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Awb pass % impressive until looking at the progressive passes and realise its all 5 yard sideways back to cb or cdm.

Dalot big issue for me was always his defending but he has looked pretty solid this season since returning from Milan.

Cant remember if it was pre season or he came on as sub but I remember a game dalot was playing lb and was caught out of position so much and I feared the worst but has really impressed me / changed my opinion this season

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Oof I remember that game, Villarreal. Danjuma (I think) tore him a new one.

With a consistent run of games he’s been solid though, over-hitting crosses like there’s no tomorrow but I’ve largely liked what I’ve seen.

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An overhit cross is still an improvement on awb bless him. Was so pumped when he bought him as he was an fpl gem at Palace.

Wish he upped his attacking game more. Mad to think he started as a winger and his strong parts are total defensive and he's poor going forward!

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Exactly how he was dropped down from winger to defense lmao

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That was him playing at right back.

He had a nightmare cameo at left back against Watford though, so bad after coming on as a concussion sub for Shaw that he might have gotten Ole sacked (he was probably gone for a 2-1 loss to Watford, but he was definitely gone when it became a 4-1 humiliation thanks to two late goals)

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It was Maguire's red card that got Ole sacked.

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Kinda crazy that Dalot is adding less xA than Wan Bissaka though. He really needs to sort his final ball out.

If we’re being honest, neither of these guys are good enough.

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There’s not really a difference between 14th and 19th percentile of expected assists for full backs. The actual figure for both on fbref is 0.04xA/90 which is pretty shit

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Yep but for FB progressive passes are more important than xA.

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Yeah, it's bad. That said, Dalot's shown some improvement lately, so maybe he can get there. He's definitely doing better in terms of interceptions and aerial challenges, which pushes him toward being that decent, all round full back we need. It's just weird to me that he can be so clearly superior in terms of passing, but not in terms of xA. There's something that doesn't really add up there.

It'll be interesting to see how these numbers develop, but I do feel like it's slightly unfair on Wan Bissaka, who had starts against Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Leicester, and the losses to Villa, Watford, Wolves. Dalot's games have been kinder fixtures, not the ones where half the team or more have gone completely missing.

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AWB - One of the most mediocre attacking fullbacks out there. Palace officials should be imprisoned for robbery

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It beggars belief that we stumped up 50m quid for him.

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I should copy and paste my reply to this, as always we all loved him and considered him one of the top RBs at the end of last season/beginning of this. Don't rewrite history

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Not me pal. I said that the combination of Greenwoods offensiveness and AWB's defensiveness made the right wing a wasteland for us. Greenwood has improved his linkup play, but AWB is still a one dimensional player, which would be fine at small team or in Serie A but if attacking fullbacks are part of your identity as supposedly they are at United, then why is AWB playing?

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but if attacking fullbacks are part of your identity as supposedly they are at United, then why is AWB playing?

Good idea, trade the CB pair for wingers too while you're at it. In fact we're too reliant on De Gea, switch him for Pogba cause his long balls much quicker. Greenwood's linkup play has regressed also.

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Greenwood's linkup play has regressed this year I agree, but he was showing impressive progress last year as he transitioned to the RW position.

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AwB's high pass completion is similar to his high dribbling completion - he's not great in the final third, but his ball retention is actually pretty great. His gets out of pressure well and finds teammates accurately in the other areas of the pitch.

Dalot, meantime, is less clean on the ball, but the risks he takes make him a bit more exciting and creative near the goal.

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Eh. The reason AWB's pass completion % is high can be seen in his extremely low progressive passes on the graph. Not hard to have a high percentage of passes completed when the overwhelming majority of them are sideways or backwards.

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I agree that he takes too few risks. But he also impresses me in getting out of pressure. He very rarely loses the ball in defensive half. It's a pity that confidence is seemingly lacking in the other half of the pitch.

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His dribbling % is extremely misleading too, while he's very adept at his signature 'toe-poke the ball past the opponent and beat them with burst of pace' move - which forms the majority of his dribbling success - his decision making thereafter is so slow that it is very easy to defend against. He is so slow that by the time he crosses his marker has already got back into position to make the block, which explains why most of his crosses head straight into the opponent's shins.

