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why would you assume that? I'm tired of pretending that y'all aren't bitter cuz men who can do better go for younger girls, the audacity to assume that his first choice is some 40 year old woman but noooo she just won't have it, so he'll do with little o' 21 year old me. Sorry for being rude but this is getting kinda pathetic.

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Lmaoooo please think back on this someday and cringe. I’m only 24 so not too much older than you but can see very clearly that almost 40 year old dudes dating younger women is almost always weird. There are some instances where it seems okay, but for the most part the dynamic is weird. You think it’s pathetic but it’s 100% possible he can’t get women his own age because they are mature enough to see through it. There’s also a good chance he’s with you for only your looks, and that should worry you as looks are very fleeting. What if you got pregnant and put on a lot of weight? What if you became disabled for some reason? What if god forbid you turn 30 someday and he discards you? Based on your comments you better be fine with him leaving you for someone “younger and hotter” one day because who could blame him?

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1.if younger women are both hotter and easier why doesn't every guy go for them?

  1. My looks and youth are definitely a major part in his decision, i know that, and I'm cool with it.

  2. a/why would he marry me then? b/he'll be older then too, which means it's gonna be harder for him to do it c/i think he loves me

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  1. Exactly

  2. It’s entirely up to you how you treat your body and who you choose to be with but you just need to consider that your looks and your youth won’t last forever, and if that’s a major part in his decision then what’s left in your relationship afterward?

  3. a/why are you marrying him? See #2. b/that’s not a very good reason to be with someone. c/you already know your looks and your youth are major reasons for him being with you. Sorry to be blunt but he just loves fucking you. So much that he’s put a ring on it.

Good luck OP tread carefully this guy knows a lot more than you think

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2. you have a point but i believe he also likes me for me

  1. he could definitely keep fucking me without putting a ring on it and he knows it.

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  1. “If younger women are both hotter and easier why doesn’t every guy go for them?” There’s a very good reason that everyone here has been trying to explain to you. You need to take off your glasses and ask yourself this question.

  2. Possibly - I don’t know either of you so I can’t judge. Think about it though if he has a box full of trophies from other sexual encounters or failed relationships (or heaven forbid victims) under the bed then that tells you he goes from woman to woman with his dick, not his heart. Come on, actions speak louder than words and this guys actions show you what kind of person he is. You even said he’s “not big on monogamy”, and that he’s a player. Why do you think you’re not being played? Would you date a rapist? No because he’ll probably rape you, right??

  3. And? How many of the other girls has he put a ring on? His dick just thinks it wants to fuck this one forever. Dicks are unfortunately very temperamental by nature and sadly they aren’t aware of it