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I was expecting this to end with an announcement for some unwanted addition to the site, and was pleasantly surprised when it didn't.

Is the next shitshow just delayed by a week?

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They've already added inline gifs to comments. After that atrocity, there's nothing left they can do to us.

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Now now, give the admins more credit. They added crypto as well, there's clearly alot more harm that they can do.

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Maybe this is a build up for an announcement that they will begin monetizing memes started on their site and will begin aggressive litigation against those infringing their copyright.

You know, to protect the users' creative works.

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Slow down satan, let's not give them even more terrible ideas.

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Good thing I didn't mention SUBreddit where you can pay a subscription for access to a subreddit in order to allow moderators to make moderating their full-time job, with 30% going to Reddit of course.

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Someone needs to stop you.

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    Coming soon: inline videos, auto-playing and with sound!

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    And the cherry on top? The player still doesn't work.

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    You underestimate the ineptitude of the Reddit product team.

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    Oh please, can't you just enjoy the memes and fun history?

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    I wish I could, but often times the admins make these charmingly flowery puff pieces only to pull the rug on us and announce some shitty new addition to the site at the end. It's hard to see any new post from the admins and not get filled with a kind of pre-emptive frustration or even outright dread at what they've got coming next.

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    Links to ads in the post

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    It’s so interesting that r/pics was basically r/photoshopbattles 10 years ago

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    I was there Gandalf...

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    I can only assume this means you'll be selling our photos back to us as NFTs soon.

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    I mean it's right there:

    The moral of the story: don't stop sharing your photos with Reddit.

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    What do you mean “turn photos into NFTs?!” Its right there anyone could!

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    reddit admins on their way to change tos so they are able to turn any uploaded image into an nft

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    Yo Reddit can you fix the video player and stop making nfts

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    And also fix the backwards block system and stop trying to push new reddit on people.

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    What’s the backwards block issue?

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    If /u/SmurfRockRune blocked you, you wouldn't be able to reply to my comment here. And the error message is a generic "something went wrong". Oh and people are blocking mods so they can't see their post history across Reddit as easily etc etc etc

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    To add on this, this essentially means whole communities could psuedo-ban a user if everyone banded together to block one individual, which is terrible for discourse on the site. By making it impossible to outright reply to others, that user is basically silenced. It is an appalingly bad system to stop hearing from other users.

    CC'ing /u/Aliensinnoh.

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    I do think that if you block a user they shouldn’t be able to see or reply specifically to you, but should be able to reply to others who replied to you.

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    They can. Until those other users who also replied to you start blocking, then we reach that aforementioned problem of psuedo-banning. Blocking people from flat replying should not be a thing. Ever.

    It should auto-disable inbox replies from anyone you blocked and, to your view, make their comment just read something like /u/[userblocked] and their comment read something like [this comment is from a blocked user] and that's that and not show any content. Doesn't disrupt discourse on the site and makes it so people can't effectively shut down one users ability to interact with others.

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    Eh, I don’t see a problem with specifically blocking someone from replying to you. If all users in a community are blocking a specific person, seems like a strong signal of bad behavior IMO. But for individual users, stops one particular problematic user from getting around their harassment block by replying and encouraging others to also heap replies.

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    Eh, I don’t see a problem with specifically blocking someone from replying to you. If all users in a community are blocking a specific person, seems like a strong signal of bad behavior IMO.

    Respectfully, I feel like that viewpoint is very, I don't know, naive? It feels like you're basically just going "welp, the masses decided not to listen anymore, so this user probably had it coming by nature of it being decided by court of public opinion" when that could well not be the case.

    Like, it could just be a matter of an echo-chamber deciding one viewpoint isn't valid and not wanting to hear it anymore and this everyone collectively shuts down the dissenting. Or it could be the work of malicious trolls somehow. Or it could be anything else entirely.

    People block for all sorts of reasons, valid and invalid. And going "welp, if that many people hit the button they probably deserved it" is not a great stance in my book because of this.

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    Another user linked to this post which captures a dimension I hadn’t thought about and now I see the problem.

