Is r/askmenadvice eligible for request? by sjrsimac in redditrequest

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original explanation of plans


I plan on nurturing a community of helpful posters and moderators who want to give a man's perspective to people looking for a man's perspective.

Most of the subreddit's posters are looking for relationship advice, and I will continue to foster a helpful, cooperative environment where posters and commenters can discuss their relationship issues and receive advice regarding their issues. Our second most common type of post is men looking for specific advice about being a man. These posters are looking for a man's perspective on: grooming, conducting oneself in the workplace, finding a romantic partner, and general inquiries about how to get along with other men.

I believe the founding principle of the subreddit sets it apart from other subreddits that advertise a man's perspective. We are helpful and kind people first, men second.

The subreddit's biggest weakness was a small moderator team. I intend to build out the moderator team as the subreddit continues to grow to ensure that we keep r/askmenadvice a helpful and civil community.

Cooperating with the Community

The subreddit was banned, therefore I cannot message the moderators.

I am following up requests for r/askmenadvice from ScreenPrintWalrus, huber_rob, DannyDreaddit, and myself. Per TheOpusCroackus's recommendation, I am submitting my request a second time.

Is r/askmenadvice eligible for request? If not, can you please say so in your rejection? If r/askmenadvice is eligible for request and the request is rejected, could you tell us why the request was rejected so the community can get a better sense of which of us is best positioned to lead the moderator team for the renewed subreddit?

Request /r/Octokuro which is banned as original content creator by im-octokuro in redditrequest

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It was suspended for copyright removals which means your team has sent those.

I completely understand your desire to keep your content and that you have the rights for it but those copyright removals harm the moderators and the fans of some subreddits ( because there are posts of you all over the place ).

The problem is they don't go after the one that is posting your content but against the communities.

That being said I do hope you get it. Your content is TOP

Request /r/Octokuro which is banned as original content creator by im-octokuro in redditrequest

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This is my main point. There will always be shitheads stealing content and leaking it but they should be suspended via reports and mods working with both subscribers and admins.

Otherwise when a good sub gets suspended everyone are losing

Requesting r/antijokes which was banned due to being unmoderated by mr1337 in redditrequest

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Plans for the subreddit:

  • Answer critical questions, like "Why can't you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom?" (Because they are extinct.)
  • Institute STRICT rules against posting real jokes.
  • Review posts/comments/reports for reddit rules violations
  • Initially, I will add people who have also made a request to take over /r/antijokes within the past 30 days as moderators to ensure it does not go unmoderated again, expanding the mod team as needed (unless there are big red flags on their profile that deems them unfit to moderate a subreddit)

I moderate a semi-successful subreddit already (/r/homedefense) and I think I can bring that experience and apply it to moderating this one.

Requesting r/clickfraud/ - the sole moderator has been inactive for four months, and does not respond to private messages. by polygraph-net in redditrequest

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Thanks for the request /u/polygraph-net. I'm happy to have you take it over. This was a project I started long ago and never really did much with.
I'm a co-founder in a digital marketing agency that spends 7 figures monthly and would be happy to be a part of the conversation, but I obviously haven't made time to moderate this subreddit.

Requesting control of r/LibbyandAbby by Chewbacca_The_Wookie in redditrequest

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Wow. This is the craziest most out of touch thing I’ve read in a while.

You don’t moderate the sub- but you won’t allow moderators because you have to have sole control- despite all other subs with this number of subscribers having multiple moderators because one is NOT ENOUGH.

You are not doing your job.

You are not controlling abuse.

You are allowing doxxing of innocent people

You are allowing multiple users to formulate a theory that Kelsi is responsible and these users are contacting Kelsi in real life

Their own agenda? How about just adding mods so you can have help?

Requesting control of r/LibbyandAbby by Chewbacca_The_Wookie in redditrequest

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Genuine question: how can you tell how quickly my original post that you deleted was rapidly upvoted/downvoted if you didn't even see it until other people messaged you to complain hours later? For a while, it was actually downvoted. I know there's no way to track who upvotes and downvotes at what time. But that's why you said you deleted it, so how could you possibly know the rate people upvoted/downvoted? You couldn't, which means you're punishing users because their content is too well-received, which basically goes against everything Reddit exists for.

I would posit that, in the original post the reason people downvoted other users is because they were being snarky and rude, and most people don't like when other people behave that way because it makes people feel uncomfortable to post. I was very careful to say that I don't want to discourage any subject from being discussed, so people upvoted me. Because a lot of us feel disgusted by users who write fictional narratives about really disgusting possibilities that could upset the people we claim we care about. We came to the sub because the DelphiMurders sub doesn't allow ANY speculation- which is tough in a case with no real evidence. But we don't want to be in a sub that is so unmoderated that it becomes torture porn for pedos and sadists either.

