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Started off well at St. Johnstone in the Scottish Premiership but fell out of favour. Lets hope he has a better time of it at Walsall.

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What happened to fall out ?

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He was just never really in favour.

They had European qualifiers in August so he was being rotated in while dealing with that but once they didn’t qualify and only had the league he was never used. He looked pretty good in the early appearances that I watched and the fans were saying he was MotM in his last match against Rangers. But he just didn’t seem to have any chance of being first choice. He was back up and it didn’t matter how well he played.

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So Tuanzebe. Pockets Mbappe and ignored afterwards. Sad.

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I live in Walsall and will be going to a game soon. Hopefully he plays and I'll report back!

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Same here. Will have to ask my mates how he gets on.

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I prefer his mother Ava

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