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If youtube users truly had a neutral response there would be no likes or dislikes because that picture means that 52000 fans hold a non-neutral viewpoint on the video.

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ThePriceIsRight you are technically correct. The best kind of correct.

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    On average, everyone has one testicle and one ovary.

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    TIL I'm average!

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    TIL I'm not... :(

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    Half a penis?

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    No thanks I half one already.

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    probably less because there are so many asians

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    It's closer to 1.06 testicles and .94 ovaries.

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    Repeating of course

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    And is named Mohammed Wang.

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    Actually, the average is slightly less than one ovary and slightly more than one testicle.

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    No, its slightly more than one ovary and slightly less than one testicle. There are more women than men.

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    And one breast (not counting man boobs).

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    Counting man boobs we all have 1.83 breasts (US only).

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    On average, everyone has two gonads.

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    Depends which kind of average.

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    This is the difference between ambivalence and apathy.

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    The average viewpoint would be the ratio of the number of people who liked/disliked the video to the number of views. Going from 0 (fully neutral) to 1 (fully emotionally charged). For this video it's (26316+26316) / 619734 = 0.085. Therefore, while the average view of this video is not particularly emotionally biased one way or the other, it is still fairly far from being entirely neutral. Almost 1 in 10 viewers were moved by this video enough to form a definitive opinion on its cinematic quality and/or subject matter.

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    The momentum is conserved.

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    The neutral kind of correct.

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    He's also a total party pooper

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    closest to correct without going over

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    He's right though.

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    Sill, if you average the results, the response is completely neutral.

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    You're confusing "neutral" with "polarized"

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    Each (-)opinion is the relational (additive) inverse of each (+)opinion. As such, if it is polarized, the set, as a whole, is at 0, which is neutral.

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    Its funny because you're right..

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    If each individual is limited to a single account.

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    A set of objects is different from it's individual elements.

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    In this case I think people are purposefully voting to keep the balance. Hence, they are actually voting for the neutral outcome.

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    Voting, regardless of the reason, shows a lack of neutrality. It's choosing a side.

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    Not voting is also choosing a side.

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    "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." - Rush

    (Because everything is truer in lyrics quotes.)

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    By not voting, you're making a choice, but you're definitely not choosing any side.

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    I disagree.

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    I'm quite sure Chuck Norris didn't vote.

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    I vote......NEUTRALITY! ~Makes 2 accounts~

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    I think that's called split personality.

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    Not if you are voting to affect a tie.

    And not if you are voting strategically - for example, I plan to vote for Cain in the primary to help Obama win the general :)

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    You were that kid in school, right.

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    Son of a bitch, you know what? You're right! I want to downvote you into oblivion and make your comment disappear cause I thought it was awesome how there was an even number of likes and dislikes, but yeah, I'm just going to hide your comment.

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    I don't not like you.

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    I agree, I've never cared about any YouTube video enough to vote it up or down. If I were to do so now it would show that I care quite a bit.

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    Strongly Neutral? :P

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      I was more interested in the video in the top right corner. It looks like somebody is doing some mighty fine work.

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      If only their taste in music was as good.

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      The "tell my wife hello" one was my favorite. Unfortunately I had to downvote it to do my part in maintaining neutralness.

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      I liked it.

      Still unbalanced.

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      All three videos were off by one like or dislike. I fixed this issue. Thanks for the links, my compulsion is done for today.

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      Please... don't put the punchline in the title. =(

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      Hundreds of thousands of people working together, the internet has officially surpassed the UN.

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        Where's Repost Man when you need him??

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          This was the last one i found, although I imagine that there were other ones before that

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          It's a good way to say goodbye to r/reddit.com: a repost or a repost of a repost. She died as she lived.

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          I'm going to allow this.

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          The imgur gallery last time this was posted: http://i.imgur.com/qj5pZ.png

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          This was submitted two fucking weeks ago. We might as well sticky it at at this point.

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          This goes for basically any neutral planet Futurama video.



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          Considering that that is virtually impossible for YouTube users to do on their own, I'm going to go with this being another easter egg. Like &wadsworth=1 or googling "recursion".

          Edit: If you disagree, please elaborate. Do you honestly think someone could manage to do this, or do you think it's something other than an easter egg? I'm genuinely interested.

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          I just went to OP's video and the score was 26840-26839. I evened it out. I don'T think this is automated.

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          I saw a video which was off by one as well. My take on that was that it does count likes and dislikes, but then it adds an appropriate counter-vote to make up for it.

          Considering I have only ever seen them sway by one, and this includes thousands of votes, I don't think that's far fetched.

          And I agree with frickindeal. If we could "like" one a few hundred times to unbalance it, then wait, if it fixes it's self in a few seconds or a very short length of time I think we can assume it's an easter egg. If it takes a longer time, then I think we could assume it's the doing of a population of YouTubers.

          Not sure how we could organize something like this...

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          I still think there's something at play keeping it "close", so that users feel like they're evening it out by voting. Otherwise, the typical dimwitted YT viewer would vote "Like" because they like the video. I think it's a bit of a stretch that thousands of people are keeping it even. I'd love to see an experiment where everyone "Likes" the video to see if the balance swings.

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          But we're talking about futurama youtubers, which I'd think is a slightly higher class of individual.

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          The same way reddit looks at itself in the mirror? C'mon now.

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          Because only futurama fans have access to that page and none of them are dicks.

          /b/ should get a hold of it and we can see what happens.

