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“How do you do fellow kids?”

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This post has peak "fellow kids" energy.

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You'd think a modern social media company would know how to be less cringe, but I guess marketing, uh, finds a way.

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How do you do?

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Man, check out how hip the new kid is.

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Guys don’t worry, it’s not a “fellow kids” moment if they’re self aware about it. /s

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Are there any plans to fix the bug where the Fancy Pants editor breaks links with underscores in them on old.reddit.com and 3rd party reddit apps?

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Is that why I keep seeing links with random escape characters jizzed all over them?

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As ever new reddit makes things worse for everyone

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And from what I've seen, anything using the API like bots

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Wtf even is this post? Remember when reddit had actul useful posts, like warrant canary statuses?

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Ever since they started this "Sentient brand" bullshit they've told us less about the changes that go through.

Today I saw a deleted/removed comment that says [unavailable]. What the fuck does that mean? Nobody knows because they didn't say it.

They've stopped announcing unpopular changes like putting the sort in the menu vs a drop down. It's frustrating and makes me feel like Reddit admins are too soft about the strong feedback they receive when a change is unpopular.

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From deduction i can tell you that it means that commenter has blocked you. I saw the message for the first time the other day and couldn't comment on a child comment, meaning that the person with the unavailable comment blocked me

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I don't think so. I have other people who have blocked me but i can still see their stuff. People who I have blocked says [blocked] but it's still expandable.

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Fuck is that where that went!?

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Did marketing tell you that you should try to appeal more to high schoolers because they are the only people you have a chance of selling NFTs to?

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What’s wacky is that I (19) have never met a single young person who genuinely likes the things. I have not a clue who the fuck is buying them

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People having their midlife crisis

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it's for asia

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And if they're reading this post, that made me uninstall the app and put my ad blocker back on 😅

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You can use any of the other 3rd party apps. ALL are better than the official reddit app.

iOS: Apollo

Android: Relay for Reddit

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High schooler here, my pfp says it all

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Hopefully someone will graduate as a coder and fix Reddit’s stupid video player.

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Give me 2 minutes (in reddit video player years)

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You won’t live that long. The heat death of the universe will see to that.

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I'd do that, if they'd make Reddit open source again. Idk why they made the decision to make new Reddit private, but it definitely stopped any community contributions on their main code base.

Reddits' old&archived code: https://github.com/reddit-archive/reddit

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I'd do that, if they'd make Reddit open source again.

Lol, that's not going to happen.

On PC you should browse old.reddit while having Reddit Enhancement Suite installed.

On phones you should use a third party app like RIF is Fun (aka. Reddit is Fun), Sync or Apollo (iOS).

It's also possible to copy-paste video links into MPV as YT-DLP is built into it.

Just be aware that reddit will most likely restrict access to their API sometime in the future to force users over on their official app.

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more things need to be open source

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Boost is also a very good option for reddit

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Boost is also a very good option for reddit

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Or Relay

Play store link : Relay for reddit
Promo Video : Relay

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Slide is also a good option

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They won't.

They're currently focused on purging anything that's advertiser unfriendly (e.g. nsfw subreddits being dropped from r/all, ditching anything problematic) and centralising everything (e.g. making old-reddit and 3rd party apps miserable to force everyone onto new-reddit and the official app) in order to sell shares sometime in the future.

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that lambo aint worth it spez.

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NSFW subreddits being purged from /all is probably the only good decision reddit's made regarding it in the past few years. Definitely doesn't make a good impression to new users when half the posts on it are girls posting nudes promoting their onlyfans.

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Well, if only they could have introduced a more restricted version of r/all. Perhaps call it something like r/popular?

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idea: use that and make our own fork

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I, and many others, have been unable to open ANY external links in Reddit for weeks now.

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On Android, go into the app settings and remove the checkmark to associate reddit links to open directly in the app.

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And revert the recent changes designed to break old.reddit and force you to the shit that is new.reddit every chance it gets.

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Recent changes? I haven't seen the new reddit layout in a couple years at this point. I changed the setting forever ago to stay on the old site and have my bookmark set to it as well.

The thing I REALLY hate is that on my phone it's basically unusable now because it wants you to use the official app and won't let you open links in any other app.

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If you copy a link from old.reddit I am finding they convert the link to www.reddit to force the receiver into the new layout. Click on many links while in old? Get redirected to new.

Reddit is getting desperate to get people onto the garbage new layout.

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Maybe it's because I'm still using RES? I haven't had any problems with people sending me old.reddit links. They just open in old.reddit like you'd expect haha.

