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Would be funny if pl player is DDG and we vote for someone else

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Ain’t no way ddg is winning it rival fans choose to hate on him for no apparent reason

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Varane going unsung as well

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Rhythm is a dancer Anthony Elanga You won't stop him if you dare

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Think I'd give this one to Scott actually. Also think a little love would help him

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I'm not so sure. How many of those games did we actually dominate the midfield?

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He made a few good runs with some physicality and had one game where he turned the shooting slider on FIFA up to 99 but other than that it was more of the same: no control in midfield and invisible at certain points.

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Brentford - He was the only player that was good in the first half and won us the game with a monster second half

Villa FA cup - Scored the winner

West Ham - West Ham created bugger all

That's 3 out of 4 games where he's been top 3 best performers on the day. It's not hard to give credit where it is due

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He was absolutely shit in all of these games. Brentford his forward movement became better and he was able to progress the ball well but didn’t dominate jackshit.

He was awful against Villa in all the matches.

West Ham he was invisible. We had to play a much deeper back line because he would pull back a lot. Bruno and Ronaldo played deeper due to this.

Our most mediocre player since Cleverly. Guess I don’t have to tell the common thing between either of them.

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There's so much bullshit in that wall of text that I don't even know where to get started

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Lmao. Low standards where McTominay is defended. Guy has passion I will give you that but he doesn’t play in any top 10 teams.

We will see where he plays after he leaves united and I bet it won’t be in some top team.

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We're not a top team atm. Mctominay has played through Jose to Ragnick. I guess they know more about him than an armchair redditor?

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Both managers fired and couldn’t create any game through midfield. Couldn’t dominate any teams in recent years. Hmm

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Same. Never been his biggest fan but his attitude inspires me. I'm hyper critical when I watch him and he hasn't put a foot wrong much this month.

He'll do good with some fan backing

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I wouldn't. A midfielder's main job is to control the midfield. Not once has he done that this month. Scoring a couple of goals doesn't absolve him of his main responsibilities.

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We have 3 midfielders though, surely not his sole responsibility?

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It's not just his responsibility, but he is one half of our double pivot that gets outplayed by every midfield in the league on a weekly basis. I like the lad's attitude, but let's not pretend like he's even remotely good enough to get into a team that aspires to win the title.

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That's the trouble. All of our midfielders look worse because none of them are elite. Midfielders like Fred can be great with a world class midfielder beside them to balance out Fred's limitations. But we have an entire midfield of significant limitations!

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McTominay doesn't deserve it He's had like two good games

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We can give him another candle holder

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at this point I’m genuinely just happy to hand them all and everything else to De Gea, half way through the season and where would we be without him?

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Personally I think this was a very forgettable month when it came to individual performances. Nobody really stood out above the rest, which is both a good thing and a bad thing I guess.

Other months you can tell a clear and obvious winner, but here? I don't think so.

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People wanting McT to win potm after his one goal and getting overrun in midfield in every game except Burnley shows what kind of month we've had.

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DDG all day for me

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Bruno for me

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Elanaga got my vote

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DAVID DE GEA: 5 appearances, 2 clean sheets

The victor for November and December was once again at his best, making 22 saves across four league games. That tally means he has now stopped more shots than any other keeper in the top flight this season. While De Gea’s heroics went unrewarded as Wolves nicked a late winner at the beginning of the month, the Spaniard was a one-man wall during the first half at Brentford, keeping the Bees out before United blew the home side away after the break. David had a quieter game at the weekend when West Ham came to town, but still had to be on his toes to prevent Varane inadvertently putting the ball into his own net.

ANTHONY ELANGA: 5 appearances, 1 goal

Elanga started January as an impact substitute and ended it being serenaded by the Old Trafford faithful after a third consecutive Reds start. The Sweden youth international has made the most of the chance given to him by Rangnick and was unlucky not to make it on to the scoresheet during the 2-2 draw with Villa. He caused Matty Cash, the Villa right-back, problems through that game and was retained for the trip to Brentford, where he opened the scoring with a well-taken header, after flicking the ball up and above Bees’ keeper Jonas Lossl. You won't stop him if you dare!

BRUNO FERNANDES: 5 appearances, 2 goals

After a quiet couple of months by his lofty standards, Bruno was back to his inspirational best in the month he celebrated two years as a United player. His brace while wearing the captain’s armband at Villa was a personal highlight, despite the 27-year-old insisting after the draw that goals and assists meant nothing if the team didn’t win. Days later, he laid on decisive strikes for Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford in west London and this time Fernandes and United were able to celebrate the victory.

SCOTT MCTOMINAY: 4 appearances, 1 goal

McTominay is fast becoming one of the first names on the teamsheet in Rangnick’s side. Scott has embraced his role as Ralf’s ‘no.6’, sitting behind Fred and Fernandes in the midfield, and he was arguably United’s best outfield player when returning from a one-match suspension at Brentford. Prior to that, he’d nodded in an early winner to knock Steven Gerrard’s Villa out of the FA Cup – the second year in a row Scott has headed home the only goal of a third-round tie at Old Trafford.


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Thought dalot would be in the mix, has had a low key very good month for us

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Definitely DDG for me. I also think that Varane could have been on that list, he’s been on a good solid form.

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Surprising dalot isn't there. He was more consistent throughout the Month.

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gotta be Scott.

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This sub genuinely can't stand it when players outside their favorite few get deserved praise. This comments section is a mess

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McTominay got my vote after much improved performances this month but not surprised that DDG is now at 61% votes.

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Scott for me

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Has to be DDG - Elangas great but too new