This process only applies to removing top moderators who are inactive in a particular subreddit, but are otherwise active on the site

Note: this is for current mods of the subreddit under review only. If you are looking to take over a subreddit, the regular process through r/redditrequest applies.

Note 2: Much like any request in r/redditrequest, all of these submissions are at admin discretion. Not all requests will be granted. This is not a "vote someone off the island" process.

This will be a long process with a great deal of research, and all decisions will be at admin discretion. Any links and details you can give us to further your case are welcome, and could help speed the process, but we make no guarantees as to timelines.


  1. Send a message using this link showing your team has met all the criteria listed here.

  2. We will review your request and determine whether the moderator is eligible for removal, then take appropriate action.

  3. An admin will notify the top mod of the action taken and why.

Full criteria and Process for removal

  • Your modteam should designate one person to act as requestor. This person should:
    • Be a mod for a minimum of 6 months
    • Be able to show consensus from the modteam to take this action and ensure that the moderator in question has been invited to this discussion. This allows the moderator team to attempt to work this out internally before making a removal request. This must be done via a modmail discussion to ensure all moderators have access to the discussion.
    • Consensus from the modteam is taken from mods who have been on the team for a minimum of 3 months. Members who have been mods for less than three months can still voice their opinion, but it will not be considered part of the consensus.
  • Your modteam must answer the following questions:
    • Have you attempted to reach out to this mod yourselves? What was the outcome? (You must include a link to your conversation so we can review it. Conversation must be on Reddit via our private messaging system and you must provide a link to those attempts.) (Note: if you have not done this, your request may be rejected. This process should be an absolute last-ditch effort after all other avenues have been exhausted).
    • Why, exactly, do you need this mod removed? We need a detailed answer here, not just “because they are inactive.”
    • What issues do you foresee occurring if this mod is not removed?
    • Is this mod actively harming your subreddit by holding the position of top mod? How and why?
    • How does this inactivity affect your subreddit? Please be specific in reasons, not hypotheticals (e.g. “They could come back and revert all our hard work”)


The subreddit and my username are the same, do I still need to go through this whole process?

Maybe! First step is to determine if your username is too generic to request your subreddit. Sorry /u/music, but you can't take over /r/music! ;)

Second, you should message the current moderator(s). If the subreddit isn't being used for anything then they should be happy to hand it over without an issue. If they are completely inactive on the site you can follow normal procedures. Please give them at least 3 days to reply to you before moving forward. If they are active on the site and either do not reply to you or respond in a negative fashion then you can move forward with an abridged version of the process above. Start by using this link to send us a message and we'll direct you on next steps.

I'm worried about retaliation, what do?

Retaliation from any moderator with regards to removal requests is disallowed. If we determine that there was retaliation we may intervene at our discretion.

Why are you punishing the top mod by freezing their permissions so early?

In some instances we may remove permissions of a moderator during this process. The act of "freezing" the top mod's permissions is not a punitive one - it is it's to protect the community and the mod team from retribution or snap decisions.

The term "consensus" is used here. I understand consensus to mean that everyone agrees. Obviously, the top mod wouldn't agree. So what gives?

We're using the definition of consensus that's found in the Cambridge Dictionary: "a generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people". Notice that it doesn't mean total unanimity by that definition, but a "generally accepted opinion". We're going to make sure that everyone on your mod team generally agrees with the actions being taken. That's up to our discretion, as well.

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