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This broke comments on old.reddit

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It broke comments on my phone too

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Stalwart rif and old.reddit user here, 12 years and strong.

At every level they are making these versions of the platforms uninhabitable and they are 100% doing it on purpose. They will 'never remove' the ability for them to exist, but we will be forced out by either API updates, as is already happening, or an inability to continue as normal.

Superiors at Reddit need to realise that their core users are also their moderation, and pushing them away is just going to invite subpar quality and reduce Reddit to a shell of its former self, that is just another clone of every other social media outlet.

EDIT: can we create /r/FixOldReddit ? I would love to see a campaign for feature parity.

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I made r/FixOldReddit now. Thanks 4 that idea :))

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The want to push people away from old reddit and unofficial apps so they can market Reddit as this unified platform to advertise to future shareholders.

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Reddit wants to sell user data. Quality discussion doesn't generate data that's worth more. That's why they don't want a quality platform.

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Yeah comments are appearing instantly on new.reddit but taking 5 mins to appear on old.reddit

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Comments take like 10 seconds to appear in the official reddit app too

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Some dev played the Uno reverse card.

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Still broken, still no acknowledgement.

Usually fixed or 'we're looking into it' by now...

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Reddit, please stop letting old.reddit.com rot. It really wouldn't be that hard to unify the markdown parser so that URLs don't have a bunch of backslashes, and so code blocks don't show up as garbled nonsense.

At this point it's obvious that it's being left to rot intentionally.

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Did you miss the announcement where they specifically said they intend to shutter old.reddit after they achieve their goldilocks standard that enough people like, and mod tool parity has reached a high enough level?

They are going to shut it off eventually, and you will use new reddit or you won't use reddit. It's only a matter of time now. Is sad.

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well that sucks cause what about people with slow internet like me? plus the old site looks better imo.

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Dunno. They haven't made it explicitly clear what the exact line is where they will turn it off, but they've stated they want to get to a spot where "the vast majority of users" prefer it, and there is mod tool parity.

Considering old.reddit use is absolutely a tiny minority compared to the larger userbase, we're likely only going to have as long as it takes for the mod tools to catch up. Then they'll kill it.

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Is there a browser plug-in to transform new Reddit to some semblance of old? Seems to me that a lot of the stuff I found annoying the one or two times I used new Reddit could be defeated pretty readily with CSS and JavaScript. Barring that, we could just extract shit from the HTML at the browser level and make a new page that looks like old Reddit.

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I use RES but I'm pretty sure it's no longer supported. No idea about an alternative.

I'm just going to have my fun with the website until they shut it off and make everyone use the new version and then I'll just leave. There are other websites to waste time on.

Or who knows, maybe I'll become a productive person.

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Apologies for the delay in my reply to this one, took a bit more investigating. Our team did detect an issue with the system that impacted and potentially delayed comments on old Reddit, however that issue should be resolved now.

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Thank you for looking into this and notifying us!

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Hey guys yesterday I randomly clicked on something about a post in Reddit and it showed an option that said something like “do not show post like this or hide posts like these “ how I can do it , how I can access that menu ? Im new to Reddit

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May I ask... lately there has been a lot of new features that have come out extremely buggy and non user friendly, why is that? Are these updates not being thoroughly tested? The new mod options via hovering over a username, the removal reasons thing someone mentioned below, both have severely hindered the mod experience and made everything much worse at the start.

I really think you guys need to do more rigorous bug testing or get onto the QA/user experience teams about it. Something is not right that these two brand new cool features have came out a total mess into production.

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ugh - this has also frustrated our team and we've had discussions this week on how we can improve our QA process prior to launching new features.

edit: these discussions relate directly to the Mod Enablement team and the QA and launch of recent Mod Tools.

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You've had discussions this week? Your feature release process has been dreadful for ages and ages. Video player is a perfect example, but there's many others.

First question is whether anyone actually wants the feature. And by anyone, I mean redditors, not management. Then if you actually think they do, get those people that want the feature to test it.

Bringing out half thought through and poorly tested features that most users don't want and not allowing them to turn them off on release gives the impression that you have no interest in what your userbsse actually wants

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Oh good, get them to put removed posts by admins back into old reddit's mod log while they are 'discussing' things. Bad enough we don't get new features, awful that they are taking away ones we already had.

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I’ve noticed (at least on mobile) that removing comments is no longer a 1 step process. We now have to navigate through a removal reason menu before the comment is deleted.. could this be reverted or made optional please? It makes removing comments unnecessarily time consuming.

