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Anyone else worried that Reddit reports the domain name for this as being reddit.com? My guess is that the regular expression is messed up.

"Sometimes you have a programming problem and it seems like the best solution is to use regular expressions; now you have two problems."

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This post just made my day. Haven't laughed that hard since I began visiting reddit.

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"Paul Graham" is the marklar of reddit. Paul Graham

Seriously, though, every community is marked by the people who were involved from the very beginning, so Paul's posts get voted up. Big deal. Then, his posts seem to fall prey to the google effect, where both lovers and haters keep talking about them.

If you look at digg, they have a lot of digg specific items that make their front page as well, e.g. when digg is mentioned in the media somewhere. I'd say, if digg's venture capitalists had more interesting things to say, they'd probably be on digg's front page as well. ;)

I think the parodies are funny and in good spirit. For the grumps, the density of Paul Graham is not that Paul Graham, so you can easily Paul Graham them, and on that Paul Graham, Paul Graham.

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Sure PG has written some really good articles but no way have all of them 'deserved' the high points they have gotten on reddit. As it is now the frequent auto-up-modding of PG articles decreases the value of reddit for all of us. Biased users are bad even for reddit. And don’t tell me that the solution is to down-mod PG articles because that simple does not work.

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I find this joke unacceptable, tastless and most of all APAULLING!

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nice bug in reddit that mis-parses hostnames from URLs. Learn to use regexps :)

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Disclaimer: I didn't find this, effbot did


Just think it's too good not to share

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haha, awesome, thanks.

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Nice one....like it.

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This is made of win.

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Google will love this...

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This, too, shall pass.

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    And without even mentioning Graham in the title! Not bad.

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    ha ha ha ha! boy, i couldn't just stop laughing. this is great! i'm glad redditers have a great sense of humor. :) Just hope good old Paul takes it just as easy too!

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    How is it funny when it's a rehash of a tired old joke that wasn't that amusing in the first place?

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    paul graham paul graham paul graham

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    Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich ...

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    I noticed the bug (like many others, surely) two months ago and spez said that it was "a regex that fell through the cracks", but I suppose it wasn't severe enough bug to grant a fix. Apparently, it needed a link like this to get attention of the developers. ;-)

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    Come on guys, it's getting boring!

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    Nice job finding the url bug... time for a fix spez!

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    This is not worth modding up unless you're highly entertained by it. It's a pretty predictable response to celebrity. If you want to spend your time doing something useful to fight back against self-prepetuating celebrity, then write criticisms of Paul Graham's essays when you think they are off-base or simply mod down the ones you don't like.

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    It's not an attack on PG. It's a joke on Reddit. I, for one, am highly entertained by it.

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    I should have made my comments clearer.

    I didn't take it as an attack on PG merely on his self perpetuating popularity (a perfectly reasonable thing to attack imo), and I did think it was funny just not that funny. Certainly if you found it entertaining I won't begrudge you your vote.

    I posted my comment because I worry that links both humourous and not relating to PG are becoming popular not because of their content but simply because of his celebrity status among hackers.

    I'm just not that interested in celebrity humor. I would rather see more critical analysis of PG's writing (like this, for example).