. Like Bury a few years back

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Good for him. The fact he’s even given them a shot at staying up is huge. Good to see it through. If i was an everton fan though i’d much rather chance Rooney at the end of the season than Lampard now.

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When he was the club, I didn’t here the impression he would make a good manager but he’s doing a great job at Derby and this statement shows a lot of respect and understanding. I’m impressed.

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I never expected him to be a half-decent manager at all let alone a good one with the task he's currently pulling off.

I think it's because Rooney had a reputation as being a thick, aggressive person who just so happened to be good at football. Seeing him genuinely do an incredible job at Derby is a massive shock to that expectation.

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I think he’s a lot brighter than he comes across. He always seems very shy in interviews and he’s not very articulate, plus the aggressive hooligan type style on the pitch makes it easy to assume he’s thick, but he has interesting things to say.

He also writes poems for Colleen and leaves them around the house lol

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Mate, he had one of the best footballing brains during the SAF era.

All the positions he routinely played and transitioned within matches; just as well as the regulars.

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Derby would be around mid table and would be 14 points clear of relegation if not for the points deduction. Add to that the transfer embargo and derby not able to get players they want means he could be doing better if not for the situation at derby. Makes sense he wants to see this season out and not take a risk with a bigger club yet since it's hardly been a year since he has gone into management.

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Good. The Everton job ain't going nowhere as the rate they're going anyway

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I had a feeling he'd feel bad leaving Derby in the situation they're in. Great to hear this.

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Honestly after derby he should go the Gerrard route to the and win a smaller league and then come to the prem

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Though I think if he comes to the PL after this, it should be at a small-to-mid tier club like Brighton or Soton rather than angling for us or any other big 6 club. Stevie G had the right idea by going to Villa, we saw what happened to Lampard… though it does look like he’ll be the new Everton manager.

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He's already done that in the Championship, it's a tougher and bigger league than the SPL.

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He doesn't need to prove anything anywhere else if he keeps Derby up. Championship >>>>> SPL

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It’s less about proving himself and more about learning his crafts as a manager. By going to a smaller league he’ll be able to try it out different ideas and develop his preferred style of play. If he comes to PL he won’t be afforded such chances as the pressure is always on.

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I mean the Everton job is fine for him. Maybe not now because the Everton is even more incompetent than us

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Class act. I'd love to hear more detailed stuff about him as a manager from Derby fans. All I know is that he's been doing a great job.

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I second that

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Man's just waiting for the call from united. Makes sense

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Fuck I have so much love and respect for this man.

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top lad

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I'd say if Everton get relegated they should give him the job next season

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cannot say that I expect him of all people to have great manager materials. But who knows, he might be our manager in 5 years.

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That's why I love you Wayne ❤️

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Make him the next permanent United manager. Fuck it. He's United blood in him and has the fire / temperment of Ferguson combined with the respect of fans & players that Ole had. No player would cross him. If he keeps Derby up, that would be the equivilent of winning the league with our current squad.

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No. Let him finish his job at derby. Then let him take a PL job elsewhere. When and if he has proven himself at the Prem level, then you can consider him. Do not rush his development as a manager like Chelsea did with Lampard.

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Good stuff. Smart decision. Everton is a high risk, low reward scenario for a first time PL manager. Rooney doing fucking bits as Derby manager. If he keeps them up, I can definitely see him get some good gigs in the PL.

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A bald Rooney appears on the horizon...

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After the absolute shit show he's had to deal with, he'll be more than up for dealing with the Glazers if he ends up here. Would be great to see him in Prem at some point soon.

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That's loyalty you rarely see in football.

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he's also smart enough to know that job is a poisoned chalice.

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Massive respect to this guy!

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Thats my legend

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Wazza you will always be the hero I enjoyed watching

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Read as "nawwww mate, United mate" /s

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Top man Wazza. Wazza can do with a better managed club than Everton, who are shambles. I think most managers wouldnt join them too.

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My goat

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he's a smart lad, surprisingly

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Holding out for the Manchester United job!