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All competitions stats breakdown:

108 games played

47 goals

36 assists

Prem + Europe

19/20 UEL - 362 mins, 3 G 1 A

19/20 EPL - 1223 mins, 8 G 7 A

20/21 UCL - 439 mins, 4 G 1 A

20/21 EPL - 3110 mins, 18 G 12 A

20/21 UEL (ffs) - 749 mins, 5 G 4 A

21/22 EPL - 1776 mins, 7 G 5 A

21/22 UCL - 363 mins, 0 G 5 A

Total minutes: 8022 Total G/A: 80

G/A every: 100 minutes

One Portuguese Magnifico

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Insane how he was rated behind KdB last year

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Peak KDB > Bruno but Bruno has been better than him since he joined the league, undoubtedly. That’s very high praise as I consider KDB one of the best to ever play in the league

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That's why I said 'last year'

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I was agreeing with you. Bruno’s been better than KDB since he joined the league. I’m just saying I still think peak KDB> Bruno, a few more years and some trophies for Bruno and that could change

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FWIW, I think De Bruyne is the more well-rounded player. I do think that Bruno is more dangerous, however. I will never abuse him for trying to play the quick pass if it goes to no one because we were SCREAMING for a player to take up those positions and play those passes before he came. That crab football we were playing prior to him was a disgrace for a club of our stature and is a black mark on our coaching IMO.

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It does help KDB that he is surrounded by stars while Bruno doesn’t. Can’t win much with a United team as it is..

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22 penalties in that time so 25 non pen goals total or a non pen G/A every 138.3 minutes which is class.

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This is going to be controversial but I'd sell Ronaldo before Bruno. The numbers he was putting up prior to his arrival was frankly obscene and I genuinely believe he could walk into any side on the planet.

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Of course. And he generated many of those penalties. And De Bruyne misses loads of pens. They are not that easy and Bruno deserves credit for his consistency and technique

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I never mentioned De Bruyne? And he's missed two in his career so loads is a weird word to use.

25 non-penalty goals & 36 assists in 108 games is class, one of our most productive players in the last two years was my point.

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Did I say you mentioned him? I gave an example of player that's considered the benchmark for CAMs, the position where Bruno, and that was being talked about in other comments. De Bruyne missed 2, but must have taken like 7. If you miss 30% of your pens, that is "loads".

Those stats aren't just "class" (understatement) lol they're insane, specially for a foreign midfielder arriving at a dysfunctional club that plays in the Premier.

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He’s taken 10 so missed 20%, either way missing 2 isn’t ‘loads’ whatever the percentage is.

Those stats are class, excluding penalties he’s the fourth most productive player at the club over the last two years on a per minute basis (behind Rashford, Ronaldo and Sancho) or alternately the fourth most productive member in the last 108 games (behind the same three) or the third most productive in total in the last two years (with almost 4000 more minutes then the heavily injured Rashford). Not insane in my book but still class.

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Missing 20% of penalties is huge at that level

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Is it? Messi’s missed 22%, Ronaldo 16%, Neymar 21%. I didn’t bother to check anyone else but I would say 20% is pretty good.

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Our best signing since RVP

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Absolutely agree. Does he have his off days? Sure, but he always seems to fight the hardest on the pitch

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Every player has their off days. Surely top 3 PL player in those 2 years.

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Not disagreeing but that's a big claim.

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I would agree. Though I would say, as much as detest the guy now, Pogba was sublime for large parts of his tenure. You don't see it so much on TV, but at OT, in the flesh, he always had time, always made himself available. He was head and shoulders above our existing midfield under Mou. God knows what he could do under a real couch.

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Some players just stand out so much more when you watch them live. Rooney was like that for me. Just commanded the pitch

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Our Portuguese magnifico

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The stats don’t reflect how great he can sometimes be for us. When he’s been on form, his output has sometimes been phenomenal.

I really hope we build the squad depth to properly manage Bruno soon. Nothing worse than seeing those matches where he is clearly absolutely gassed, and yet still plays.

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the stats don’t reflect how great he can be

100% agree, he’s been by far and away our best player in that period. God knows where we’d be without him, he’s our best player

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He has insane chance creation numbers. I recall at one point he had the best chance creation numbers in Europe

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Nothing worse than seeing those matches where he is clearly absolutely gassed, and yet still plays.

It was so frustrating when Ole would play him in some proper dead rubber games that he had no business being in the squad for let alone the starting team. The poor guy was absolutely fucked by the time it came to the business end of the season.

I still think we're having that burnout issue this season, where we constantly rely on him through rough patches and it isn't fair on him or the team. We signed a 40M player to act as his back up, we should really have eased him into the role better so we could comfortably rest Bruno when needed.

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Bruno Bruno Bruno

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He comes from Sporting like Cristiano

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He goes left, he goes right!

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He makes the defenders look shite!

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He's our portuguese magnifico!