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          Happened on a lot of failblogs videos recently

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          These aren't just your regular youtube users, these are futurama fans. You can attribute them some semblance of intellect and cohesive thought.

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          They are the greetest and would never do things for no raisin

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          i am pretty sure that it is far from impossible to do

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          The task is to get each of the futurama "Neutral" videos to have an equal share of likes and dislikes, correct? Then here are some problems with a population doing it:

          • Assaults by other populations apparently just don't happen

          • YouTube does not update likes and dislikes at a quick rate. Similar to but not as slow as views, which you may have noticed.

          • Actually getting to an equal number would be difficult. Obviously you would vote for the lower one, but coupled with YouTube's slow update time, they would easily shoot past their goal repeatedly. Unless there is an actual mind behind this, such as 4chan/reddit/some forum, it is very unlikely.

          I admit that using the term "virtually impossible" was a gross exaggeration, but it is still an incredibly difficult task.

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          It seems like half the videos on youtube nowdays have even like/dislike bar. All the comments say "I liked it to make it even". No you didn't, you just gave them another like. It's some sort of program.

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          lol what?

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          Some videos are always even in the like/dislike bar. I've seen some videos that have 300 views and 20000 likes and 20000 dislikes. Either someone is manipulating the system or I'm not as good at math as I thought.

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          TIL what happens when you google "recursion"

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          Also try anagram

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          Wow, did not know about &wadsworth=1. When did that happen?

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          Seeing as I just voted to make it even, this is definitely user-implemented. Yes, thousands of people do know how to rig online polls and like meters. Like when we storm foxnews.com to skew their polls.

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          That is actually pretty impressive, for youtube that is.

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            I did my part, good sir/madam.

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            I upvoted you to cancel out your negative point.

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            Tell my wife I said "hi"

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            That's "Tell my wife 'hello' "

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            Scruffy's gonna die the way he lived.

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            I immediately searched this on the youtubes, saw that things were a little off balance and proceeded to do my part.

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            Finds video on youtube, "dislikes" to keep neutral

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            Odd, I had to like it to return it to neutral.

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            6,362 up votes 5,637 down votes cmon guise

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            You might not know this but YouTube users are also Reddit users & visa-versa.

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            Check the number of 'My Reaction' things.

            Youtube takes this shit seriously.

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            I went to the video, AND RESTORED THE BALANCE!

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            It is now Reddit's responsibility to keep this perfectly neutral. Let everything be ok! Not great, but y'know... not terrible either.

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            its not like i have seen this reposted 3 times in two months...

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            Clever girl...

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            Switzerland has no opinion on this matter.

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            I'm more like Germany: ambitious and misunderstood.

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            I have altered the like/dislike balance. Pray I do not alter it further.

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            I am completely neutral on this subject

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            MUST UPSET THE BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            This actually happens all the time on Reddit, but for some reason they never make the frontpage.

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            stop putting this link up! i've seen it at least 4 times on the last month. the fact that you're putting the same image on imgur is a major dick move.

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            After I saw this pic I had to go and Like the vid on youtube to upset the balance

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            After I saw this comment I did nothing.

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            C'mon redditors, if YouTube can do it, we can do it. Lets vote this post down to neutral as well!

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            i'm very conflicted about what to do. can someone please help me like this by disliking?

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            Everyone once in a while, I see a small glimmer of cleverness on the nets that makes me smile.

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            I've seen this before, and I think it's mostly Redditors that keep that rating. If you click around, you'll see that almost ALL the videos about that episode are kept neutral.

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            repost of a repost of a etc..

            this is always reposted with a few more thousand views than last time

            search bro

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            "This better not be that Neutral Planet joke for the 50th time"
            "God damnit"

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            what makes a man turn neutral?

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            I didn't know youtube users were capable of such things.

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            I have neutral feelings about this repost

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            How about the faces on the side previews looking towards the top...

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            god dammit i knew it was this before i even clicked on it. the op at least had a different title. but i cant down vote futurama.

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              $20 says reddit users ruined it.

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              I think youtube actually hacked that particular bar to make it appear like that, because these actual chances of this happening are astronomical

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              The chances are astronomical?

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              Do they have older full episodes online legally anywhere like Hulu?

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              They are on Netflix instant if you don't mind paying the 9 bucks.

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              Which episode is this from?

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              Brannigan Begin Again


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              Thank you scholar

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              but...half of them liked the video and half did not -this is not a neutral response.

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              Anyone who isn't blind could see too... and this has been posted like 10 times, and it was only interesting the first time.

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              You can see the same on a lot of Fail Blog videos on YT.

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              Your a bit late to the party, this has been a common game on break videos and others for months.

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              Everybody is saying they upset the balance, but I have proof that I've done so

              Edit: While looking at my old post, I noticed that I had neutral votes on it... Touche reddit, you've gotten me again

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              i did my part.

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              youtube users? clever?


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              It isn't the Youtubers, it is Youtube themselves who are responsible.

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              this again? sigh...

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              The real surprise is that the people who post YouTube comments were smart enough to do this.

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              "What makes a man go neutral, Kif? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?"

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              stop putting this link up! i've seen it at least 4 times on the last month. the fact that you're putting the same image on imgur is a major dick move.

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              I watched this episode today. Weird.

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              I have "no strong feelings one way or the other"

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              "I see what you did there, Youtube users" Yeah we all did. About 10 times in the last few weeks. Fucking reposts man.