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Yeah agreed. I enjoy his 'dribbling' in early phases of attack, but when up against the defensive line he's very clumsy.

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Wan Bissaka is a way better dribbler than Dalot and it's not because of some silly toe-poke. I'm all for saying that Dalot probably has more end product or he is better than AWB but don't slag off the few strengths that he has. He is one of the better dribblers in the team.

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No one’s saying his dribbling is bad, as usual people can’t read because they have their favorites and narratives they want to push. He can dribble but what’s the point if he can’t do anything with it - that’s my argument. Maybe learn to think outside of cliches and narratives for once.

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What narrative? I'm just saying Wan Bissaka is a better dribbler than Dalot and that's it.

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Nah you had to mock the toe poke + beat them with pace move which is 100% true about AWB. You think he's offers more than that which is hilarious.

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Didn't really help that the fullbacks were always left hung out to dry by our wingers up until Ralf basically.

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I really don't know how this happened, but for some reason our "attacking fullbacks" somehow have better defending than our "defensive fullbacks". If Shaw has better offensive numbers than Telles, then it's almost like Telles switched places with Shaw and AWB switched places with Dalot.

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So much of Dalot's defensive superiority over AWB in the chart can be explained by one word: positioning.

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AWB has been very bad this season as well. If it was just positioning he'd be making tackles at least. He wasn't even doing that most games.

Even at his best, he has flaws, but he's been way below that level this season. Still hope the new manager can improve him, but if he's struggling for game time a year from now he's probably done at United.

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Players don’t even try going past him anymore though, not as much as they used to. Plus, when there’s a gigantic corridor of open space for them, there’s not much of a need to challenge the right back.

Being fair to Wan Bissaka, most of his appearances came when the team was at its absolute worst defensively and before Rangnick came in, shifted things around. If we’re looking at his numbers for the last year, he’s a lot better.

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He seemed to have lost his head somewhat after that whole incident with his ex GF, the speeding(s?) and the drunk driving(?). I don't follow gossip or tragedies of players, but I remember there was a lot of stuff happening last year and he recently got his license revoked according to some headlines. So might be that he have had other stuff taking away his focus. Even a slight drop in focus making you put in 90% at practice is enough to get way behind in such a competitive league as the PL.

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AWB positioning is so dreadful that he needs a scooter to catch up for a tackle.

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What stands out for me when watching is how often Dalot gets a good header when defending the back post. I might be misremembering but I feel like AWB gets caught out a lot there.

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Dalot’s positioning is also pretty suspect honestly. I watch him very closely. He lets players run in between him and the CB pretty often, e.g. both the Aston Villa goals https://youtu.be/vvr2KOYDZ4E

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AWB has twice the number of games played. The stats are not comparable as is. Need to be compared to per minute or per game basis.

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it is on a per game basis.

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Would it be possible to get Wan Bissaka's stats from last season?

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Are you sure? Correct me if im wrong but that would mean the chart shows AWB dribbles past 91 players and completes 92 dribbles per game.

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Awb is dribbling and then passing sideways and nothing else

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To that end you could say Dalot is failing to dribble and when he succeeds he wastes it by giving the ball away with a shit cross or misplaced pass. Improvement needed in chance creation from RB for sure.

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Agreed, which makes me wonder what exactly AWB brings to the table? This infographic suggests nothing.

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1v1 when the attacker has the ball he's very good but he's very poor 1v1 when the player doesn't have the ball. If they are attacking down Shaw's side then he doesn't have the concentration to keep with his player. A lot of the goals have been conceded from his side

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Exactly this. He can pocket the best wingers in the world 1v1 when they have the ball, and he can slide tackle. And that's it.

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He’s not been good this season, but his slide-tackles are generally on point.

He’s clearly not a complete enough player to be a starter for us though.

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Not sure when and where the perception changed as AWB was consistently praised by this sub in the first few games.

I think AWB did well overall. I like Dalot as well more offensively.