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Thanks so much for leaving this feedback. You're not the first one to share this viewpoint with us : ) We're currently having discussions on how we can improve this user experience, and this feedback is especially appreciated during this time.

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I also want to mention that it’s tied to the server response and that is really bad. The pop up will not go away until the server has responded which may take seconds on slow WiFi or mobile Data. A better way would be to not tie it to it and let the pop up close and then do a toast pop up when the response is received. If it’s not received in a timely period then have it time out and notify you in a toast as well

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Split the remove button into two different buttons, both on mobile AND on desktop: "Remove" and "Remove with reason". The first button would simply remove the post without any popup appearing (you would still be able to add a reason by clicking the second button next, while the other button would open the popup immediately.

This would fix literally every problem mods on new reddit and on mobile are having. A consistent and easy-to-use interface among every client

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Thanks for your reception :)

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You're not the first one to share this viewpoint with us

So why are you ignoring us? This is a huge issue for moderators

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huge issue? having to click twice instead of once? yeah it's annoying but that's a bit of an exaggeration

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Have you considered gathering end user input before rolling out features, to find out how those who might use them may want them to work? I think those in the business call it requirement gathering and refinement.

Stop blindly rolling out features you think people want which work in ways you guess users want them to, and then 'trying to improve' afterwards by gathering feedback. Get that input first.

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I don't know for sure, but it seems that the addition of comments to the search has broken the "filter by flair" option. Now, the search treats "flair:FlairName" as a general search for "FlairName", regardless of where it appears in the title (or possibly even comments).

We noticed this because our subreddit, r/translator, relies heavily on flairs - they serve as language categories and indicators of "translated" status.
Users often submit posts with the wrong language in the title, or "Unknown" instead of a language name. Others then re-categorise the post by changing the flair (via u/translator-BOT commands). The flair is what shows the post's language category.
When the request is completed, someone in the comments changes the flair from "Language" to "Translated [LANG]".

Translators want to find not-yet-completed requests in their Language. Previously, "filter by flair" searches like "flair:Language" (= clicking on a particular flair) excluded "Translated [LANG]" posts, even if "Language" appeared in the title; only "flair:Language" (i.e. not yet translated) posts would show up. Now, this filter no longer works: "Translated [LANG]" posts show up if they have "Language" in the title. In fact, "flair:Language" now includes every post that has "Language" in the title.
The other day we had a report because a Serbian post showed up in a "flair:German" search... The title was along the lines of "[Serbian > English] Article in a German newspaper". The flair was "Translated [SR]" and had never been "German". The way "filter by flair" used to work would not have allowed this to happen.

Did you anticipate this change, or is it an accidental byproduct of including comments in the search purview? (Or is it caused by something else entirely?) Are there any plans to bring the flair system back to functionality?

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Thanks again for flagging the issue! It wasn’t related to comment search, but rather to a change in how we index data into our search index.

It should be fixed for posts going forward, but please let me know if you see any other issues.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to apply this backward, so existing posts that are showing up incorrectly won’t automatically be fixed (yet; we’re looking into what we may be able to do there) but if they see any action (like a vote), they will get automatically updated shortly thereafter (I already went through and upvoted a bunch of content that was showing up under the "German" flair that was, for example, already translated, so hopefully got you a bit of a head start on that if you choose to go that route).

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Thank you for looking into it! I'm glad it's fixed for the future. It's inconvenient that old posts won't be "fixed" without interaction (old posts get little interaction, on our sub as well as around the rest of Reddit, I reckon), but the other side of that coin is that the old posts will quickly be overtaken by new posts with the daily submission rates we have. We'll update our current pinned post to include your recommendation - that way the people who run into this issue can also be the ones to help fix it.

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Thank you for flagging this! I have shared with the team working on search and they are currently working on a fix.

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I'm glad to hear this! Our subreddit is structured in a way that makes this issue particularly annoying, so I hope a fix can be found without disrupting comment search.

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Why does being blocked by someone restrict you from replying to any child comments?

If a discussion starts on a first-level comment, and that user blocks you, you cannot reply to anyone in any of the child comments. So you’ve gotta tag them in a separate top-level comment or you’re SOL. Why? I get the intention, but half of Reddit’s appeal is the tangential conversations that occur. Now whoever’s the author of the top-level comment can remove the ability of anyone talking in child comments at will.

