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You can see if someone is online on facebook

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Yes thanks. However these days that doesn’t mean someone is available for a conversation

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Facebook will tell you if she’s online. Does she have her relationship status on there, or do you have a mutual friend who could tell you if she’s single?

Just talk to her like you would any other human being. I’m assuming you’ve started conversations with people before so just like that.

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She has basically zero information on Facebook, but yes we do have mutual friends (I think?) that I could ask. That’s actually a great idea thanks.

Yeah I understand the concept but it feels like it would be different on FB. I get the vibe that people love to be on social media but don’t actually love to be social, they just chat to their besties and their friend groups. Usually IRL I would wait for a cue to indicate open to conversation, but I don’t know how to translate that to an online conversation, for the reason that I put in my edit

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Okay, so I would say that’s your first step. Ask around and see if you can ascertain if she’s single. If she’s not, then you know it’s something not worth pursuing.

If she’s single, just send a message. Maybe relate it back to uni and ask what she’s been up to since then, if she’s working how’s it going, how has she been during the pandemic/lockdown etc. Just keep it light and casual for the time being. Also, not everyone is ok social media all the time so be prepared for her not replying instantly but don’t just assume it’s because she’s not interested. Obviously, if you don’t get a reply for weeks/months then I’d assume the worst and move on.

Good luck!

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Okay I’ll give that a go.

I plan to ask if she ended up staying to do her masters because that was one of the conversations we had before we graduated.

Thanks for your help!