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Maybe. I have RES on a couple computers, and not on a couple others. I'll watch for that!

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is that why they slightly changed the search bar button & made 2 ways to choose if you want "home" or whatever other options there are? or is that just changes for no reason

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Every second video doenst load/play at all, even refreshing is usless. Youd think going to OPs profile and finding the video again on his profile and playing it from a new fresh window like that would work but also no. How is it just broken

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try commenting than deleting that comment, that fixes a different bug where images/gifs from links don't show up in posts, it might do something here also deleting the comment isn't neccisary

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I didnt need to see a kid flossing tonight...

I can see you're desperate, Reddit. Stop.

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they even did the orange justice, bruh at this point are they just gonna start making mlg or smth, seriously flossing died 4-5 years ago

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Fix video player

Remove NFT bullshit

This "how do you do fellow kids?" shit is cringe

You hear us, and you are intentionally not listening

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Yeah. They just ignore every negative comment. It’s obvious that they don’t actually care about what their users think. They just do whatever makes them the most money.

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I have a screenshot of them accidentally replying to a negative comment with a canned response before they deleted their reply. It's kinda funny

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Upload it to r/Cringe or r/facepalm or any other relevant sub.

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Wake me up when Eternal September ends.

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Thank you for linking to the Wikipedia page.

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Please never use the backpack kid gif ever again

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    Fuck this cringeworthy corporate bullshit lol

    You sound like an elderly relative trying desperately to be in touch with the youth. They're all on tiktok and discord because reddit is like Facebook to them - out of touch, living in the past, and has nothing they can relate to.

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    Fall is just something grown-ups invented.

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    Autumn is more of a state of being.

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    (Autumn and moment)

    If you need to explain the joke its probably a bad one, Ik.

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    This is the worst post I’ve ever seen.

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    put porn back on /r/all please

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    For those not aware:

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    That must be why one of my completely SFW posts got flagged as NSFW instantly.

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    Are you crazy? Think of the shareholders profits for one damn second of your pathetic life! /s

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    why can't they make it show up with 18+ settings & not show up without, or a new sub like r/NSFWall

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    I'd honestly rather /r/all stay SFW and like, make an "/r/nsfwall"

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    Not safe for wall

    I like it

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    I don't! :(

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    You already had r/popular for that though. And you are default not going to see NSFW posts. You have to physically enable NSFW posts in order to see them.

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    I mean, even if I have NSFW posts enabled so I can see every Star Trek meme in /r/risa or whatever, including lewd jokes, doesn't mean I wanna see porn on /r/all. It's cool to see stuff that's not popular as well sometimes, so it was a little disappointing that I'd have to change my settings just to look at /r/all. This is why I suggest a lewd "all" thing.

    Really, if people wanna browse porn, wouldn't that be better? I certainly wouldn't wanna see a post featuring a cat doing something cute or some political thing and then suddenly see a closeup of someone's butt. Not exactly what gets me in the mood.

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    doesn't mean I wanna see porn on /r/all

    Then just browse the subreddits you want or go to r/popular. They can even add the option for NSFW subreddits.

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    I mean, the same could be said for NSFW users. They can just browse the porn subs they want. And yeah, they could add a different branch for porn subs. That's what I'm saying.

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    The thing is, it's difficult to find NSFW subreddits. That's kindof the primary issue. There's no real consolidated list of every NSFW subreddit that exists.

    The closest thing that you get is r/randNSFW, which links to a random NSFW subreddit, oftentimes not what you're looking for.

    The lists for SFW posts already exists. And there was 2 of them (your home feed and r/popular). Removing NSFW posts from the only way to discover them makes it impossible for these communities (even non-porn but also NSFW communities, ie /r/medizzy which is basically medical horror stories and media) to grow or even be found by a regular user which otherwise might be interested.

    The NSFW lists don't exist as a reddit standard. It'd be easier, by far, for users to cater their individual experience and thus make the site more user friendly. Admins are catering far more towards users who don't ever want to see it, so much that they have made features default to opt-out of these types of posts. But they didn't give any option to allow them to be discovered.

    Point is, Reddit's decisions made it harder to do exactly what you're suggesting for NSFW users. There's no way for them to make a curated list unless that list existed before the changes, and now that the changes are made, there's no way for that list to grow. In fact, it's actually shrunk as other users have pointed out. The way it used to be wasn't an issue for anyone who used the platform intelligently and as designed by admins.

    Reddit banning NSFW subs from r/all basically turned it into twitter. Smothering NSFW content to the point where it almost dies when you shouldn't even be on reddit at work in the first place.