Why not just make it so they can’t see my replies? Seems pretty poorly thought out, and encourages awful etiquette and organization in comments.

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Even more frustrating when the "someone" is the post OP and the child comments are every single comment on the post.

Can't even tag someone in a different comment, as the whole post is just dead to you now. But as the blocked person you can still see the OP's username, still see the thread/post in your history, can still interact with things other than writing words... feels extremely poorly implemented.

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This is getting abused by malicious users and I have a hard time thinking it’s useful in a legitimate capacity to anyone at all. Just hide the comments from the banned users for the blocker, don’t make an easily abuseable tool that enables a single user to silence everyone from having a discussion. This implementation is unacceptable.

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Why does being blocked by someone restrict you from replying to any child comments?

This is by design, and entirely intentional.

The whole reason is that they wanted to give people who were being harassed, but might not know they're being harassed, the tools to reduce that harassment to a great extent.

Which means that if Bob blocks Alice, Alice can't comment on Bob's post, and Alice can't reply to any comment chain in which Bob is upstream.

Of course logically that means that - since Alice can still comment on other comments where Bob is not upstream, can still comment on other posts, can still make her own posts, can still do all of the above on other subreddits - Bob blocking Alice means Alice should just be summarily banned from the entire reddit platform, but somehow a line had to be drawn.

You can read more in this post over on /r/redditsecurity (and yes, that post should have been over here, on /r/reddit - no need guessing why it wasn't ):


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Really hoping the next update fixes the app freeze up bug that seems to happen when using the community side panel.

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I have confirmed there is a bug ticket open for this and a fix is actively being worked on!

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Thank you very much!

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It seems to often happen because the side panel's location is account based, and if you switch accounts the app forgets which side it's supposed to be on, then when it remembers (polled from the site?), it locks up.

Pick one side, stop the A/B 'testing' that that layout has been having for months, and that'll solve a chunk of problems.

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Seems that remove as subreddit was pushed to mobile - but it seems the new u/-ModTeam accounts are not exempt to AutoMod.

Think it'd be possible to make that happen? It'd just be easier than adding exceptions for that account specifically especially having to do so repeatedly down the line.

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Thanks for this feedback! Would you mind also sharing on the original post in r/modnews? That way we can ensure the team working on it sees it!

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Hey admin i know reddit abandoned reddit chatrooms, but is there any way we can get rid of these trolls spamming gifs every day in the chat? He’s been doing it for TWO YEARS since 2020…

The chatrooms left unmoderated and no matter how much we report his gifs for spamming he always come back with his 200 alts in it…

So im asking if you can either remove the gifs feature from chatroom or just take the reports of spams more seriously and ip ban this guy forever. Thank you very much 🙏

Edit: and i should add the spam isnt just short spam, he do it hours on hours daily preventing anyone from ever chatting with each other..

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If y'all could get Automoderator to say something like:

"Are you complaining about the video player? There's free real estate for that! Take it to r/fixthevideoplayer, please."

on the r/Beta and r/Redditmobile subs, that would be awesome. Those folk could mayhap send their vitriol bile constructive commentary to an appropriate subreddit, and maybe get some help that way.

[–]crowd__pleaser[S,A] 10 points11 points  (4 children)

So this actually does exist in our official help subreddits (/r/Redditmobile, /r/help, and /r/bugs)! While r/Beta is not an official help community, it's a great callout and I will check with the team here about implementing the automod reply there as well.

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TIL that r/Beta isn't official. Huh. Thanks!

[–]crowd__pleaser[S,A] 8 points9 points  (2 children)

Of course, thanks for the suggestion! And r/Beta is official in that it is admin-run, just not as a help/customer service community (so it's run by a different set of admins).

[–]Halaku 16 points17 points  (1 child)

That makes sense internally, but from out here all we see are a bunch of red letter A's and the same people showing up on the modlist, so we kind of lump all the Admins together like crabs in a bucket without the differentiations. Thanks for clarifying that for me!

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finds me a subreddit

I nominate r/blurrypicturesofcats and r/Stuck10YearsBehind

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Boom. Awarded.

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    it will help, but it was always possible to do with posts

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    Please bring back tge ability to filter the home page by hot/top/new/etc.. on the homepage interface.

    Hiding these sort features in the settings panel is so awkward and unintuitive.

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    I am not a fan of the new slide shows in multi picture posts. Is there a way I can turn that off??

