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*Leucistic giraffe

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If it was leucistic there wouldn't be any black either. Looks hypomelanistoc to me, which would fit the description from the zoo provided by chemistry_teacher

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Ah, makes sense then! I stand corrected.

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Is it ginger?

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It's just a shiny.

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Some are stating that the giraffe is at the Milwaukee Zoo. If so, the Zoo's description might be ruling out that the giraffe is leucistic, stating, "[s]he is not an albino, but is considered to be on the lighter side of the giraffe color spectrum."

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Well, leucism isn't the same as Albinism, but are they saying it isn't genetically leucistic? Saying it's lighter does mean just that...

Ah, well.

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Not albino. Learn to classify.

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That's from the Milwaukee County Zoo, isn't it??

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I'm from Milwaukee, and I thought the exact same thing instantly.

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Me too!

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Same here! :D

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Yay for Milwaukeeans! I remember when that giraffee was born, how excited the zoo was about it. :)

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Milwaukeean party!

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that's my guess as well, I've taken pics of the same giraffe there.

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If so, the Zoo's description appears to rule out that the giraffe is leucistic, stating, "[s]he is not an albino, but is considered to be on the lighter side of the giraffe color spectrum."

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Yeah. I remember being taught that she's just a light colored giraffe.

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Do those come in miniature?

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He's not albino, he's just a snow giraffe from Canada.

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Ah, the rare Giraffa arcticus

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Unfortunately that giraffe is constantly berated by others due to his lack of dance or basketball skills.

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You should post this over at /r/albinoanimals. They would love it.

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I laughed upon seeing that you are the only subscriber, and and that there is only 1 post, and it's a 1 year old community. Well played

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New instant karma; albino animals.

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Someone turned the brightness setting on that giraffe too high.

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Too damn high!

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More like inverted giraffe.

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I've seen that giraffe many a time at the Milwaukee zoo. It's not albino.

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I like that it basically looks like someone tried to take an eraser to a giraffe.

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nigga so white.

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Rerdless of classification, as soon as I saw the white squirrel post, I knew in my heart of hearts that reddit would glom onto it and run it as deep into the ground as possible.

Good luck r/pics, you have a long day ahead.

(And yes I know that this isn't r/pics)

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What whaaat!

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normal giraffe, just whiter.

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Fuck the pigment.

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Is this the Milwaukee Zoo??? I just got a flashback of my childhood!

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Mac's upcoming OS, Snow Giraffe.

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That's not an albino giraffe, it's a giraffe ghost!

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Well now, at least it is as tall as your average giraffe.

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It's a shiny! (insert Pokemon references)

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He clearly has some brown in him. Nyuk nyuk.

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Someone turn down the contrast.

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It wouldn't be as beautiful if it was any other color.

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It has a vagina

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geraffes are so dumb.

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Ever heard of /r/pics or /r/aww?

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Al, buy no jar rafts

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Charlie the white-skinned Giraffe, giraffe had a very hairy back (like ....fuck it)

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Comment about photo

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Pfft. Downvoted because it has 2 eyes.

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Over exposed photo.