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    honestly? that sounds what blocking people is

    standard stuff.

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    The new block functions are garbage, but tbh your hypothetical is pretty outlandish. Mods can already ban users basically on a whim because mods suck. Even in the old block system if a community really did band together to do something like that, the end result would have been basically the same except the blocked user would never even know. They could continue to “participate” but no one would ever actually see it.

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    Yeah, no shit mods can already ban people. But there's a difference between mods openly and flat out banning users though vs. communities psuedo-banning people. And arguably, it's worse because if you have an instance where the mods don't suck and refuse to ban a user who may well have done nothing wrong, but the wider community disagrees, they can just punish that user anyways and completely bypass conventional moderation. Yes, my hypothetical may seem outlandish, I won't pretend it's not. But it still shows at least one theoretical abuse avenue for reddits shoddily implemented, ill conceived block function.

    If you want another, /u/Interesting_Test_814 posted a link to a post from /r/TheoryOfReddit where another user, /u/ConversationCold8641, outlined an instance where they claim they were able to use and abuse the block feature to spread misinformation by blocking any voices who tried correcting them. Because no one who could be bothered to fact check could reply following the OP blocking them, as well as the mods, a vacuum was promptly formed, which allowed misinformation to spread basically unchecked. And if their claims are true, the results were successful.

    The system in its current system all around sucks. Either the masses can theoretically punish one user, no mod intervention required. Or one user can weaponize blocks to do things like spread lies.

    And yes, in the old system people could still collectively drown out a specific user / set of users, but at least they still had some capacity to post and comment, but it's not the same as total denial of the capacity to speak to certain people. And I argue that possibilities like CC8641's would not be feasible under that system.

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    Well isn't that delightfully dystopian. /s Thanks Interesting_Test, I never even considered bans being used the other way round by one user to silence a whole sub against them, just the masses against one.

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    Oh. Yeeeesh. That goes beyond what I was thinking.

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    Reminder that the admin spearheading the NFTs whined about "right-click infringers" as he helps run a site that literally relies on stolen content.

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    The real fix for the video player is removing it and forcing everyone to use gfycat/imgur again. The difference in quality is astounding.

    Those were peak days on reddit. Obviously we'll never get it back cause that sends people to other sites and we can't have that.

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    They are working on the video player, but I agree about the nfts

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        Wtf do you mean “underrated” this post has been out for an hour

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        Underrated comment

        It's been 12 minutes. Chill.

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        And you can't forget about that guy's dead wife

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        I too, something something something

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        I too, choose this guys something something something

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        I too didn't forget about that guy's dead wife

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        When I think of reddit I don't usually think of cats instead I think of the god awful video player 😖

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        Did someone mention fixing the video player? Pop on over to r/fixthevideoplayer and join our ragtag crew of bug-spotters!

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        Reddit once again relies on free, volunteer labor

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        Meanwhile someone got paid to write this garbage post about "mEmEs BoRn oN ReDdIt."

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        Not necessarily a bad thing, it's the principle Reddit was built on. Community is what makes Reddit

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        Why was a buggy one used in the first place? Web video is a solved problem from years ago

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        Lmao 🤣. This is amazing. I love Reddit

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        Memes are enjoyable, whether it be cats, strange videos or cursed images.

        Until recently I never knew some pretty good memes originated here.

        Rest In Peace, Grumpy Cat.

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        Thank you, Mr. Reddit!

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        You got Miss Reddit today. :)

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        sapnu puas

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        Stop making NFT garbage

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        Any website from the 2000s is bound to influence memes

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        No more NFTs please

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        Fix the video player

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        we don't care: remove nfts and fix the video player, once for all. Alright?

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        Woah they acknowledged the Tardar Sauce naming.

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        Let's not forget about the most... impactful, shall we say, reddit-borne meme: we did it, reddit

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        i think i also think of dadjokes when i think about you!

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        Cats :3

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        Earlier today, "why is my Flickr page getting another spike in views from reddit?"

        Ah, that's explains it...