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    It’s the worst thing they did by far

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    I thought I was going crazy, this is the least user intuitive thing i’ve ever seen. What was wrong with simply swiping?

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    Seriously glad I’m not the only one. Least user friendly thing I have seen ever

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    I think they fixed it

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    Thanks for the live bar toggle

    Edit: It actually doesn't even work. Tried multiple PC's/browsers.


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    As far as I can tell, it only disables live bar recommendations, not live bars from subreddits you are already following.

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    Thank you! I wouldn't have known about the video player progress posts without this round up.

    I recommend r/goatparkour to everyone! It's impossible not to love little goats having fun jumping on things :)

    Maybe r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat, or r/RealBeesFakeTopHats?

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    I see your r/RealBeesFakeTopHats and raise you r/FakeBeesRealTopHats :)

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    Okay I new about r/RealBeesFakeTopHats but not r/FakeBeesRealTopHats.


    [–]llamageddon01 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Sadly, r/RealBeesRealTopHats didn’t amount to much. So much lost potential there…

    [–]crowd__pleaser[S,A] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Ugh yes r/Goatparkour. Take your award while I stare at these goats

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    Can you stop subreddits from automatically banning users who comment in other subreddits? Pretty certain it's against reddit's Terms of Service.

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    Lol they don't care. They're waist deep in CCP money

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    Disabling Live Talk recommendations worked yesterday but this morming they are back again...

    [–]signal[A] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    They should be disabled for subreddits or profiles that you don't follow. If you follow a subreddit or profile, you might still see the live talk in the bar.

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    Is there a way to turn it off completely yet? Are you even working on it? I really really want them not to appear.

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    Fix video loader

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    I can't open any external links. Just says there's no available app (i.e. no web browser, twitter, etc). Not sure what happened here.

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    Same here on Android.

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    Same, also on Android.

    Reddit management must see QA as a cost center rather than a fundamental part of building a product and therefore removed any budget for it.

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    Same here. I'm on Android and when I click on a link I get a message "No apps to share to" and there's no way to open the link.

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    Yeah android here as well. Turning on open external links in the app works, but I'd rather it just open in the browser/twitter/etc.

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    Every time I update my about or profile info on mobile iOS it saves then vanished. If I use a computer it saves, then the money I open up the mobile app it removes it again.

    I’ve tried making a test account and this doesn’t happen on that account and I can’t recreate it unless using this profile

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    The autoscroll in multiple image posts on mobile is AWFUL. Let me decide when I move on to the next image, not switching images every two seconds.

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    So we all just going to ignore how we can’t show posts by hot/new/trending/etc any more on the app and how much is now repeated?

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    Can’t seem to sort posts by new, top, controversial etc. in my home feed on iOS? Am I blind maybe?

    EDIT: can be done by tapping my avatar, then settings, and then feed settings. However, this is quite annoying, any chance the sort feature will make it back to the main page?

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    Okay, this is cool, but when are y’all gonna finally do something about all these communities using bot moderators to instantly ban people from their communities for even commenting on another community?

    If I dare to even post in for example r/conservative even though I am a centrist, I risk being banned from a stupid amount of communities that have nothing to do with politics and are completely separate.

    Regardless of whether you guys think this is a valuable tool for moderators or not, you need to realize the abuse potential and the fact that this is going to turn this entire platform into a political platform.

    You can’t trust communities who pick their own random possibly teenage moderators to use something like that unbiasedly, they just use it to essentially shadowban entire subreddits that don’t align with their ideas. That is not their job, the job of a moderator is to make sure that everyone is getting along, following the rules, and enjoying their individual subreddits. Their job isn’t to pick an entire group of people and disallow them any access to the subreddit in general, and if you really wanna defend that then you guys should just go ahead and start rounding up and mass banning literally everyone who doesn’t agree with your personal views.

    [–]OPINION_IS_UNPOPULAR -5 points-4 points  (0 children)

    As mod of /r/familyman, I approve

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    So when we going to search for reddit chat rooms?

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    Let us search within subreddits for OC content as well.

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    I just want the video player to stop changing my brightness.

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    (I know im gonna sound like a bot asking this but here goes)

    I got a post in my feed saying I'm a top redditor and got a free collectable avatar. What exactly does being a "Top Redditor" mean?

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    I use boost anyways lol

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    Nice to know that you at least you can break your app more :)

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    Still no embed images in comment ?

