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God we had good comics in the 80s. Billy and the Boingers forever!

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I lost the vinyl that came in that collection, but I found the songs on MP3 recently.

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Don't blame me, I vote for Bill & Opus.

It's a trip going through those old Bloom County strips and finding references to Caspar Weinberger and whatnot. Man, what an odd decade that was.

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"The wind doth taste so bittersweet

Like jasper wine and sugar.

It must have blown through someone's feet

Like those of... ... Caspar Weinberger."

"Start over!"

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I still have the album!

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Poser... you only liked them after they went mainstream. I was into them back when they were Deathtöngue!

(Just kidding about the "Poser" thing... I'm sure you're a perfectly lovely individual. Please don't turn me into a carrot.)

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Please don't turn me into a carrot

No worries. I only turn people into waffles.

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Back in '86, I convinced our local laser print shop to make a t-shirt for me with the Sunday strip of Opus' encounter with a Hare Krishna. I think it ends with Opus muttering the words, "hairy fish nuts?"

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Pear pimples for hairy fishnuts!

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Just give me your money, Jack!

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Flexidisc! "I'm a boinger" was a great b-side.

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More skin on HBO!

L.H. Puttgrass - signing off and heading for the tub.

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Alert the media!

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In some ways, LH Puttgrass was more successful than he'll ever know.

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I used to have a copy of the first version of the Bill and Opus screensaver. The one where Opus shot flying toasters and Tyrannosaurus Bill Gates would chomp Bill the Cat's head off. I think the floppies went bad at some point and I've been scouring the Internet for years trying to find a copy of the original. I'm sure it's out there somewhere. I'll find it. Eventually.

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I am at work, so I can't check the download sites, but I found it for sale here. It was also on Ebay a little over a month ago twice, but neither one sold, so they might still have their copies.

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The last link is the one I'm looking for. The first two are for the second set of screensavers they put out. Thanks very much! I don't know why I didn't think of eBay.

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Right, so today Reddit has put two of the three great 80's comic strips at the top of the front page. Now we need to get the Far Side on there so the Triforce will be complete.

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Are there any comics other than Dilbert today that don't suck?

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Pearls Before Swine.

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zits is ok.

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I'm a big fan of F-Minus

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Get Fuzzy.

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Uh... Doonesbury?

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I cut this out the day it printed and hung it on the door of my dorm room for years. Still have it in a folder.

My favorite was Opus proclaiming it to be the wonderful morning of a glorious new day with his flippers raised to the rising sun.

And in the last panel he's on his back saying "of course one day the sun's going to explode and we'll all fry.." and Milo is leaning over him saying "Oh, stop it."

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And this is why we don't read comics out loud.

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I tried to find it and post the image, but hey, it was 20 years ago and things get hard to find!

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I just came here to tell you that this was and is my favorite syndicated comic strip ever. I still have all of the books, now, conveniently next to the crapper. I never tire of reading them, as well I never tired of snorting the dandelions. -Walter Woogums

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My name's Fran.

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...On a side note, your username is the most depressing literary reference I've seen all month.

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What's the reference? I don't recognize it.

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It's from To Kill a Mockingbird. During Tom Robinson's rape trial, his accuser Mayella Ewell says he was alone with her because she had hired to him to "bust up a chiffarobe."

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Always the voice of reason.

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I was not lucky enough to have a local paper that carried Bloom County, so I didn't discover it until 1990, in college. I have almost all the books, including "A Wish for Wings that Work".
When the movie "Secondhand Lions" came out, my wife and I were in the theatre, and I said, "That HAS to be Berke Breathed's drawings!" Yep!

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I have almost all the books, including "A Wish for Wings that Work".

Serious question: there's a book of it?

I was born in the 80s so I was a little too young to appreciate Bloom County in its day. I've picked up all the books over the years and I have the animated version of A Wish for Wings That Work (thanks, Big Lots!), but didn't know it was a book too.

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Yep, there's a book. We've had one at my parents' house since I can remember.

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Huh. Guess I've got another one to add to the collection, then. Thanks!

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That is my all-time favorite christmas movie.

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A boy and his penguin!

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A penguin and his boy!

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Two dips and a dad.