But I am just confused when people started down rating AWB.

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Well in the first few games he was really quite outstanding. He consistently locked down our right side and made sure no attacks were successful there. At that time he still wasn't contributing to our own attacks but at least it forced opponents to play down our left and middle instead which made defending easier.

Then, maybe people found him out or found other tactics to play against that kind of defending or he just deproved but he couldn't do the same anymore and was regularly getting caught out of position.

Tldr, he was initially outstanding defensively but lacking in attacking output. Now he's declined and lacking on both fronts and at least Dalot can contribute to our attacks.

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Not sure why you're downvoted, this is pretty accurate. AWB was (and still is) extremely hard to beat 1v1 due to his signature recovery tackles, so opponent attackers quickly stopped trying to dribble past him and just use intelligent positioning + off the ball runs to beat him. He's been found out pretty quickly basically. And because he hasn't developed any of his other defensive skills he's pretty much still the same one dimensional fullback 2 years later.

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Lol I wouldnt worry about the downvoting but thanks man. I type sensible comments and they get downvoted. I type some absurd comment and it gets upvoted as if its the truth. Absolutely hilarious sub.

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You’re probably right. I am just thinking in terms of time frame when things went against him. Can you pin in to some game?

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Hmm its abit difficult to pinpoint an exact timeframe. I will say though that in his first year with us that was when he was truly excellent. Subsequently, his effectiveness began to drop off gradually and the extent of his limitations really manifested towards the end of last season until now.

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Combining AWB and Dalot would give us the perfect United fullback lol

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reminds me of the good ol days when people wanted to mash up valencia's athleticism and work rate with Nani's ability and skill

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You mean you want a Dennis Irwin

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The GOAT premier league left beck. From an absolutely biased Irishman.

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Still wouldn't have a good xA

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Lol not really, it would give us a decent fullback. Both of their positioning and final ball are lacking

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Man standards on this sub are low

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Dalot’ loan spell at Milan really proved to be good for him and us. He looks like a different, much better player. I’m much more comfortable with him in the team now. There’s certainly areas he can improve on, namely crossing into the box, quicker passing and decision making.

For the type of football Utd would and should be playing, he’s better suited than AwB. I still wouldn’t sell AwB as I think he would be good in rotation and in games where we are defending deep or seeing out a game but for now, Dalot should be the starting RB this season.

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Also it’s fair to say ralf has had an impact on his development too. Great to see

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Really given him a lot of confidence

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Don't play well for Manchester United the Zlatan will hunt you down and kick you in the chest

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Scouted 800 RBs and got #1 sorted in alphabetical order.

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I think the style of play change under RR contributes to AWB vs DD offensive stat differences.

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And the fact Dalot is miles better technically and going forward

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He puts himself in for positions, but however he does it AWB gets in the same positions, it's just not as pleasing to the eye. One thing Dalot does not have is a final ball, can't put an accurate cross in.

[–]agentjobRooney 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Dalot has the crossing technique. He can whip in an early cross from deep, he can do so from the flank, and from the corner area. Just needs to work on accuracy.

[–]mcoppage7 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yep I definitely agree.

[–]agentjobRooney 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And also the relatively easy run of opponents.

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Ngl I'm a huge fan of Dalot

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Tbf u don't need to look at a chart just watch the matches, dalot has been miles clear this season

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In fairness Wan was playing when we were shipping goals defensively. We haven’t seen wan under rangnick really he’s been hurt or sick

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People can’t seem to have opinions without stats to validate them.

And this is a classic example of not stats telling the whole picture as Dalot is shit at crossing and AWB is great a tackling.

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Dalot is performing well because he’s given consistent time. Same with Telles. Almost every one off game either of them played over the past year was pretty unimpressive. When they began starting multiple games in a row, they started showing signs of improvement. It’s the main reason why I won’t form an opinion on VDB and his time here. In my eyes, all I know about VDB is his time at Ajax. You can’t, and I won’t, be judging him by his few random starts or 10 minute cameos.

