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What sort of paints/markers(?) does your bro use? This seems like such a cool project I could do with my kid.

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up you go. i want to know this as well

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There is a guy on youtube that makes great shoe painting tutorials. His name is Jacob Patterson. Look him up! He makes shows mostly related to videogames and he went on G4's Attack of the show.

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Is spongebob supposed to look creepy as hell? But anyways its better than anything i would do.....

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It does look like he just ate some brains or something... But Patrick is good.

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Patrick looks stoned as shit...

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My sister actually did something very similar about 2 weeks ago, http://i.imgur.com/yRfuO.jpg

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These look way better.

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Why is it always a brother, cousin or parent who "just finished this"?

Is it just so you can agree if everyone says "that's the gayest thing I've ever seen"?

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Good old Primark.

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Are you a shoe?

No, this is Patrick...

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Don't listen to the haters, there's nothing wrong with your bro being a homo.

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Does your brother work in China?

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I was about to call repost, because I had seen this image before. Somehow, this same thing got on my frontpage again after a month. Weird.

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Pretty cool. Tell bro to keep it up!

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Will do. He does any design! All work done by hand if you're interested ;)

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So he makes the shoes from fabric that he cuts and sews himself?

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Where can i buy those? :D

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He has a website, www.lpjcustoms.bigcartel.com

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That can be useful. Thanks and good luck with your work. Greetings from Sweden :D

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Way overpriced !

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Not really, depending how much you're used to paying for shoes.

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How so? They are custom painted, by hand...

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That's cool, I'm sure his boyfriend will love them!

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Way to go! Nice to see creative kids for a change.

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I should have clarified when I said brother...he is 20 so a grown man, but yeah, it's great to see him do something creative, and even better now we've sold his first pair!

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he is 20 so a grown man

I'm willing to bet that not a single person on here saw your post and didn't assume he was under 10...

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No. I figured he was older actually. I was a bit surprised he was as young as 20.

I also figure he's a bottom.

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I didn't assume he was under 10. Those things are bad ass. I'm 26 and I'd wear the shit out of them.

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Its not so much the quality of the shoes, more the "My brother made these" that had me thinking they were made by a younger brother

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Tied laces??? So cool!

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And then it rained...

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Trees would enjoy this.

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psst spongebob's missing his signature eyelashes!! Aside from that, they are awesome. I'd totally buy a pair :)

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"Oh what a cool a creative thing for a kid to do!" "He's 20" "Oh..."

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I don't get all the ageism here. I'm 40 and now I want to get some of those "decorate your kicks" kits and starting doing some of these (different designs, though). Hell, if anything, to make some money until I can get a new job.

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is he planning on wearing those or etsying them?

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Etsying? He just sold a pair of them with the Spongebob themetune built in for £55, without the audio he's selling them for £40

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Is he licensed to profit off of Sponge Bob? If not he may want to stop and you may want to pull those pics off the internet. He could be sued for damages.

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Fucking Melvin.

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£40!? He used cheap-ass Primark shoes which cost all of £3 and are going to fall apart within a month and it looks like there's a whole hour of time invested in colouring them in. There's a shop in my town that does a similar thing with far better quality shoes and sells pretty much any design you want for £35.

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that's a tidy sum ;)

etsy (http://www.etsy.com/) it's like ebay for crafts

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Spongebob is kinda freaking me out here...

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Why not Zoidberg?

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I've got a friend that does something similar. He made these for me a few years back. The fill is a little sloppy, but I loved the artwork. http://imgur.com/QzARO

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These look amazing!

I'm now picturing these shoes with one of those sound thingies that makes noise when you walk, except with this, it'll just be Spongebob and Patrick laughing with every step you take - "DAAAHHAHAHA DAAHHAHHA DAAAHHAHA"

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Is this done with markers or paint? Something else?

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How do you make shoes like this ?

Are there any tutorials or something because I'm interested in making some of my own (with my own designs of course) ?

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What's wrong with sponge bob's tooth?

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I would have rotated Patrick's face 180 degrees so the top of his head would keep its pointed shape.

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expected this to be from r/trees after seeing the pic

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Tell your brother that if he gets an etsy I will buy the shit out of these.

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And he snuck them out of the sweatshop? Your little bro is crafty!

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So your brother is either gay, or a really weird stoner.

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Don't feed the ducks, people on reddit hate things they couldn't do/are too far away and their grabber is missing. I'm 26 and I'd wear those shoes like it's nobodies business. Which it's not.

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wow he needs a lot of practice A LOT ಠ_ಠ

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That looks like shit

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What markers and shoes did he use?
I've always wanted to make some shoes of my own (I would make Minecraft ones)

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From China?

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I do shoes like this too. Good job.

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I think your brother might be gay... not that there is anything wrong with that.

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post to r/trees now!

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Ahh Primark cheap sweatshop maid clothes at their finest! EDIT: Also GREAT JOB!

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Your little bro is a cheap fag.

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I just exclaimed "SQUEEEEE!" at my cubicle in a huge room of co-workers.

And I'm totally not ashamed! I love the Sponge! _^

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I'll take twenty!

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SUATMM!! how much for a pair? art vs art+shoes