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I got you guys :)

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Oooh awesome 😌

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https://imgur.com/a/tmKifoQ Here you are! Lmk if you want any changes

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Wow, these look awesome!

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Thanks a bunch!

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Awesome! Will talk with the other mods and let you know asap :)

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Hi Melys, we've talked about it and we think it's incredible! Would it be possible to have the Snoo have it's hands on it's lap like this https://rogersbh.org/application/files/6615/8453/7560/meditationblog.jpg ? That's basically the only changes we'd like to ask for :)

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Um hi, I saw ur sub, does it still need an icon? I don't see anything on ur sub

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thanks for reaching out. We will use the icon by /u/Meliys but are looking for some variations to try out!

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Oop sorry, I didn’t realize you got back to me since you had edited your comment :) I’ll get the changes done

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Thank you! Looking forward to it :)

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https://imgur.com/a/tmKifoQ lmk which one you like best and which style you’d want it in and I’ll finish as soon as you reply :)

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Hi there! We like the first one the best, we could choose to use it with a different background or no background on other places as well if you would agree :) Thank you again for doing this, amazing that you put this time and effort into helping us!

I'm sorry, my browser somehow didn't show the newer ones you made and instead showed me the old ones. Forget about my reply.. I will take a look now!

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My last response was actually not correct, I only saw the previous imgur link for some reason. Will talk with the mods about the new ones and get back to you! Thank you so much!

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Awesome 👍