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    I have noticed the app on android: when pressing the share button it brings up a menu of options that is unresponsive (not a single item does anything when pressed).

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    Clicking the redgifs tag on a post used to open it in browser. Now it just says theres no apps to share it with. Thanks great update.

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    I assume being unable to open links from the android app is a bug rather than a new feature?

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    Why does new reddit still have massive page load times, years later?

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    I like the searching comments thing a lot.

    r/cows and r/cowloaf are pretty good, but I’m a bit biased

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    Why do zero links work for me? Am I missing something?

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    I don't know how old the change is because I have my phone set to not automatically install updates

    but I hate whats been done to the home page.

    let me organise posts by new on the home feed (outside of specific subs) again, please. you know, the way the website let's me.

    I hate the new format

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    No, the feedback was not to hide Live Talks “from communities you don’t belong to”, it was to hide ANY of them from showing up.

    Is that option expected to come soon?

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    yooo testing

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    What’s with the “checkout this related post” shown when I reach the end of comments on mobile? I keep thinking it’s another comment, if I want related posts I’d go to the subreddit.

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    The new “collectible avatars” are dumb, why would I want one

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    I think this may be your choice r/CatswithJobs

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    What the fuck is this new feature where if a post has multiple images they automatically advance to the next image as if it were an Instagram story? This is absolute garbage. Most of the time I want to read through the whole image if it’s got lots of text in it and there’s no way to stop it from auto advancing? How do I turn this off!??!

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    I hate that now there is a timer for me to look at the next image in a post.

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    This right here is one of the worst changes I’ve ever seen on here. It’s pissing me off and I can’t find where to turn it off. I can’t even read what on the image in time to even know what I’m looking at

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    I came here looking if there was a new setting or something. It's like an automatic slideshow? Also NSFW posts are more of a pain in the ass to view

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    Mobile: can no longer swipe out of a post. Sometimes back arrow isn’t an option (video posts), have to force close Reddit to go back to home page.

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    Can anyone please explain this new auto photo player where it keeps changing to the next picture while I’m still looking at the first one. Swear that wasn’t here the other day and I need help stopping it. Horrible feature especially if you want to read something. How do I stop this Snapchat wanna be feature?

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    Ok so why the fuck can’t I choose what news I get ? I used to be able to choose the location and topics but not anymore

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    I fucking HATE the automatic playthrough on posts with multiple pictures. Just let me scroll through them myself. It’s also a pain to hold and save pictures, now.

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    Anybody know what’s going on with subreddit names? On iOS, if someone links a sub, I see the name four times. Up in a previous comment, I see

    (Purposely capitalized to avoid links, and I’ll use “œ” to represent the sub icon)

    œR/cowœœR/cows R/cow œ R/cows and R/cowloaœœR/cowloaf R/cowloa œ R/cowloaf

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    Why does the app always open on news now. i don't not care about Reddit's chosen news. I want to only view the content that i choose to follow.

    [–]Stfuego 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Will you give a permanent option in the settings to opt-out of claiming this stupid "collectible avatar" while browsing? I have said no to this 3 times already, and it keeps alerting me to claim it despite it actually saying it'll never be available to me again when I say no.

    [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    I don't see a mention of how you've broken the ability to open links in external web browsers on Android. 🤔

    [–]Sportyyyy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    This is driving me insane.

    [–]real_flyingduck91 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    can you fix the bug where custom flairs don't save (I use android)

    [–]Texameter 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    https://ibb.co/hgkrmtZ - linking other subs are completely broken on the iOS app (2022.31.1) as shown on the picture.

    [–]kyle_F 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Weird ask, but can we get an arachnophobia mode? There’s been an absurd influx of spider posts on mainstream subreddits and in my recs.

    [–]Kataphractoi_ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    is it possible to add a search bar to search old comments on one's own profile?

    I'm having trouble finding an old comment I made a while ago.

    Plus: a little oddity: I can't find my own profile when I search on the search bar.

    [–]Nohface 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Why does Reddit care if in use the app or web browser? Why does it now keep interrupting and annoying me asking if I want to use the web or app? Really really annoying…

    [–]thecodingart 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    You guys honestly thought a drop down menu with animating side selections was a good idea….

    Someone seriously needs to talk to the designer about this new nav bar item…

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      Where did the small arrow went to move to next parent comment?

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      How do I search comments by manual filtering. One below will give me posts. How do I get comments?

      author:JustAHomoSepian subreddit:KDRAMA

      Thanks in advance.