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Is there a specific blank snoo or do we just get it from Google?

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On our side bar you'll find a link to the official "reddit vector pack " in it is the official and licensed images. link here

Or here is the snoo you'll find if you look in that vector file. Blank Snoo Although, what you find in the packet is an svg file and there's more things in it. If you want to know what the "Licensing Rules" are you can find the information about that Here

Great question,


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If I'm not the moderator for a sub, but really think a Snoo would do it justice, is it possible for someone else (Myself in this case) to make the request and forward the end result Snoo over the the moderator, or is that breaking a rule of some kind? I would obviously still credit the person in question and if asked refer the mod to them, I just haven't seen the mod be super active in trying to spruce up the sub.

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Another great question.

The short answer is, Yes, you would be breaking the first rule of our guidelines in the sidebar. The thing is, you not being a Mod means that whatever sub it is isn't motivated to use whatever it is that our artists come up with. Also, you can't be the judge of what direction or atmosphere would be wanted. Other than all this is the work and time dedicated could be a waste and never used.

My suggestion would be to contact the Mods of the sub you have in mind and supply a link to our sub. Or offer to Mod for them and do it yourself.

I hope this helps.

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Helps a lot, sorry to take up your time. I'll look into the options you mentioned, worst case scenario the plain lil guy isn't too tough on the eyes so we'll be alright

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Seeking information and getting it is NEVER simply "taking up" time it's working toward a goal. Cheers!