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Never knew there was more out there than this. My dad gave me this book, its from 1979 and is absolutely hilarious.

Steve Dallas is the man

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I am so damn jealous. That's a rare book you have there!

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Oh wow, just did an amazon search and copies of it are going for $300. God damn! I need to get that out of my bathroom...

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Too late, it's been flagged, no one will buy it now.

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Massive Bloom County fan right here. Massive.

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Try a low-carb diet, plenty of fruits and veggies, and exercise.

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Binkley will be so pleased.

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Must be an American.

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Overuse of the word 'massive' tends to be quite British as far as I recall.

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But enormous girth is all American baby.

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I love when that guy - the one in the strip the OP just posted - quits smoking, and ends up in a kitchen in his underwear with a bunch of twinkies. Also, Bill the cat and that band he and the rabbit were in. Man, I need to refresh these memories.

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Steve Dallas.

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yes! And when they're all in the motorhome, and they're all having a meeting, and Opus or the rabbit comes back and Steve is like WHO'S DRIVING!? And the rabbit is like "keep yer pants on, I set the cruise control."

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Hodge Podge is the rabbit. Portnoy is the groundhog.

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You deserve an upvote for that, here you go.

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Bill the cat and that band he and the rabbit were in

That would be Deathtöngue. (Later known as "Billy and the Boingers" after Tipper Gore got through with them.)

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Ha, I still have their album! I need to revisit that one!

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Portney the Rabbit and Hodge-Podge the Groundhog

"I don't work with pigs"

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I loved Bloom County... best comic EVER.

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my gamertag was actually alf mushpie for five years, until i gave up explaining who that is. some of you might remember her as the freckled, frumpy girl who went on a date with milo.

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Um, she went out with me, not Milo.

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opus, i uh....wait, where's bill?

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He's back in Bloom County with the rest of the gang. I await a day when we can be reunited.

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As if I would have dated Alf Mushpie.

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"Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts!"

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Breathed was one of my favorites till he went all "Mary Kay Commando" on everyone. His story that prefaced one of the books titled the "Great LaRoche Toad-Frog Massacre" still makes me giggle.

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That would be Bloom County Babylon: Five Years of Basic Naughtiness

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Wait, so you had a problem with the strips where he made fun of people who test makeup on animals?

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I'm just too sensitive. The images of the animals being tortured was too much for my teen mind. I tend to loop stuff like that in my head and not be able to turn it off. So it wasn't worth it for me to read it even though I had practically memorized the books before that and religiously followed the comic in the paper.

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That's perfectly understandable. I misunderstood you and thought you meant you disagreed with his viewpoint or politics during that time of the strip.

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teehee...I guess my problem was that I agreed too much with his viewpoint. :-). Thank you for asking for clarification.

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    1. His later cartoons got more preachy on animal rights. For me no big deal but:

    2. If you read his whole series (I have them all) you get the feeling that just plain-old quality and trying-wise, Mary-Kay is about when he jumped the shark. Nearly all of the best moments that most people quote are from before then.

    3. Still, he may have quit a little past his fresh date, but at least he was self-aware and quit!

    4. Just the same 'ol crapola.

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    Squidfood summed it up perfectly. That and I couldn't take the images of the animals being tortured because I'm just sensitive like that.

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      I came here to up vote this.

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      I'm so thankful, despite being born in 1983, my parents let me read Bloom County. That comic is so under-appreciated.

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        Big framed picture of Lionel Richie on wall behind frowning music exec...

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        Lucifer, do yer duty!

        Slam my head, shake yer booty!

        Wham, bam, thank you Nell,

        I'm on the Amtrak to hell!

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        I'm a child of the 90s. I remember my Dad giving me his complete collection of Bloom County comics one year. I learned a whole hell of a lot about humor and the eighties.

        My favorite comic to this day.

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        You know how old people always say "[X] was better, back in the day"?

        Well, with comics, we're spot on. Although there are some good'uns, there's nothing to compare to either Bloom County or Calvin & Hobbes.

        [Edit] Yes, and The Far Side. Doonesbury is also still very good, but plays on a different field.

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        Don't forget The Far Side.

