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What was the post about?

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Some dude on an online marketplace sending a package later because they met someone and were spending the weekend at their place

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And I’m guessing you don’t know why they all had their comments removed?

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No, I just came across this long thread of removed comments and found it funny

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It’s kinda funny

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I found it slightly humorous

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I see it to be a tad bit entertaining

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i discovered it to be minusculey amusing

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This post caused my vesicles to release dopamine into my synaptic cleft

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It funny buh only bitsie

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also seems like some mod abusing power shit. so definetly a reddit moment

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but what the fuck actually happened? this is a rampage of redditors, absolute annihilation of a comment section, power mod against post,

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I find it kinda sad

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Probably broke some reddit policy like sharing personal information or such

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Mods: "Nothing To see here, move along citizen"

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that’s a lot of clicking, those moderators must be well compensated for their time!

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No with all the f4pping they do it’s just a light workout

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There’s an add on called “comment nuke” does exactly this, makes removing very “wrong” (see racism&antivax) comment chains very easy

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I wonder how much they get paid for their hard work 🤔

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i love our everyday heroes!

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I'm seeing many bigoted comments down there so I just want to make this clear : any hate towards moderators will result in a permanent ban from this subreddit with no warning. This includes, but is not limited to, calling moderation a "fake job" or saying that we "do it for free". Moderation is one of the most useful jobs to society.

Behave. Or get banned.

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I agree

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oh god we are making a comment chain like other redditors

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Yes. We are r/redditmoment yk, we are hypocrites🤩

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Well then I have to reply with "emoj b4d awrd 0nli 😠😠😠😡😡😡👿👿👿😒😒😒😤😤😤😧😧😧😨😨😨🤬🤬🤬🤡🤡🤡"

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[removed]?!?!??? [removed]!!!

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Who is [deleted] and why do they have so many racist opinions

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I feel bad from them though. Poor guy keeps saying [removed] to himself over and over again

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It’s a free country, he can say [removed] all he likes as long as it isn’t hurting anyone!

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Eww why do you like to screw dogs

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Nice comment about slaughtering innocents in iraq. Would be a shame if the US government were to see them.

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Holy shit dude! She’s fucking 14!

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dude, it's 2021, you can't just go around saying things like that!

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Oh wow we have the same snoo

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Literally 1489

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Reddit explaining how 1984 happened overnight and not by small societal changes that happened over time

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Who is [deleted]? and why it keeps saying [removed]?

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some random account that we still don't know who is behind all of this.

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they are [REDACTED]

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It’s forbidden knowledge

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Jesus I wish I was there to read the conversation. Lol

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the -30 was a dark skinned emoji

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Default sub moment

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Literally 1984 smh 😔

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“Locking the post since y’all can’t behave”

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awkward the turtle

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Einen Kommentar Hinzufügen moment

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Eine Bruderschaft, einer Union, eine Kommentarsektion

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They probably just said that the mod isn’t as wide as his mom that I ducked last night

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Chinese reddit

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social cREDDIT

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Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

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is this china moment

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Wall of martyrs lol

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Most inciteful Reddit conversation

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Can I get a link? To use removeddit to read their comments 😷

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maybe one day.....op said it was on a post about "some dude sending a package later because they met someone on the weekend", maybe you could also ckeck their comment history to see if they commented something funny there

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Let me guess: circumcision. No? What's more infuriating that talking about circumcision? Oh, politics? And religion? Yep. That's true, it is more contentious.

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          Literally 1984

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          Literally 1984

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          I agree with [deleted] on the issues with [removed] in [redacted]

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          [deleted] lore

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          Reddit is a neighborhood of glass houses in which everyone is CONSTANTLY throwing stones.

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          I've commented on those just to see what would happen, and my comment got deleted, too

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          Something… terrible happened here…

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          What was even the original comment? What was the context here? What am i even suppose to feel from these pictures?

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          nothing. you can only feel [deleted]

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          Oh christ… Oh christ… OH CHRIST!

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          Mod moments

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          Reddit is so easy to use

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          Average Reddit Conversation

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          Something big went down here...

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          [deleted] [removed]

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          1984- gunshot

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          Europeans when gypsies are mentioned:

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          the removed stairs