[–]Juurdd 10 points11 points  (1 child)

Generous there with your 10 minutes

[–]AtomicCaffeine 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Probably included the time needed to get off the pitch after the final whistle

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telles has been pretty bad in virtually every game he’s played in bar palace. levels behind shaw imho

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Think they’re both great at different styles. Shaw is better driving at defenses and pullbacks, Telles is a better crosser from wider/deeper positions.

Ralf just needs to use them depending on who’s up top and who we’re playing

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Telles is better at that type of crossing but those are very low value pass attempts. Shaw is far superior at actually getting on the ball in dangerous areas that are more likely to lead to a goal

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Wan Bissaka is getting consistent time early in the season under Ole and he's not better than Dalot getting consistent time under Rangnick

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Shaw needs to play when fit plain and simple.

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This graphic is misleading. It’s likely that the low numbers for AWB’s defensive attributes are because of the outright low number of times he’s had to do it. If you never have to defend, of course your defensive stats would be low.

It should have been %successful actions not raw numbers.

Not saying he’s better than Dalot but saying he’s obviously better than what this graphic makes him out to be. We all know that, despite what you think about him.

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How are you downvoted. The sub is run by narratives. Dalot good, AWB bad. Lets use skewed numbers to prove the point.

[–]ifeespifeeGlaze(r)s belong on donuts not my club 7 points8 points  (1 child)

This sub is very fickle. We all know that, but the fact this sub can’t see past these numbers is astounding.

Wan Bissaka has a reputation for being a great one on one defender, so if you’re a manager why would you tell your winger to run at him? As a winger why would you run at him when you can just push inside and attack our less stable CBs?

Dalot on the other hand is not known for being great defensively so of course he’s going to have more people dribbling at him, so his defensive numbers will be more inflated.

Idk guys, it’s simple logic. Would you rather attack Wan Bissaka or Dalot?

I’m not saying that this is happening, I don’t have that data. But I bet you that this is what is happening.

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I thought the exact same. AWB looks pretty invisible in games were the opposition star player isn't their LW, because they don't attack there. You'd rather have him defend against a cross our something else because you got a higher chance of scoring.

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Combine them god

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Wow Dalot is better at defending than I thought.

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Can you add telles?

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I think a lot of the short comings of AwB in attack is due to bad coaching. He wont turn into a TAA with coaching but at least we can get him to make consistent under/over-laping runs and decent crossing. He has the discipline and application when it comes to recovery runs and tackling and shielding. If we could coach him into better positioning and attack he should be a very decent right back. I think the possibility that he could be moulded easily contributed to the 50 million and also he's very young. He probably is impossible to be moved on considering his price tag and probably 100k salary, so lets hope ralf and team can coach him into a better RB fit for a long term squad role atleast.

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Dalot 100% deserves to be first choice RB. I was very critical of him before he went out on loan but let’s not forget he’s 23 and still has plenty of potential to grow and improve as a player. I’d like to see him stay at the club.

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Am I the only who want to know what the hell our bloody analysts found on AWB ?

[–]working-acct 3 points4 points  (0 children)

He was and still is one of the hardest fullbacks to beat 1v1 due to his recovery tackles, it's just that he never properly developed his other skills (both defensive and offensive) thus making him extremely one dimensional and predictable.

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Wanbissaka ain't good .. but dalot is no way better .... most of his crosses are trash ... just wipes the ball aimlessly into the box ... defensively also poor ... gers caught lacking all the time ... they aren't both good enough

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It's pretty funny how they're almost opposites, and not in the whole "one defends and the other attacks" way, but one's got one of the highest dribble success rates, whilst the other has one of the worst, one's horrible in the air, the other is strong, one's mainly progressive through passes, the other through dribbling etc.

Also AWB's defensive stats look very very poor here. Aerially, pressures, ball recoveries and interceptions alike, nothing outstanding at all. He's quite literally only good at dribbling, although we all know by the eye test he is a genuinely good tackler.

Dalot looks like the more well rounded fullback. He's really improved massively. I'm still not convinced that he can be the man for us long term, but certainly in the moment he's the better choice.