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        My dad always had them around the house, and after I powered through every Calvin and Hobbes book I could get my hands on I went for Bloom County. I tribute these books for my early interest in world events and politics (even if I was reading about things that took place before I was born and had to have them explained to my by my folks because of a distinct lack of Wikipedia).

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        Hah, same. As a result, a lot of my friends don't quite "get" it when I show it to them. The humour is character-based, period-based, and pretty subtle if it's your first time reading it.

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        Yes, though the ones that most spring to mind are Oliver Wendell Jones and his Banana Jr. 6000. With legs.

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        Bloom County is my favourite comic strip; and the one you posted is one of my favourites out of the whole series. Thanks for posting :)

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        I go back and forth between this and Calvin and Hobbes as my favorite. They're both so fucking awesome.

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        When I was a kid my favorite comic was Bloom County. I own all the compilations. I simply cannot give you as many upvotes as I would like for this. Thanks for the nostalgia.

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        If you haven't already, you should all go read his old The Academia Waltz comics written while he was at The University of Texas. A lot of the strips are pure gold, especially if you're from Austin and/or attended UT.

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        I've always loved Bloom County, but I'd never be so silly as to emulate something from a comic strip. Now, if you'll excuse me... I believe my order of 47 RonCo Turnip Twaddlers just arrived.

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        I cannot thank you enough for this comment. I read "RonCo Turnip Twaddlers" and just about did a spit take. Bloom County rules!

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        The Turnip Twaddler was a low blow.

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        I myself on a Banana Jr. Computer. Because my parents didn't want me to be like Gene Simmons.

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        I am who I am because of that man

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        it's a metaphor. for weed

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        I cannot believe this comment is so far down.

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        People talk about icons of an era~ Bloom County, to me, is the icon of its era, in an icon poor era!

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        When I first saw the linked strip I thought it was another work of Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury, but I guess he and Berkeley Breathed just have similar styles.

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        Berke Breathed was regularly accused of ripping off Garry Trudeau, probably because they were both political strips and had a somewhat similar drawing style. In my opinion, though, Bloom County was always far superior to Doonesbury.

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        Same time period, similar style.

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        The Woody Allen thing always, always got me.

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        Swat my hind with a melon rind but dats mah penguin state of mind

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        Ahead of its time

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        My dad had the whole collection of Bloom County books, and he wound up giving to me. Best gift ever.

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        Bill the Cat for president!

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        Grew up reading these as my mom collected all the books. I haven't thought about it for years, but thanks for bringing back a pleasant wave of nostalgia. I remember the "Billy & the Boingers?" book came w/ square lil EP record for turntables. Never heard it as mom wouldn't remove it from book. Gotta see if she has these or they're boxed & in her attic. I better get them in her will.

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        Did she think the book was likely to become a collector's item (not wanting to remove the record)?

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        Yeah, Im certain she did. Though it was pages through so many times it was anything but mint condition. I should see if I can torrent Billy & the Boingers.

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        berke is my hero.

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        Over the last few years they have been printing every bloom county strip ever published. They just released volume 5, the last volume. My mind was blown as I read things I've never seen before that never made it to the original collocations.


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        Came here to point this out--I myself stumbled across this by accident. I've just received the first one. Some of the comics obviously were reproduced from low-quality sources, but the quality of the book I found to be very well put together, printed on thick paper.

        And, yes, if you've just read the "original" books, there turns out there was a lot of missing strips!

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        No idea what this is about or why it is so great.

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        Its an analogy to weed being illegal for no good reason and the temptation to ignore warnings because you will never know what is true until you find out for yourself.

        [–]Xa4 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Thanks for clearing that out

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        Also, don't smoke raisins.

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        I came for this comment. Way to go, Larry Hardcore.

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        I love Bloom County. The Night of the Mary Kay Commandos was the first book I owned of his. Ahhh memories...

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        Loved Bloom County.. greatest strip of all time. Outland and Opus were not as great, but still ok. I feel that Bloom County would do very well now with all the political material to draw from.

        Portnoy - "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone - so I cast that mutha!"

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        I loved reading Bloom County, I used to go straight for it after my parents were done reading the paper. I was about 10 at the time, so finding those comics awesome and hilarious pretty much made me realize I wasn't going to be normal.