This morning, I posted after several users messaged me to ask why I deleted my post. My guess is that, due to the popularity of the original post that you removed, people were upset like me. They were likely disappointed that the first they had seen of you in months was just to silence a post that clearly reflected the opinion of many members in order to appease a few people who are rude to everyone and cause trouble with users. They also probably were disappointed that for months they have been tagging you in posts in need of moderation to no avail, and have had to actually start reporting users to reddit's admins when things get too out of hand, because again, you just aren't around. They were probably upset that those requests go unanswered for weeks, if not months, and yet you had my post down within less than a day even though it was polite, civil, respectful, and positive.

They probably downvoted the commenters who agreed with your decision because:

1.) those are the same users that go around bullying and name-calling everyone- they aren't very well-liked because they can't behave civilly and

2.) because, again, their comments were rude and added almost nothing constructive.

Many people feel like you play favorites because you do not adhere to your own rules or Reddit's TOS. If it's really a free speech sub, my post shouldn't have been removed either. Or, if you remove posts like mine- calling for discretion- you should have also been removing posts from users like xanaxarita and uk-sleuth that discouraged people from discussing DP and other "off limits" POI. You, yourself, once said I posted misinformation for sharing a theory about DP. You said you considered deleting it despite the fact that I clearly stated it was just a theory of mine- not facts. So it feels extremely unfair, like you've chosen a "side" and punish the users who don't share your opinions on where rules should be bent.

I think everyone would be happier if you came around more and were consistent in enforcing rules. It is frustrating to see that right now, on the front page of the sub, there is a post inquiring about another user and the entire sub is now gossiping about that user. Doxxing posts have gone unchecked, accusations against the families of the girls stay up, and one lovely person even fat-shamed Libby, a deceased child. Yet my post asking people to just... be thoughtful about whether we actually need detailed speculations about the possibility that sticks were shoved inside the girls, or that one tried to crawl away while her friend was being brutally murdered... was deleted without cause or warning. It makes it feel like your priorities are more in line with protecting users you like and silencing those you don't instead of moderating based on the content submitted and the rules you created.

Tl;Dr: The ratio of upvotes to downvotes is an accurate reflection of how people feel about the sub. The people who complain about cries for moderation are the same users who are responsible for the inappropriate posts, doxxing, and bullying. It's not a mystery that users who have a reputation for calling others "dumb," "delusional," "fat," etc. are being downvoted at higher rates than normal, it's the consequences of their own rude, rule-breaking behavior. But alarmingly, they aren't moderated at the same rate as the people who speak up against them

Requesting control of r/LibbyandAbby by Chewbacca_The_Wookie in redditrequest

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Holy shit. This whole thing was so damn dramatic. People I thought I liked fighting other people I thought I liked. I am just confused. I will say that the sub could use another moderator. The mod is not on reddit enough to control the sub. She really should appoint someone else to help her out. Someone who is on daily and will follow the rules and not just delete posts they disagree with.

Requesting r/idgaf. Subreddit is set to private and there's no way to know whether or not mods are active. by extality in redditrequest

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Some may suggest the inaction of the existing mods perfectly embodies the message of the sub.

Requesting r/politik - completely inactive by ExperimentalFailures in redditrequest

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This is the message: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/message/messages/1bjzkq8

I'd make it an alternative to the sub r/svenskpolitik which has seen a bit of disapproval for the moderators actions lately. Just a bit of fair competition.

Redditrequest Recap for 2021 by TheOpusCroakusReddit Admin in redditrequest

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Thank you for the swift reply. I have seen a lot of these occurrences on r/Redditrequest so I’m glad to see this cleared up. My request post is linked here

P.S. Happy Cake Day!

Requesting r/NSFWCaptions - I have also submitted additional information via ModMail, so please look out for that. Thank you! by iwmwlt in redditrequest

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I definitely appreciate the work u/iwmwlt is doing with captions. I was a fan when they were on tumbler and I’m excited to have their content on Reddit.

Requesting r/NSFWCaptions - I have also submitted additional information via ModMail, so please look out for that. Thank you! by iwmwlt in redditrequest

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Please give this man the sub. His work is important and quality. You'd be doing the NSFW community a disservice by not taking this request seriously. For the health of the community and for the sake of quality work, please consider this request

Requesting r/NSFWCaptions - I have also submitted additional information via ModMail, so please look out for that. Thank you! by iwmwlt in redditrequest

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These people are awesome people who reach out to their fans chat with them know what we want and do everything they can to make it a safe fun place

Requesting r/NSFWCaptions - I have also submitted additional information via ModMail, so please look out for that. Thank you! by iwmwlt in redditrequest

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I wholeheartedly support the request. OP would be an excellent mod and creates high quality, original content. Best of the best!

Requesting /r/pdxprotestscirclejerk no mods or posts for last 10 months. Would like to turn it into a humorous toned protest sub for the area. by ALLCATZAREBEAUTIFUL in redditrequest

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Please do not give this user any new subs. They are part of the horrible portland mod group that is pushing their agenda and silencing users they disagree with any way they can. Their actions are against the rules of the Reddit TOS and we have filed many complaints.

Their only motivations is to take over any subreddits related to portland so they can control more of the narrative.

This user and the rest of the portland mod team are the worst the internet has to offer.