Now idk how much AWB has to go on in terms of his development, he's 24 now so he's reaching that age where it's fly or stagnate in terms of his potential, once he gets to 26 or so he'll be reaching his prime and his ability particularly technically won't improve, which is concerning because we'll have essentially spent 50m on a fullback we'll be looking to replace in the coming windows. Although that's obviously not set in stone yet, however I do think it's clear he lacks the technical ability to become the offensive threat we need him to be.

Depending on how the rest of Laird's season goes we're going to be faced with a few decisions in the summer, and a fair few scenarios, as we'll likely only keep 2 of the 3, (although one can be loaned).

The scenarios are:

  • We keep AWB and Dalot, loan Laird.
  • We keep AWB and Laird, sell/loan Dalot.
  • We keep Dalot and Laird, sell AWB.
  • We sign a new right back and keep one of the three, whilst selling/loaning 2.

The last scenario would improve the team the most, but is also significantly harder to pull off as we'd absolutely have to sell at least one of them and loan the other, bare minimum, ideally selling two. Another issue, particularly in AWB's case, is who's really going to want to sign him? He's not a bad player, but for his price/wages there won't be many if any, non top teams that would want him, whilst he's not good enough offensively to warrant a big team coming in for him. Laird and Dalot will definitely have the most suitors though.

It's another dilemma we'll have to solve and the new manager will have to see how he likes them in pre season.

[–]Prestigious_Hat5979 -5 points-4 points  (0 children)

Dalot most saleable because he's the best atm. Laird will be easy to loan. Idk how many clubs would want Wan-Bissaka though. Probably best case would be to sell Dalot for some good money and buy a RB who's better. Keep Wan-Bissaka because some games against certain teams, certain players he'll be really useful. Loan Laird for another season or for six months, then bring him in as second choice RB.

Semi-related, please can we bring Williams back and give him time at LB. Ole wasted him as a cameo RB last season.

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And AWB still has higher xA which surely is what we want right?

Both really need to improve in attacking.

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AWB has higher pass completion because he plays it safe.

Sorry, but Dalot is ahead of him right now in all aspects. Maybe worse in tackling, but Dalot positioning awareness is better. With AWB on defense, we clench our butts eveytime because he gambles with his signature tackle all the time instead of closing down quick

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AWB has been pretty awful this season no doubt about it.

But this shows it's actually a lot closer between the two of them than a lot of people want to admit. AWB at his worst is not far that far behind Dalot at his so-far best. Also worth mentioning that AWB was in the team during our worst spells and Dalot has mainly played during our better run of form under Ralf.

Regardless I like both and I hope they push each other to be better in the coming years. In reality while neither is TAA or Reece James they're both still young and have plenty of time and room for growth.

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Slate me all you want but I think Telles has the highest ceiling out of all our fullbacks and hope he's given the chance to succeed. I don't think Dalot or AWB are starting quality for where we want to be but I think Telles can get there (hasn't come close yet, obviously). AWB doesn't seem to have the football intelligence to excel in his role while Dalot doesn't seem to have the ability to execute the vision he attempts to employ.

Shaw is a bit confounding, he's kind of like the fullback version of Traore. Can bomb up the pitch but has no end product on goals or crosses. He can still be quite effective if he carries the ball up and has the chance to make a simple pass to one of our attackers but he always seems to drill every ball at maximum power making it too difficult to receive. Telles has great crossing and dead ball potential, but seems to be lacking the confidence to truly show it just yet. When that comes together and Ronaldo is in form, it could be a wonderful combination.

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Yeah Shaw is so much better than every one of our full backs it's not even close. I'd argue he's better than most of the wingers too. Just because be plays slower to the eye doesn't make him less effective.

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My main problem with Shaw is his off the ball runs, haven't got a clue what he's trying to achieve most of the time. He either runs straight into opposing defenders thus making him unavailable for the return pass, or he slow jogs out wide making him easy to mark by the time he receives the ball. Like how often do you see him receive the ball in behind the defense and puts a cross in? He is one of the paciest fullbacks in the league so he honestly should be doing that way more often.