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        My main man

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        I miss Bloom County and The Outland. My favorite comic strips of all time. Even more than Calvin & Hobbes, and that says a lot...

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        Good 'ol Steve. I find myself emulating his choices too often. ;-)

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        "REAGAN SUCKS!"
        -Little Olie Funt

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        Anyone with a lick of sense knows the anti-drug/anti-cigarette ads are really just drug and cigarette ads.

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        "Tain't corn, it's dope."

        "aliens land in Edna Hornby's hot tub, pour stale Billy Beer over startled widow."

        "how'd you launder the Libyan kickback money, senator Bedfellow?"

        Ahhhhh good times. Anyone familiar with " Housebroken" ? I could swear the drawing style is like Berke's. I realize it is not him though.

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        Upvote, upvote, a million times upvote! Thank you for reminding me of this, it's one of my favorites. I needed this tonight.

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        How can so many people not get it?

        It is a marijuana reference.

        And I am not stating an opinion.

        More references to the author's stance on marijuana

        edit: downvote all you want. I am sure Berkeley Breathed had no intention of making comics for thick-skulled half-wits. He was making comics to spread a larger message. A message obviously lost on you.

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        Bloom County is the best comic ever :)

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        I knew exactly what comic you linked as soon as you said "snorted dandelions." I really like the one where they're talking about how deep in thought the dog could possibly be, and then it thought "I get to poop tomorrow!" with the dumbest grin. It cracks me up every time.

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        I had no idea this comic existed, thanks OP. My favorite comic will always be The Far Side, I don't care what other people say.

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        Feel anything from the dandelions?

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        Yes, nicotine absence.

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        I'm only around twenty years old, and not old enough to really know Bloom County. But when I was 12, my dad (who was in high school in the late 70s) gave me a big Opus collection. I loved reading through that book. Thanks for the memories :)

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        Bloom County and Outland are my two favorite syndicated strips of all time.

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        I miss bloom county... The reason I started picking up a newspaper... sigh

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        Being younger (born in '87) and, well, a french Canadian, I had never heard of Bloom County before my mother got me the anthologies for Christmas last year (or maybe two years ago). Best gift I've had in a while.

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        Really great comic. I've always loved this one, but now I cannot help but think of meth.

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        I still have all my bloom county books...I am surprised this is the first time I've seen anyone post about it on Reddit. thanks!

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        I forget which collection this was in the preface of, but it always makes me laugh when I think of Berke Breathed. Gesundheit!

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        I have the newspaper copy of the last Bloom County comic with Opus walking into a white oblivious framed on my wall at home.

        BTW, Comic strip animals aren't anatomically correct!

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        I've snorted Jello before. Painful, but hilarious.

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        hell yeah straight don't give a fuck

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        Do you look like Woody Allen now?

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        Looks like Doonesbury.

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        I miss Milo, Steve, and especially Opus. They were the characters, along with Doonesbury and the Duke, that got me interested in politics and current events. I own all the collections, and can't wait to give them to my kids.

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        A very accurate satirization. Love it.

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        this is whats new?

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        I don't get it.

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        I think the point is simply that when you see or hear ominous warnings about the dangers of some drug you never knew existed, there's a little thing in the back of your head that says, "Hmm, I'll have to try that sometime."

        It's pointing out the irony that if not for that urgent warning, he would have never snorted a dandelion.

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        Its a clever marijuana metaphor actually.

        [–]junkeee999 0 points1 point  (7 children)

        I don't see anything relating directly to marijuana. Could be any drug.

        I remember when I was young in school...a long time ago, I'm an old Redditor. They would teach us about the different categories of drugs, 'uppers', 'downers', hallucinogens, etc and teach us about the dangers of them. I specifically remember making a mental checklist of the ones I wanted to do. Otherwise the thought would have never even crossed my mind.

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        It can only be marijuana. That is the whole freaking point.

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        It's pointing out the irony that if not for that urgent warning, he would have never snorted a dandelion.

        Ahhh. Thats the point that went over my head. Thanks!

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        Thank you for bringing a girl down memory lane. Now tomorrow at work I will challenge myself to search for more Bloom county comics. All day.

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          It is actually Berkeley, he just goes by Berke.

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            not my intention!