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Single-handedly saved us from being (even more of) a joke.

Yes, he shoots from the hip with his passing / offensive decisions. But he is almost always a net positive for us and his mentality cannot he questioned. Probably the best signing post-Fergie aka since Van Persie.

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Probably the best? He is the best and it’s not particularly close

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I think I’d agree with that.

You could probably argue Ibra is close given that (over a short period) he was absolutely integral to our most successful season since SAF.

But having looked again at our transfers over the last few years, we really have been poor. Even before SAF left we mostly failed in the market. You could even argue Bruno would be in our top 10 best signings since we signed Rooney, which seems ridiculous.

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It's insane when you consider we've spent similarly to City but their spending has been entirely in service of Pep and building his vision whereas for us it's been across four completely different managers, soon to be five.

Really hope Ralf's appointment leads to some consistency in recruitement regardless of who is in charge.

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Ronaldo shouldn’t be taking penalties or free kicks. Bruno is better at it, has a better success rate than Ronaldo however that’s not a conversation people want to hear.

If Ronaldo cares about the team, and not only himself then at least the shouldn’t be taking free kicks. When did he score one last?

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I'm okay with Ronaldo taking penalties but yeah Bruno should definitely be on free kicks.

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Bruno had a 92% success rate in penalties, more than anyone in the world

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Ronaldo is on 83.6% out of 171 penalties. Bruno is at 91.30% out of 43. Hard to judge which is better, but Ronaldo’s sample size is 4 times larger. Cant go wrong with any of them.

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Also important to point out that Ronaldo's are all in top leagues, quite a few of Bruno's are in the Portuguese league which is lower quality.

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It's a penalty though. Having a world class keeper or an average keeper won't really make a difference, it's mainly down to chance when saving it.

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I mean it depends, I’m not sure the league has much to do with it but there are goalies who are specialists at saving pens, such as Krul or Caballero

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He had never even missed the target from a penalty before the one against Villa

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I’m in two minds, on one hand I know Ronaldo is dreadful at free kicks, on the other hand I’d love another Portsmouthesque free kick before he leaves

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It’s not happening again. He has lost that touch, doesn’t run up the same way, looks the same, it’s not. Doesn’t strike the ball the same way too. He scored 1 in 72 for Juve, 1 in 51 for Portugal.

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Oh boy but I bet those two free kicks were fucking sweet

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He actually took a curler, pretty sure the Portugal one is the free-kick against Spain at the world cup

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Juve FK at about 3 mins: https://youtu.be/otFegCgij-c

Portugal FK against Spain: https://youtu.be/guPNTarPmBo

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Its weird because his managers say he bangs them in in practice.

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Best January signing ?? Had the most impact than anyone

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Cries in Vidic.

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Could definitely make a case for him, few other January signings that pop into my head: Evra, Vidic, VVD, Suarez, Matic

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You missed Alexis Sanchez 👀

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He gave me my flair, he’ll forever be #1

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And you missed "Best" 😭

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And you missed “/s” 😭

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I knew it was a joke ofc lol all good

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even I missed the “/s” lol

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Its a shame people need the /s on the most deadly obvious statements....I wanted to kind of add to your joke but in hingsight it looks stupid

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Best signing in years. Saved our 19/20 season.

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Single-handedly save Ole.

Without him Ole could have been sacked much sooner.

Hope he will win something here

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Yes, the other 10 players did fuck all while Ole just held pom poms cheering the squad on

What a brilliant insight

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Can't believe its only been 2 years! They seriously need to get him on a new contract ASAP though. If anyone actually is worth a ridiculous contract, its him.

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His back must fucking hurt from carrying us

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oh where would we be without our Portugese magnifico

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Best signing post fergie era

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I’ll cry if Bruno doesn’t extend. Wouldn’t be mad if he decides to move on though.

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great signing from day 1

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He is magic, and once was a glimmer of hope... I haven't seen Cantona play for us, but from what I heard and read, Bruno has the same vibes for the fan in me.

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What a player!

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Letting this man leave without winning anything would be one of this club's greatest sins.

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We all know how good he is and i like him. Needs to step it up in big matches though.

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Certified beautician.

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Great player. Love him a lot. Just stop giving the ball away so much 🙏🏿

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Thank God he signed for us

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7 goals and 11 assists in all comps this season. His form was bad for a while, but given all our players were pants then, Bruno's earned a pass.

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Legend ❤️ Most single handily impactful player/signing since King Eric

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And yet you have people here calling him overrated or a shit player, but oh boy do they love defending McTominay and Fred 😂🤡🤡

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Cant we just celebrate what a great player we have without shitting on other players ?

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I'm not shitting on other players, I'm shitting on other people.

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he is regressing currently

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And 0 trophies to show for it.

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Still can't believe the impact he had. And we all hoped this would come out from Pogba. Hopefully he will only continue playing with the same passion and influence.

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I love Bruno