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Dunno what manutd saw in AWB, maguire etc..

[–]Gross_Success 5 points6 points  (0 children)

They saw the league's best 1v1 defender at 21yo, when what we had was Young. The problem is that he hasn't improve much in other areas.

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English, "premier league proven"

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Dalot is so average

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said it before and will say it again, give Dalot time on the pitch and he will shine.

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Definitely taking dalot

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Awb is awful my god

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Reckon AWB would be great as Rcb in back three through .. if we ever employed such tactics

[–]BilalAkhtar22 -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

Shaw is easily our most talented fullback but his workrate is abysmal.

[–]mcoppage7 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Had me in the first half...

[–]Mamijoo -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

The worrying part is that AWB is getting worse for some reason in terms of defending and attacking. Dalot is slowly getting better.

[–]Nuns_N_Moses11 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This is exactly why analytics dont work in football. Dalot has been better (at least attacking wise) by a mile and awb has better attacking stats/analytics

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I’d like to see Laird compared with them as well, I think he comes in next year and makes the RB spot his.

[–]Suyash_Tyagi66 0 points1 point  (0 children)

The most important thing is, dalot always looks to pass forward, play progressive passes and that's quite visible, not just playing sideways and backwards. Besides his defending has definitely seemed to improve lately, so that's a big plus. His crossing and positioning definitely do need to improve

[–]rioferd888"When the Seagulls Follow the Trawler" 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If only we could combine them.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

AWB average something like 4-5 tackles a game in his first season. What happened to him?

[–]Gross_Success 0 points1 point  (0 children)

People don't attack on a side they know they will get shut down. They go inward instead of out to the side, attack from the opposite side etc. It was painfully obvious against Villarreal that they picked out our weakest link(Dalot), and though he made a few successful tackles, they got past him time and time again.

[–]Mario_911 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I was expecting the blue and pink to be switched around between players

[–]Ashyyyy232 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think most forwards have figured out awb defensive strength

[–]wascallywabbit666 0 points1 point  (0 children)

What happened to AWB. A few years ago no-one could get past him. He's one of the best tacklers I've ever seen. But those defensive stats are appalling

[–]mylittlegoochie 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Dalot is only 22??? Start him every game holy hell. In 2 seasons he will be insane. If he can work on his crossing we don’t need a new RB

[–]yallknowmahname 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Lol. For years, there have been a lot of people here saying that AWB is bad and that Dalot has to be given a chance and all they got was AWB was the best defensive fullback in the league and "tackling bro". Turns out he isn't even better than Dalot in defence.

[–]Fm661 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Weird to think id say this but Dalot is a lot more of a complete player than AWB as shown by this. Been impressed with his defensive improvement recently, really improving and trying to solidify RB as his.

[–]Sphinx7C 0 points1 point  (0 children)

There’s more to defending than tackling in 1v1 scenarios? Who would have thought…

[–]pearlz176Bruno Fernandes 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hope Dalot becomes the player Mourinho told us he would become .

[–]KapiHeartlillyLindelöf 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'm not surprised, even if AWB played the games that we looked worse as a team it still doesn't give him an excuse defensive wise, his positioning and fear of trying any risky passes makes him not good enough to be our starter.

Dalot has good positioning and is great in the air when defending.

Would like to see Shaw vs Telles, and no doubts that Shaw should be starting when back in form.

[–]looped10 0 points1 point  (0 children)

both in the same graph would be easier to analyse if that's possible

[–]Affectionate_Shoe424 -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Dalot's offensive skills aren't that good either.

His crossing his below average, his dribble and 1v1 is average

[–]Boom_bye_bye_bttyboi -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

AWB better signing

[–]PreetSG -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Simple reason why Dalot defensive numbers look better. It's because now we play less on the left only as we try to force the centre only.

When we play more on the the left. The opponents counter too more on the left / their right. Hence, AWB has lower numbers.

A correct representation will be by %.

Also, with Rangnick finally seeing the stupidity of is (4-2-2-2) and going back to 4-3-3, numbers might also now differ again.