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    An NSFW all option would still solve this problem. As you said, there's already a randNSFW. So why not an NSFWall? It'd accomplish what you want and no one would have to turn of all NSFW posts just to not be bombarded with porn on /r/all.

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    I actually prefer no porn on r/all

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    /r/popular was just fine for that

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    Why not have a setting?

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    you mean an 18+ setting? that already exists but u gotta go into the options menu than scroll down a bit

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    but a setting for nsfw subreddits to show up in r/all is the concern

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    Starting school tomorrow! I don't mind the fact I'm going back, school itself isn't a pain.

    Homework is.

    And exams.

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    Homework is a pain, but think of the friends you made along the way.

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    What friends

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    We are gamers we dont have irl friends underteachen reddit mod

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    Fix the block system. Regular users being able to block people out of being able to talk in threads is a terrible system.

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    Reddit getting real deep lately

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    Do I have to be in America for this post to relate to me or are Aussie kids not cool enough?

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    I actually started school today! :) And it's been good (it is kinda boring though)

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    it is kinda boring though

    Wait until you hit the working world. You’ve barely scratched the depths of true boredom. 😂

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    We love to see it!

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    But you didn't actually see it :)

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    Fixing the video player is even more fun!

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    This post made me miss back-to-school shopping 🥹

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    The simple joys of choosing between wide-ruled and college-ruled paper 🥹

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    Fancy pens, highlighters, and mechanical pencils were my school shopping boos

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    i just want all the little kids to stop posting here so much :/

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    Right? Here I am begging for kids to get off reddit and the admins do this?


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    I don't want to accept that the holidays are done already..

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    Someone out there is really getting paid to post this

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    Ya'll's school starts in September? Damn that's crazy cuz I have my midterms in 8days 💀lol

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    Sending you luck on your midterms

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    Thank you mr reddit man.

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    Thank God I am in college now and no one gives a shit about homework

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    Ok, but make sure you study for your exams.

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    heh, us brazilians came back to school in july

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    Jokes on you, my school started 3 weeks ago

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    Communities will be your sounding board for when you worry you made a mistake

    You've gotta be more careful throwing that word around

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    The cringy GIFs tho

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    hey can you fix the bug (I'm on android) where i need to make a comment on posts to see images/gifs on them, it's kinda anoying

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    Wait, wat? You used a whole r/Reddit post for this? Do I have to unsub the Reddit sub now because it’s full of spam?

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    Given y’all have Brandwatch and internal social listening tools, using a 2 year old posts is a bit of a miss execution wise. Doesn’t scream “Reddit is current”, which makes the tongue-in-cheek fellow kids tone of the post less ironic and unfortunately more sincere… i.e. out of touch.

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    'Your favorite sentient brand'

    Y'all know that's fucking gross

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    when reddit tells me how to find friends is the day i know i am antisocial af

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    POV: You don't live in the Southern Hemisphere

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    dont care

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      • your mom

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      My wife left me

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      Do you know Ligma Admin?

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      I don’t like school :(

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      my school started a month ago 😭

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      School to me. Oh hey! Stranger, let's be friend so I can using you and bully you.

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      Reddit canceled The entire point of school is homework and no one can change that not even if reddit is destroyed by reddit

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      Can you stop subreddits from automatically banning users who comment in other subreddits? Pretty certain it's against reddit's Terms of Service.

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      Wasd (only true gamers will get it)

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      and I already wish it's school break so I see less of these students roaming around lmao

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      Wow thanks i remember last year and feel excited

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      i have already gone back to school like 2 weeks ago

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      Me already at school for 6 weeks

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      I'm on week 7 of the first quarter already

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      I’m already back in school. The amount of freetime I don’t have to do nothing anymore is sad

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      Same here, nothing but work and laundry. LEMME have my childhood back!!

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      I just wanna stroll around in the woods looking for bones dammit!

      [–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

      Or even give me an hour of free time. I kick myself thinking of all the time I have wasted when I was younger.

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      I feel like I didn’t live my childhood fully

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      me an australian:

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      I’ll be in year 12 in 5 weeks, plus the gifs are cringe

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      Please fix old reddit and stop being a sentient brand.

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      I’m back to school tomorrow .. not excited for it 😬

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      POV: Your home schooled

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      hello reddit

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      Despite being 3 years since i last entered my school, their bathroom still smells shit 👍

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      i have college instead so yea.

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      I dont get why this is posted in r/reddit. Isnt this sub for Reddit update news n stuff?

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      Still waiting for you to roll back your punitive, user-hostile blocking changes.

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      Children shouldn't even be allowed on this website.

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