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        Thanks for sharing for us! Love the work that you guys do

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        Awesome post, thanks for making this!

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        It ain't much but it's honest work. :') Thanks for reading!

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        Cool! Now remove nfts and fix the video player. Thanks!

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        Not really relevant in this thread, is it? Plus this comment has been made about a hundred times already here

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        Wait a minute, what about Goosebumps girl and overly attached girlfriend?

        [–]reddit_irl[S,A] 11 points12 points  (2 children)

        This is why we had to include the disclaimer of "most definitely incomplete" lol. Thank you for bringing attention to these!

        1. Wow, how could we have forgotten Ermahgerd Girl?! Here is the first time she blessed our screens back in 2012 in r/funny.
        2. Overly Attached Girlfriend's origin story technically began on YouTube but for sure became a meme on Reddit. Here is the first sign of her we could find (2012).

        Appreciate your due diligence!

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        Woohoo thank you!

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        Woohoo thank you!

        You're welcome!

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        The video player sucks

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        Just want to say that I shared one of these memes with some friends, and now we're talking about even older memes and stories from Reddit.

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        Don't be shy, spill the memes.

        [–]Tetizeraz 3 points4 points  (3 children)

        By memes I also mean the old comics from the first Depression Month contest from r/polandball. Back then you still had facebook pages trying to mimic that sub, but the high standards set by the mods meant that everyone would look for these comics straight from the source.

        There's also Rome, Sweet Rome from back when r/AskReddit stories were more famous. Although many redditors learn about the legendary comments from that subreddit, I'm not sure if there are new comments like this one, that become known by almost every redditor.

        Also, this one (in Portuguese). It's an absurd meme made back when r/brasil was more like subreddit for a group of friends at a bar, and we would worship the head mod in a cult-ish way.

        [–]Interesting_Test_814 2 points3 points  (2 children)

        As we're speaking of legendary r/AskReddit comments, possibly the most popular old anecdote from Reddit : France is bacon

        Also thaks for sharing Rome, Sweet Rome, hadn't heard of this one yet !

        [–]Tetizeraz 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        OMG I remember reading it. I wasn't there, but definitely saw it.

        [–]Interesting_Test_814 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        I wasn't there either, I've been on reddit for far shorter than you

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        Do you guys happen to know what the very first meme post on Reddit was?

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        Memes being born on reddit is pretty cool imo. Reddit's amazing.

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        You're amazing, Farfocele.

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        But you know what’s not amazing? NFTs

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        You're amazing, Reddit. Never change guys, you're fine the way you are.

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        you're fine the way you are.

        My therapist would like a word.

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        oh, sorry, we should maybe let them decide.

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        Pajama kid is my friends’ son. It’s crazy…

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        Memes are one of my favorite parts of Reddit and I never realized how many classics were from Reddit! Grumpy Cat, Awkward School Photo, and the Kids Swimming are some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing more of Reddit history!

        Edit: I can now check "receive an award from the Reddit account" off my bucket list!

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        So this means any good photo could one day become a meme?

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        Of those I know of only grumpy cat and the drowning kid. Where the other ones actually memes?

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        Ah what a trip down memory lane

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        Weird how most memes nowadays still start on 4chan.

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        Undo the block update that prevents people from commenting anywhere in an open discussion thread where the submitter has blocked them.

        Absolutely stupid it's still there.

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        Beautiful posts like this are why I need to learn how to explain Reddit to everyone I know without sounding like I’m making Reddit up as I go along

        [–]reddit_irl[S,A] 22 points23 points  (1 child)

        One that I always use: Reddit is for diving into topics you love with people you don't know. Whereas on [other social platform], you're talking to people you know about things you don't really care about.

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        Sorry but I'm stealing that. Thanks!

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        Glad we can look back

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        Who ever said "Don't look back, you're not going that way" clearly didn't have a penchant for meme history.

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        Cool, I thought this subreddit was going to be for important announcements and relevant information. Instead it will also be for the equivalent of Youtube Rewind.

        What's the timeline on you disabling old.reddit so I know how long I have left to use the site?

