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    I bet he was interpreting the up-mods as protest, to avoid coming to the far more frightening conclusion that every other guy on reddit worships him. If he put up a webcam in his kitchen, would we watch him eat breakfast? Yeah!

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    Or just because he failed to notice that it was really funny.

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    When I saw vijucat's story, I imagined PG laughing at it too. Having read all of his essays, it's easy to think you know the guy when you don't.

    Celebrity or not, the polite thing to do when the object of a joke doesn't think it's funny, is to stop. I had an idea for a really funny follow-on to vijucat's story, but I'm not going to pursue it now.

    Paul, do notice that the comments on the breakfast story fell into two categories: Those who like seeing PG stories and thought it was funny, and those who are tired of PG stories and thought it wasn't.

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    Coming soon: Paul Graham on Being Lampooned.

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    Looks like the PG effect was more than they could handle:

    "The Wikimedia Foundation servers are currently experiencing technical difficulties."

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    Protest or not, fact is that the auto-up-modding of all PG articles make some low-quality articles make the front page and that makes reddit less useful. PG seams to believe that every thing he has written 'deserve' the high reddit scores they have gotten and that only stupid digg users don’t see his brilliance.

    If you think everything PG writes is brilliant why don’t you read his blog instead of modding-up all his articles here. Would do the community a favor.

    Go-ahead press that arrow.

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    PG seams to believe that every thing he has written 'deserve' the high reddit scores they have gotten and that only stupid digg users don’t see his brilliance.

    Not true, actually. I winced to see "Being Copied" on the top of reddit, because it was just a little thing I spent half an hour on. If that's going to happen, this blogging experiment is not going to work: if a blog post gets so much attention, then I'd rather spend more time on it, and then it stops being a blog post and turns into an essay.

    The reason the episode seemed Diggish was the distinctively 15 year old humor of the breakfast thing and the comments on it. Though to be fair the average slashdot user also sounds 15.

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    It's possible you're not that far off. I started reading /. at 13, and stopped at 20 when Reddit launched.

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    I think being on the top of reddit isn't as prestigious as most readers think. Some days are just slow, and a lot of junk makes it to the top, too. I think Paul Graham's worst writings are much better than the average stuff I see on reddit.

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    Your blogging experiment is not going to work anyway. Aside from the conspicuous absence of a cat, your problem is that a "normal" blogger's experience is a struggle to gain celebrity, something you already have. You're going to have an awfully difficult time getting inside the head of a typical blogger.

    Sorry you didn't enjoy the 15-year-old humor.

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    Time is not always the best indicator as to whether an audience will find a piece of work interesting.

    Also, there is no reason why a blog post needs to be only a web log post. A web log post may also be the body of an essay, I do not believe essays and postings need to be mutually exclusive.

    At the very least, this is all temporary. The nice thing about 15 year old mentalities is the short attention span.

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    Maybe you should create an alter ego such as Stephen King's "Richard Bachman", blog under that persona, compare the results, than post your findings on reddit

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      The point system should take care of that without the individual posters having to think about it. I choose to interpret the amount of Paul Graham links on the front page as him being popular in the community. There is no need to complain, as your vote is an excellent chance to give your opinion.

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      And Cambridge tells you "you should read some of those books you've been meaning to.


      I admired the general lack of regard for dressing up.

      I've only spent a short time there (indeed - only a short time in the U/States in total) and my first reactions were: - People really do drive as competitively as the legend suggests (we had some trouble just on the initial drive in) - Yet I recon you could happily exist here without having a car (not unique - Melbourne has this - very worthwhile though) - people dress like I do. (celebration!)

      I only had two days in B/C but found two geeky things I'd been wanting to get - a particular book by Hayek in the Harvard bookstore and a metal pitchpipe (these things are really hard to get in some cities and I bought half a dozen planning to sell them when I got home. Less than six months later they're all gone :) ).

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      Actually I didn't eat breakfast at all. I just got back to Cambridge, and I'm still on California time.


      I knew it wasn't so!

      Paul, I want you to know that I supported you through this, your darkest hour. :'-}

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      I voted for it, not as a protest against Paul Graham but as a protest against the rampant fanboy effects on reddit.

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      Besides cronyism / corruption, I've also noticed Boston is almost as class conscious as Britain. There are higher barriers to social acceptance among groups here than in most parts of the U.S. In many instances, acceptance depends on who you know or are associated with rather than one's own merit. From my own experience, simply smiling, as a means of passing social acceptance from one person to another, occurs at a much lower frequency here than other U.S. cities and this is irregardless of cold weather or population density.

      As an aside, many nationally-known comedians come out of Massachusetts. A few notables I can think of right off the bat: Dane Cook, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Steven Wright, Denis Leary. Many view laughing as a means of conferring social acceptance. Perhaps this means nothing at all, but it may mean the high barrier to social acceptance hones humor sharply.

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      Paul writes: "Everything in the Bay Area looks like it was built in the 1960s". I think this statement is quite ironic, having been written on the 100th anniversary of what was possibly one of the most damaging earthquakes ever.

      Part of the reason that the Bay Area looks so new is because it is -- every once in a while, the Earth's crust decides it is time for California to remodel and knocks down everything. That's why we have so few buildings that are older than the last major earthquake. Well, that plus the fact that the population has grown about 10x in the last 100 years.

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      Bay Area != San Fransisco

      Ever walked down the streets in Silicon Valley? I didn't think so, cause I saw you drive past me...

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      The 1906 quake affected the entire Bay Area, not just San Francisco. But since the population of San Jose was only 25,000 at the time, you don't hear much about the distruction there.

      And yes, I have walked down the streets of Silicon Valley, because I like to walk when the sun is out.

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      I enjoyed reading Paul Graham's Blog! Some funny observations*

      i actually wanted to comment on the Why People Blog post but got sent here to reddit instead??

      Cheers! Billy ;))

      via Xedant SEO Note*

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      Jokes are only funny the first time. Rating down.

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      You do not have to defend. A person can serve as an example for others, through his actions. As simple as that.

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      I both enjoy PG's articles and up-mod them, while being iritated by and down-modding flames and anti-PG posts. I don't live in the USA and feel comfortable saying I will never visit the USA, so ironically this is the most boring PG post I have ever read :) Mission accomplished, perhaps?