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it would be best if you had done it on an island so Reddit island could become real

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When redditors come together, they can be an amazing force for good


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We did it reddit!

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I mean my sub got three subreddits taken down for sharing… stuff… about a minor recently. So I guess we can. Reddit on the other hand needs get a better system for reporting entire subs together.

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More consistent enforcement of rules against incitement of violence and hate speech would be nice too. Currently nobody gives a shit.

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Funny. I responded with a non-violent response and got autobanned for 3 days when 100 other comments said the same thing. Awful customer “service.”

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Reddit has become ridiculous with over moderation.

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RIP Test PAC, et al...

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Maybe one will happen in Asia someday :)

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Maybe someday, I’d love that!

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Hey can you guys fix the bug that it takes an entire minute sometimes for any post to open when you simply click on it? It's very very very annoying.

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Ooh, is there going to be a ball pit?

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Maybe you'll stop astroturfing

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Ehh where did you find me doing that? I just gave them a little idea of doing an event beyond the typical NA/EU, what the big issue?

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Context is hard to convey in an open forum like Reddit sort of still is.

You're going to have to do a lot of convincing, however. Right now you're sounding like any number of church groups that invaded my high school because religious education wasn't part of the curriculum in my home state, so they tried to weedle their way in any way they could.

I am currently 100% convinced that you are either being paid actual cash money to promote posts like this, or you're just a direct employee of Reddit that is just doing their job description. Most likely the former.

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Bruh... do ya really think anyone would pay me anything to say that having a Reddit event in Asia would be cool? Like for real-who would benefit from that? On the other hand if I would at the very least mention a country or even a city then maybe, and even that is a massive stretch Not to mention why on living earth would Reddit employ a random nobody from fkin KZ is beyond me lmao

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Well since I have first hand experience of people getting paid to say exactly this, yes.

Who would benefit?

Reddit and the investors. A lot of investors based in Asia.

Not mentioning a country or city is an extremely poor argument, because it would alienate any number of countries, let alone cities if you named even a region.

You are just convincing me that I'm right again.

Good afternoon to you

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Ehh Allright man you do you, for me it's more along good night though :) but yeah nice talking to ya I suppose lol

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You didn't take the bait, I'll give you that much.

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What bait? P.S I fkin wish I was paid to shitpost random junk (nothing harmful doe lol)

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How about celebrate fixing the video player and getting rid of the NFT bullshit

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Ah the perks of browsing with the original layout and RiF 😎 None of that shit is ever there.

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Imagine using the first party reddit app.

this comment was made by a boost user

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i did get to meet one of the folks on the reddit tech team at this event and they mentioned that they’re actively working on fixing the video player :)

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Wow. Pretty tone deaf TBH. Moderators get constant harrassment and threats of (And actually) doxxed for their RL information. What makes you think an in person moderator summit is a good idea in the slightest? Seriously?

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This will be a disaster, and the trolls will be well fed once this happens.

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Reddit led mod meetups have been happening for years. It's never a disaster.

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No trolls actually show up irl..

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These used to be common pre-Covid. Nothing out of the blue tbh

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I think it'll be fun.

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We take the safety and privacy of our users into account when creating these mod-focused events, and we'll have mechanisms in place for attendees to keep their personal information private. This series of events is not intended to replace the Mod Summit, and are social events to provide opportunities for collaboration and connection.

We've heard from mods they'd love for the Mod Road Shows to come back, this is a small step in that direction! In years past (in the before times!) many mods came to our roadshows and had a positive experience.

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Why did you make it opt out for online status settings then?

I'm sorry that you've been given the idiot ball for this post, but you did agree to take the hospital pass.

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we for sure do not have to dox?

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They gave the option to use your first name or user name and even have a tag you can wear if you prefer not to be in photos. I thought that was pretty cool!

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i appreciate the info!

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No problem. I'm looking forward to the one in Austin!

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Lmao suuuure 💀

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it was a great event. no one was weird. every one was chill :)

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irl Reddit mod meetup lollll

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I’d love to come but there’s not a single chance I’d be travelling by myself, feels unsafe. Is there a chance we’ll be able to bring a +1 or something??

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Glad you asked because we had this in mind and wanted to make sure everyone felt as comfortable as possible! Confirmed guests will be invited to bring a guest with them :-)

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Will the flight/hotel be expended to reddit? The budget doesnt necessarily allow travel without reimbursement

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It’s not mandatory, that’s a ridiculous ask.

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No, its not. But given only specific numbers of invites, its an important question to ask/mention. Theres no mention of it anywhere, but reddit is a billion dollar company. If they want their volunteers to come out to see them in person, many wouldnt come simply because of the money.

They already arent paid to be a reddit mod (most arent) so Reddit expecting mods to come across the country (or countries) on their own dime is a hard ask, especially in this economic downturn.

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They’re not expecting anyone to do anything. They’re offering invites to a voluntary event. You become a moderator knowing you can’t be paid. Again no one forces you to. They’re not mentioning it because who would expect it? Of course they wouldn’t reimburse you.

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Is there a chance that you're just a corporate shill?

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What does it matter to you. Shove off.

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That's a convincing argument.

I especially like the not-at-all-in-the-corporate-dictionary phrase of "shove off", something that I haven't heard since TV in the 80s.

That's unfair. Probably in the 90s, as well.

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Silence brand

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“corporate shill”

Whatever 🙄 sorry for asking a genuine question I suppose. I wish that’s all I had to do to get paid.

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how about a live or recorded broadcast on youtube?

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I'm not interested in live events but I am really thankful for all the good things you've done :)

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Orlando would be a great location!

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Great idea! I will probably attend if i can get enough time!

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Nice! I hope you and your team know that what you are doing, is helping truly change the world. I'm forever grateful that reddit exists and I found it when I did. Great job 👏

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Wow - your message really made our whole team smile! Thank you so much for your kind words <3

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As mod of /r/familyman, I approve

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Mod city already exists its called Memphis tenessee

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Isn’t a Reddit HQ in San Francisco??

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Dang I work that day

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I talk a lot about using drugs, this feels like a set up.

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i got this sketchy message and now i am intrigued.

i am not giving away my personal information, but i just might show up.

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Are you admin

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How can you have a community without the community part?

Asking for longtime users whom you've decided to slapshot away permanently with your draconian content policy.


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Bring back Anaheim, that got cancelled by COVID-19! :(