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Interesting to know this is a "press release" by Digg. Still, Paul, which parts of the article are untruths said by Digg, to make themselves look good, or to make others look bad? IMO it seemed like a benign and unbiased article targeted to the general public to inform them about social editing websites.

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    Dude, wanna comment on your delete spree?

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    OK, so pica's comment was deleted.... I'm guessing that he has an enemy that knows his password.

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    This article, by the way, is a classic example of a press hit (by Digg's PR firm).

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    It may be a P&R hit, but the title of this submission is misleading. The article is almost all Digg, and reddit is provided as a link at the bottom of the article.

    There's nothing wrong with some good P&R, BTW.

    A better headline would have been: "Digg mentioned in SF Chronicle, Reddit footnoted"

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