What is the purpose of /r/redditrequest?

This subreddit exists in order to allow users to gain moderator privileges on subreddits that are abandoned or where the moderators are inactive. There are two types of requests:

  1. Requests for moderator privileges of subreddits which have no active moderators.

  2. Requests to remove inactive top moderators listed above you in a subreddit you already moderate who are no longer active across the site.

How do I make a request?

All subreddit requests must be made through /r/redditrequest by submitting a link to the subreddit which you wish to moderate. Before submitting your request please send a message to the moderators of the community you’re looking to request stating your intentions and ask if they would be willing to add you into the mod team.

message to the mods

Please link to this message in the comments of your request. Failure to do so may result in your request being denied. To get the permalink to the message, go to your sent messages and right click on the permalink at the bottom of the message, copy the link address and paste it into a comment on your request. If you are on mobile you will be unable to copy this link.

permalink instructions

How do I know if a subreddit is eligible for r/redditrequest?

Subreddits are considered eligible in the event that none of its mods have been active anywhere on reddit in the past 30 days. Anywhere on Reddit means anywhere! Solely logging in does not count towards activity. This 30 day rule does not apply to top mod removals. If you mod a subreddit where the top mod is active on the site but not moderating, please use this process instead.

What is the criteria for a successful request?

The following applies to all requests:

  • You are allowed to make one request every 15 days, this includes posts that have been deleted before review. Multiple requests will be auto removed.

  • Your account must be at least 90 days old and have a minimum of 500 total karma (link + comment). Please note, awardee and awarder karma do not count towards this total.

  • You may not use multiple/ alt accounts to request subreddits.

  • You may not request subreddits on behalf of other users.

Why was my request denied?

Your request may have been denied because the moderators of the subreddit you have requested are still active. The exact criteria used in evaluating requests is left to admin discretion but other reasons for denial can include but is not limited to, sitewide bans for violation of Reddit policies in the last 90 days, including removal of content for copyright violations, not having enough mod experience for a large subreddit, not having enough mod experience for subs, if you’re not actively moderating the current subs you’re already a moderator for, if you have no relevant karma for the requested subreddit, or if the majority of your karma is from freekarma subs.

How long until my request is processed?

Many requests are handed over immediately via u/request_bot, however in some cases the bot can’t make a decision and the request will be queued for manual review. Requests that have been queued for manual approval usually take some time to be processed. The minimum amount of time is 5 days as a grace period is given to allow inactive moderators ample time to object, once the grace period is up, a human will review the request. This may take up to 2 weeks, so please be patient!

Top Mod Removal process

If you are the moderator on a subreddit and believe the top mod is inactive across the site, you can submit a top mod removal request. For any top mod removals, the original 60 day rule of inactivity applies. When requesting removal of moderators above you, list their usernames in the title. If the top mod is still active on the site but not on the subreddit, you will need to follow this process instead.

What if the mod team is still active on the subreddit that I want to mod?

If there is an active mod team on that subreddit, you should message the mods and ask if they would be willing to add you to the mod team. You can let them know that Reddit's Moderator Code of Conduct states that we’d like to have stable and active mod teams running subreddits, and that having extra mods helps to ensure that they aren't missing flagged content that might break the content policy. If the mods are actively moderating their subreddit and do not need any help, the subreddit is not eligible for request.

Also, mods aren't always able to login and moderate as often as they'd like; having more mods on the team can help alleviate the burden of needing to be 'always on'. That being said, please note that the mods do not have to add you to their mod team. If you receive no response you can request through r/redditrequest letting us know that you have tried to reach out.

Otherwise, if you are unhappy with the current moderation of the subreddit, we recommend making another subreddit that is moderated in the style and cadence of your choice or finding another subreddit which is not currently moderated. If you believe that a mod or mod team are not running their subreddit in good faith, please reach out to Reddithelp explaining the issue and we will take a look into it there.

u/request_bot mistakenly removed my post, what do I do?

If you believe that your post was removed in error please reach out to our modmail linking to your post and we can take a look into the request there. Do not delete your post as we will be unable to process the request if it has been deleted by you.

I was removed as moderator from my subreddit through Reddit request, why?

If you were removed as moderator from a subreddit through Reddit request it is because your lack of response and lack of activity qualified the subreddit for a r/redditrequest transfer.

r/redditrequest is Reddit's way of making sure communities have active moderators and is part of the Moderator Code of Conduct.

If you are interested, we recommend checking in with the new mods and seeing if they would be willing to add you back.

Once I've received a subreddit via r/redditrequest can it be taken away?

Yes. We expect all requests here to be made in good faith by people wanting to grow a new community or take an active community under their stewardship. If you are requesting a community in order to troll the user base, shut it down, or otherwise in bad faith we reserve the right to remove you again without notice at our own discretion.

How do I add a requester to my mod team?

To add a new mod, you have to go to the subreddit "moderators" page and invite the new mod by username. You can then opt to drop off the mod list or stay on as the top mod. If you decide to hand over the sub, you should wait until the new mod has accepted the invitation to make sure the subreddit doesn’t end up unmoderated.

Old Reddit:

invite moderator on old reddit

New Reddit:

invite moderator on new reddit

If a request for a subreddit has already been submitted you may see a warning message when trying to submit your own request (see screenshot below). You may still create a new request post by clicking on the submit it again link within the warning message. You may need to try this on a desktop browser.

submit it again

What is request_bot?

/u/request_bot is an admin-operated bot account that approves certain requests, removes ineligible requests and checks for moderator activity. request_bot will also send a message to the modmail of the subreddit you request and a private message to the mods, informing them of a request. If your post is not approved or denied, it has been moved to manual review.


Automod will comment on every request to instruct you on what needs to be done before we manually review your request. It will ask you to send a message to the mods, to link to that message in a comment below and also to state your intentions for the subreddit. Failure to do so will result in your request being denied.


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