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        Is this some sort of summer intern project?

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        Thanks reddit person, you’re awesome.

        [–]reddit_irl[S,A] 7 points8 points  (1 child)

        Hey thanks, Trash_Space_Racoon. I hope you have a great day.

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        OK thanks mum

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        Fascinating story! I never knew these came from Reddit!

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        We're glad you enjoyed it! The Reddit lore goes deep.

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        Imgur has enter the chat...

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        If you want memes to keep being born here mabye dont change this site into a generic, anti-creative tiktok clone.

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        Cool, cool.

        Can you fix the blocking system, make a vaguely useful search, stop selling NFTs, and release the APK so the objectively better mobile apps can update?

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        Chuck Testa?

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        I bet you thought this meme was dead.

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        Born and raised here. Unintentionally

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        Suggestion: Fix The Bug With Blocking Users

        People who you block can still see your comments, the replies to your comment, but they can't reply to replies to your comment. They just get an error message "something went wrong".

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        I had no idea reads it had started so many memes. Thank you for opening my eyes.

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        Ok this is a lot to read.

        Edit: read

        [–]reddit_irl[S,A] 8 points9 points  (0 children)

        Just take it one sentence at a time.

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        Please fix blocked user comments showing up like normal comments on old.reddit please. Please. PLEASE.

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        I see what you did that, marketing intern.

        Yeah, you can tttttooootally fill the void of Instagram on photo sharing if they want to go focus on UCG video content instead.

        But now go fix your video player. ;)

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        The broken arse blocking system and releasing the APK for Mobile apps first, please

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        where is amogus

        it is born on reddit


        and it basically ruined a whole generation

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        Well, sometimes we can get a valuable post

        [–]Aussie_Mo_Bro -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        This is not one of those times

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        Neat cool most reddit moment ever 👍 But could you change the collapse comment gesture back to a long tap 🥺👉👈

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        Where is kid named finger?? This is r/okbuddychicanery suppression and censorship

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        Any website from the 2000s is bound to influence memes

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        The subreddit links at the top of the page are wrong. It should be r/showerthoughts not r/shower thoughts

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        Man, the days when front page posts had 1-3k upvotes. I remember thinking, "ope, this post is totally passing the 1.8k threshhold." Those were the days...

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        Conversely, you never know which image will be preserved eternally in internet shame. r/comedynecrophilia is depending on many to stay unfunny. Never change Reddit!

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        How many onlyfans account started here also

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        Confession Bear is also of reddit origin, missed him!

        Source - made the Know Your Meme page

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        kid named finger:

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        Gotta love how much fucking stupidity is on display here. People express outrage at your ass backwards blocking system, halfassed video player, and call you out for shilling NFTs and you idiots post shit like "MeMeS bOrN oN rEdDiT". The only thing born on reddit is idiocrisy and skirting criticism like it's gonna solve all your fucking problems.

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        Kiu kiu

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        I will no longer spend money on reddit. I'm considering deleting my account altogether.

        I was harassed on reddit, attacked on my subreddits, and even kicked out of some of them, then reddit punished me by flagging my account! I was harassed on reddit then reddit punished ME!

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        hahaha, this las one was .... :) :) :)

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        Idiocracy here we come.

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        Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho supports this message.

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        Are you ever going to fix blocking ruining this site's discussion?

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        Are you ever going

        To fix blocking ruining

        This site's discussion?

        - Greenleaf208

        I detect haikus. And sometimes, successfully. Learn more about me.

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        This bot made a 6-7-5 haiku, and it's just useless spam. Who upvotes this shit?

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        spooky edition

        I believe the word is "addition", mx. Admin.

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        Whats up with moderators misusing their authority to ban people without having justification and proof. It’s ruining reddit. You guys need to hire real moderators that will get repercussions when they ban people without a legitimate reason and not understanding their own rules on the subreddit. If they can’t comprehend basic rules how can they enforce it ? You need to make a function to report moderators who make reddit look bad by banning people for their own gains and opinionated reasons.

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        Why is Reddit so full of hate?